(Closed) Help with misbehaving 6 month old kitten!

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Your kitty sounds bored and confused! Remember he is only 6 months, he’s a teenager. He is too young to be left alone all day whilst his owners go to work, I think you seriously need to consider getting him a play mate. It sounds like he is craving attention, which obviously isn’t appropriate at 2 or 3 in the morning. However, you HAVE to ignore him. Don’t get up in the night, don’t go and sit with or play with him, and definitely don’t lock him away. He doesn’t know why you’re doing it and it’s very unkind (he scratches the door because he is distressed and wants out of there- why would he want to be shut away alone without you when you already left him alone all day to go to work?). Just stay in bed and wait for him to realise that it is not the time to play/wreck havoc. He will eventually realise when he doesn’t get any attention, even if this is a few nights down the line. Being naughty is also normal kitten behaviour. They climb curtains, jump up onto surfaces where they shouldn’t be, strop things they shouldn’t (you need to make sure you have cat scratching posts for him and that you regularly trim his claws) and will run around like crazy! It is only a phase, but you can do things to minimise it. Anyway, you hit the nail on the head when you said you guess he sleeps all day so he’s awake at night. Even if he isn’t asleep all day, he will be bored and lonely. Animals have feelings too!


Also, I’d buy cleats or hooks and get your blind cords out of reach. They spell danger!


Please consider getting him a playmate though. I breed cats and will only let them go to forever homes in pairs if the owners are out most of the time or working full time jobs. They are fine to lull about on their own when they reach old age, but kittens and young cats are sociable creatures. He needs litter mates, whether that comes in the form of a human or another pet to play with.


Good luck!

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Bumble bee
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aquastar:  If you’re spending the time “tiring” him out with play, sometimes that’s just the hazards of kitties! Mine are two years old and they still decide to be “jerks” sometimes early in the morning when they want something. Sometimes they let me sleep, but not usually past 6am, but most times earlier. I’ve come to live with it and I love my babies, pain in the butts sometimes or not. As a kitten he still may grow out of it a bit and settle down. But, if cats want something, they usually won’t give up. Though I’ve found if I ignore their antics (pretend to stay asleep), they give up for a little while and let me sleep!

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Buzzing bee

All I can suggest is tape. We used to have to shut our kitty in the spare bedroom at night, he would also scratch the shit out of the door and we rent. I covered the reachable part of the door with double sided packing tape (didn’t damage the door). Apparently cats hate that sticky sensation, he totally left it alone after that. He is now two years old and done with that annoying habit. 

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If you figure out the answer let me know! My cat is 3 years old and still does this.  And she HAS a playmate!  Some cats just need to be the center of attention all the time.  You definitely do need to ignore her, otherwise her behavior will persist and/or get worse.  We lock our cat out of the bedroom at night now or she will bat the blinds, knock things over and do anything else she can to drive me nuts.  She cries early in the morning outside our door some nights, but will stop after a while if we ignore her.  (although she still breaks my heart with her pitiful little meow!). She’s a pain in the rear but I still adore her.

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aquastar:  I agree with PP about getting a playmate for your cat.

But we have 3 and one still wakes us up at 5am tearing paper. Most of the time it’s because he is a social eater. He wants us to pet him at the food bowls. At one point I had food bowls in the bedroom for just this reason. So try taking him to his food bowl and pet him a few times. See if he just wants attention before eating.

Cats are weird…but I love them!

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Bumble bee
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i think maybe it’s time to get your cat neutered? kittens can be mischievous, they are little babies after all. my cat just turned 14 years old and she’s gotten quite senile. she’s running around meowing at walls and bumping into things at night and it’s just a transitional phase. idk how long hers will last, and i’m hoping she’s not in too much pain, but i did deal with the naughty kitty when my cat was younger. i just think it’s time to snip, or just get more toys that he can play with while you’re not at home .

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Busy bee
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I agree that it sounds like he is bored. My FI had a cat and I had two; nearly all of his cat’s behavioral problems went away as soon as he had companions. I know another cat may not be the solution (although an adult cat would be calmer, if you do decide to adopt another cat), but maybe he needs more toys and interactive activities for overnight? Cats are also fairly nocturnal, so you can’t expect him to sleep through the night. My cats didn’t mellow out until they were a few years old, and one of the two didn’t even COMPLETELY mellow out until he was closer to 7. Kittens just take a lot of attention and have a lot of energy; be patient with him!

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Worker bee

I agree not all cats need a play mate (mine HATES cats), but I think yours does. I think you need to do what best for the cat whther or not you feel over crowded.  

CakeGirl: good on you for caring so much about your cats! At work we get so many customers whose breeders are terrible.

Cakegirl is right it’s not fair for him to be left alone all day. You could consider fostering until he’s a bit older. I think you need to biy a crapload of toys for him if he’s stuck alone all day.

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Ninebones:  most cats are very alert at dawn and dusk. It’s normal, sadly. I know what it’s like to get pestered for food early in the morning! 🙁

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Honey bee
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sorry, but it’s natural for kittens to play even during the night, even cate.  I could never sleep with my adult cat because he would always get up in the wee hours of the night and want play time.  I would also suggest getting another cat, but yeah donno how well that works.  I have 3 months old kittens but they are brother and sister and all they do is westle and chase each other.  They would be miserable without each other.  

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aquastar:  I’m not saying getting another kitty will fix your problem, (which isn’t actually much of a problem, it’s annoying but relatively normal) but your kitty does need a playmate, even if he still runs riot in the early hours (which I don’t think he will). Cats who prefer to be in a single cat household are the exception rather than the rule. You also already know that yours is sociable and isn’t a cat who needs to be alone, since he is happy to go and play with your sister’s cat. I’d still urge you to consider another kitty, having two really isn’t that different to having one. I would struggle to leave for work in the mornings if I was leaving behind a lonesome kitten! You also will be able to shut them in a room together when need be, because you won’t be shutting them away alone.

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Busy bee

Sounds like normal kitten behaviour to me lol. you need to wear your kitty out properly and give him more attention so he doesn’t have to act out to get it. Don’t lock him up at night and dnot play with him at 2am unless you want to have to play at 2am all the time. Also make sure he’s got enough scratching posts and other places to perch. 

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