(Closed) Help with some TWW symtoms (implantation spotting?)

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Well, for me all the symptoms were my normal pre-period symptoms. No earlier than usual. Right on schedule, actually. It’s just instead of actually having my period, the spotting stopped. The tender breasts continued (and still linger) and the cramps are more intense (everyday, like clockwork). Let’s hope it’s implantation for you 🙂

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I had this exact same thing happen to me this month and I ended up getting a BFN.

I think it was just a dip in hormones because I got my AF a day early.  I was very bummed.  

Fingers crossed for you 

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I know it’s probably not what you want to hear, but you’re really best off just waiting. You will drive yourself crazy looking for pregnancy symptoms, and just the stress of that can throw your hormones out of wack, further convincing you something is up. My last cycle, I was absolutely convinced I was pregnant. I had cramps the last three weeks, I was an emotional wreck, and I was absolutely exhausted every day by 6 pm. I kept waiting and waiting and taking pregnancy tests and coming up negative, and finally my period showed up…after 7 weeks, 3 of which I was sure I was pregnant.

This cycle, I had the cramps but no other symptoms, so I didn’t think anything was up. It was actually my husband, who, overhearing me throwing up in the bathroom(the first, and so far, only, time that has happened-I thought it was because I ate bad fish), insisted I take a pregnancy test. Even though we were trying, I was so shocked it came up positive because I really didn’t feel much different.

Every woman is different, and it’s completely possible what you’re experiencing is implantation/pregnancy. But, try not to drive yourself crazy analyzing possible symptoms.

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@umagurl: It’s not over until your period comes! Don’t lose hope! But I do have to agree with Tatum, symptom spotting will drive you insane and in the long-run it doesn’t matter too much anyway. 

During my 1st 2WW, I had every possible symptom – including implantation bleeding! There was no way I could have made any of it up because I literally had to look each and every symptom up after the fact. I was second-guessing myself the whole time yet secretly hoping I was pregnant because there just wasn’t any way I could have had all the symptoms. I tested everyday and although I repeatedly got BFNs, I still had hope. When AF arrived I was just emotionally spent.

I learned my lesson. I know there’s some women that don’t get so worked up but I personally did and promised myself to wait until 4 days after AF is overdue before I test. My reason is for my sanity (and if I were to have a chemical, I’d rather not know). This cycle I have hope, so waiting 4-days past is gonna be super hard!

Crossing my fingers for you!!! Babydust!!

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I had reddish spotting. Def. not brown, or I would have felt better about it! I even used a tampon for that day, and the next. Not that they had, uh, much “use”, but it wasn’t like, the two to three drops the books say. It was about 6-7 days before my period was due. I’d had a bit of a crazy one the month before, so I was disappointed, but not surprised. Though when it stopped after about 36 hours, I didn’t really think much of it, other than my period probably coming in a few days. I even took a test, but didn’t wait long enough to see the faint line pop up (I’d thrown it in the trash!) When i rescued it two days later after getting my first faint positive, I saw the second line. So, though you’ll have to wait, it sounds a lot like what I went through! Oh, and the cramping was horrible too. Good luck!

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This happened to me the weekend of the Superbowl.  The week beforehand my nipples were extremely sore and very sensitive.  I couldn’t stand anything even brushing up against them.  I felt a bit crampy, but nothing too serious.  The weekend is when I started spotting a little.  I was confused as hell.  Then the day that I have orientation for work is when I got a period.  It lasted two days, stopped, then started up again on the 4th day.  It wasn’t much either which really confused me.  I never took a pregnancy test yet because I don’t have any more symptoms.  Things seem to be back to normal.

Crossing my fingers for you though!

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Good luck and let us know.  I had spotting about 4 days before my period was due and it was kind of a red/brown color.

I used to over think every tiny symptom I had so I know how it is 🙂 

I don’t know anything about if color means implantation vs. period. Let us know what happens. Good luck

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