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Helper bee
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Your hymen can break and you don’t necessarily have to bleed.  Although this is a common indicator, it doesn’t happen with every woman.

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Honey Beekeeper
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You’re technically not a virign anymore, even if your hymen isn’t broken Smile. That’s like saying girls who ride horses and break their hymen aren’t virgins! So broken hymens have nothing to do with virginity, necessarily. They can still break otherwise.

Just so you know, I didn’t bleed…I’ve never bled. I think it’s just very dependent on the person.

Your hymen probably did break. Your hymen being broken I’m pretty sure has little to do with whether or not you can get pregnant, somebody correct me if i’m wrong. As long as there is sperm in you and it swims up to your uterus, you can get pregnant.

If you’ve got questions, call up your gynecologists office and ask to speak with the nurse. They’re very helpful about this sort of stuff and have no problems talking to a patient over the phone. At least that’s my experience!

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Helper bee
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Yeah, not everyone does.  I didn’t! 

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Worker bee

I think, personally, that pain is the better indicator – rather than bleeding. I had both, but like the other posters said, some women just don’t bleed. If there was pain involved, which came suddenly but then faded away, I would imagine it was broken. However… some women do not feel pain either.

There’s also a possibility that it was broken before this – and don’t feel bad about that if so! Like ejs4y8 mentioned, sometimes it can happen at some point during your life when you don’t expect – or even notice – it. My best friend experienced no pain or bleeding when she lost her virginity, but thinks she may have broken her hymen while riding a bike some years beforehand.

Your Dr. can let you know, too, at your next visit Smile So if it’s something you’re worried about, just schedule your next exam a little sooner.

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Blushing bee
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Well, you’re all lucky because I did bleed (for 3 days).  A friend of mine had it broken after having sex 4-5 times… Obviously, everyone is different.  Whether or not yours is intact, you can still get pregnant because you’re having sex. 

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Worker bee
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I am not sure how old you are, but it is possible that your hymen has stretched over the years so that the opening is large enough. The hymen is basically just a membrane with a central opening that is (to varying degrees) slightly smaller than the opening of your vagina. If the hymenal opening is very small, a woman’s hymen will tear (“break”) and she will bleed. If the opening is a bit bigger (which can happen naturally via activity other than intercourse eg bike riding, horse riding, other childhood accidents etc) then it may just stretch or may naturally be large enough to accomodate the man. In either case the woman may not bleed.

If you have had intercourse, you are not a virgin. If your husband leaves sperm inside of you, you can get pregnant.

Hope that helped.

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Helper bee
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this may be Too Much Information, but my hymen did not break for a long time (like months) after I first had sex.  I don’t know if thats typical or not, but if you don’t mind grabbing a hand mirror you can probably figure out if yours is still there or not (which is how I realized I still had mine.. although now its gone!) If it didn’t break yet, it will likely break soon, and it might hurt some. Or, its possible that it broke and you just didn’t bleed.  As others have said, you can totally get pregnant.

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Bee Keeper
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The hymen is never a complete barrier it is just a membrane (that has a hole) from fetal development! Most peoples hymens are broken at a very very young age! Most of the time when adults have sex and bleed it has nothing to do with the hymen it is an irritation of the vaginal and cervical lining! If you have sex you can get pregnant 100%!

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Busy bee
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It hink you would definitely be able to get pregnant as well. I can tell you, I did not experience the bleeding or pain the first time, it was the second time. It was just a little spotting but the pain I defintely felt.

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