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Rohan (prounounced Row – en) – I like!

Brennan – LIKE.

Kade – I like, I think it would go well as a middle name with Brennan, Owen, Nolan, Rohan, Leigh, Asher and MAYBE Avi.

Kalan – On the fence.

Gideon – don’t like

Orin – eeeh. not so much. is it OR-in? Oh-ry-in? Oh-REEN?

Leigh (pronounced  “lee”) – I associate this with the girl way of spelling it. He’s also going to have to spell it out every time – most people will assume it’s Lee. Also, people are going to mispronounce it A LOT. (LAY instead of LEE)

Reid – are we a Criminal Minds fan? I like it, but another one he’s going to have to spell out.

Owen – really like

Lane – would go well with a number of first names on your list: Asher, Nolah, Owen, Avi, Brennan, Rohan.

Silas (pronounced see-las) – not so much. reminds me of an old sailor. 

Nolan – really like

Asher – reeealllly like.

Boyd – this just reminds me of ‘boil’. Sorry.

Avi (proounced like ava, but with an “ee” sound on the end”) – Like it! 

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I like a lot of the names in theory, but some of them are pronounced differently than they look, which I think is a nightmare for the kid (i.e. Rohan looks like “ROW-han”).  The other thing is Leigh is the feminine spelling of Lee, so while it would be great for a girl, I think stay away for a boy.

I personally am a fan of less common “standard” names, with common spellings, so my picks are:

Boy:  Brennan, Gideon, Reid, Owen, Nolan and Asher

Girl:  Amirah (weird but I like it), Sarai (though she will get called Sara her whole life), Sophia, Rae, Aria, Ava and Ella.


Combos:  any of the boy multi-syllable names with Reid for middle, and any of the girls names with Rae for middle.

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Amirah (pronounced ah-meer-ah) – eeeh. I want to like it. But I just worry about pronounciation and spelling.

Sarai (pronounced sa-rye) – LOVE. Nice twist on the name Sarah (i think it was actually the Jewish name for Sarah, which I’m sure you already know!)

Sophia – Love. Classic, very popular right now though.

Rejn (pronounced like “rain”) – Wacky spelling, lots of room for miss-spellings.

Eliora (pronounced el-ee-or-ah) – going to have to tell people how to spell it her ENTIRE life. But I will admit its pretty!

Rae (pronounced like “ray”) – Like, but kind of texas big hair 80’s cheerleader. Sorry. But does work well as a middle name for most of these names.

Iisabela (pronounced “ees-ah-bell-ah”) – is that double I a typo? Because if it’s not …. uh, eek.

Dawn – again. big haired 80’s cheerleader.


Iliana (pronounced “ee-lee-ah-na”) – Love.

Ava – love, also works well as a middle name for most of theese.

Divya – how do you pronounce it?

Rosalyn – LOVE. 

Hadassah – not sure how to pronounce it, not sure how to spell it.

Ella – very popular name for a girl right now. Pretty, but there’s probably going to be 2-4 other girls with the same name in her class.

Rio – nope.

Aaliyah – nope. 

Eve – gorgeous.

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I like the ones for which you do not have to explain how to pronounce them.

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@cvbee: HA! Well put.

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dbl post

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My favourites are:


Rohan (this is a fairly common way to spell it here)




I know someone who had a baby boy called Lane and before I got used to it I always thought of it as a girl’s name.






and if it wasn’t an acronym here, Aria (ARIA is Australian Recording Industry Association)

The others are either too common for my tastes, or a bit too out there.


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I also think that “Leigh” is the female version of “Lee”…could be tough for a guy if he’s around girls with the same spelling!

Also, if a pronunciation key needs to be included with a name, I consider that a warning sign. Even if the name is uncommon, I think it is best to have it be easily pronounced so the kid is not always having to explain (and so that you don’t constantly have to, either).

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