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Sugar bee
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If you don’t want to go on the pill there is another medication you can take that just delays your period. I forget what it is called, but your doctor will know what it is. You take it for about 2 weeks and your cycle will return after. indecisive419 :  

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Helper bee
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I had to do this, I started birth control about 2 months before my wedding, and only took 1 month cycle because doing that pushed my period back 1.5 weeks! BC makes me crazy, so i def didn’t want to be on it for too long, but it was the only option i could see!

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i got my period the day before my wedding, and my heaviest day is day 2.  whomp, whomp.  it wasn’t that bad.  i stopped bc a few months prior as we were ttc right away.


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indecisive419 :  You can start Birth Control and then have it help schedule your period, or, you can just take a few of the pills the week before the weddign to delay it. Personally I dont like the methods that don’t give you a period for months on end, what if you get pregnant! How would you know?!?!!!

A friend of mine and myself would often take a pack of Birth Control pills that we missed a day or two with and use those extra pills to delay our period a couple days due to special events. It definitely works and I’ve never had any major side effects!

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I am on BC and specifically made it so I am not on my period anywhere near my wedding. Worked it out with my OBGYN. I say talk to your OBGYN and see what she says. 

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Bumble bee
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I’m on Seasonique and I get my period once every 3 months. I don’t really have any side effects on this pill, compared to some others I have taken. I am also planning on using it to avoid having my period on my wedding day, and I will go off the pill after our honeymoon.

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Hahaha when I became aware that my period was supposed to start the day we were getting married I moved the date. But we eloped so it was much less complicated. No advice just comiserating, I hope you get it worked out!

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indecisive419 :  I accidentally delayed my period by drinking mint tea. Do a little research. This actually works for some women. I drank two cups a day for a couple weeks and my period was late. I didn’t think much of it until it happened again the next month. Did some googling and realized it was the mint tea. Just thought I’d throw that out there if you wanted to investigate a natural avenue.

You could try it now and find out if it works for you. It would also disrupt your cycle and change when you can expect your period.

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Helper bee

I feel like I have been on every type of birth control and the pill has usually done well for me. I took Loestrin Fe for years, however I did not take it in the monthly form. I would get three months of pills at a time and I would just skip the pills which allowed me to have a period – I continuously took three months of pills as if I were on Seasonique. This allowed me the effect without having more hormones – Seasonique has higher estrogen I think (I could be wrong). Long story is that I did not react well to Seasonique so we went with the Loestrin Fe taken consecutively. 

I now have graduated to a hormonal IUD, Skyla (NOT COPPER) and love it. I haven’t had a period in 6 months and I almost never get PMS cramps. But I don’t recommend this for short term since it took my body about 3 months to get used to it. 

Good luck, Bee! I hope you find something that works for you! 

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semperfi :  I believe this completely! I started drinking Spearmint Tea to help calm my hormones down after getting off the pill and IT WORKED. I didn’t get as crampy and it even cleared my skin. All with drinking one cup a day. I’ve since gone down to one every other day or sometimes every three. But I still notice a difference in my mood and skin if I don’t keep up with this.

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Just make sure if you’re starting a new prescription, especially birth control, you prepare for potential spotting (not a fun surprise if you’re in a white dress or on the beach somewhere!) which can happen to some women as their bodies adjust to a new cycle. They say it can take up to 6 months for your body to get used to the new cycle you’re trying to change it to, but more often than not it’ll only take 1-3 months. I was on BC before getting engaged and when I found out my period was set to start the week of our wedding I changed from having a period each month to every three months (by skipping the placebo week), no problems whatsoever! 

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You could also consider an IUD. They stop or greatly reduce periods for many women (but you wouldn’t know for sure whether it would work on you until you tried it).

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I was worried about that as I’m always on time too. Then I was 5 days late 4 months from my wedding and it changed all my dates ☺.

You can go to the doctor and they’ll give you a pill to delay your period by a few days. It can make you feel rubbish though. Maybe don’t 

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