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    When i cant get Fiance to stop snoring by nudging.. i will fully wake him up.. if im up, his ass will be up. typically when he falls back to sleep he doesnt snore again.

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    Have you had him try sleeping semi propped up? It should allow him to breathe better.

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    This may sound lame, but have you tried changing pillows?  Darling Husband used to snore a TON, to the point that unless I had earplugs in, I couldn’t sleep.  After awhile, the ear plugs were really starting to hurt my ears, and I couldn’t use them anymore.  We were at a crisis point, and I was becoming a really grumpy person, when I finally managed to convince Darling Husband to change his old, disgusting pillow.  To my eternal joy, the snoring has pretty much stopped.  He still has the occasional bad night, but nothing like what it used to be.  I dread the day when we have to change pillows again, in case we can’t find the same type!

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    In our case I’m the one who snores a lot. I wish I could stop myself but I’m out cold when I sleep

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    I know this is kind of out there, but my grandma used to snore soooooooo bad and when i was a little girl I always ended up having to sleep with her which sucked for me.  Anyway one day she got into this whole magnets are good for you fixation and bought this:

    Its a mattress topper with magnets inside.  Well believe it or not her snoring stopped immediately and she never snored again.  So thats my only suggestion, I know its kind of out there, but its worth a try if it bothers you that much.

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    I know it’s not what you want to hear but he needs to see a doctor ASAP and get a sleep study. Loud storing can mean more than a nuisance, it can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea where you stop breathing, it can be life threatening. Fortunately there is effective treatment = a CPAP machine that keeps the airway open. Not all snorers have sleep apnea but many do especially if the snoring is loud and frequent. You can be thin and young with sleep apnea although being older and overweight tends to increase the risk.

    Here’s a link with a self diagnostic test and more information – The American Sleep Association. Anyone who snores or has a partner who snores should read it.


    I have sleep apnea (in the very severe range, I stop breathing over 80 times a hour and a loud snore -over 50 decibels). Now I have a CPAP, I now longer snore, my apnea episodes are almost gone and I feel so much better waking up (no more tiredness or waking up with a headache.) As well, I’ve lowered my risk of heart attack (4X) and stroke (5X) – untreated apnea is very hard on your body, especially your heart. Yes, it takes time to get used the machine and mask but it is so worth it. I feel very strongly about this= I snored for years, was untreated and heard about this at a friend’s party from an acquaintance who had recently been diagnosed herself (yes, women can have it too).

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    I second the appointment for a sleep study.  If he is always snoring it could be due to sleep apnea.  My mom and I went to Atlanta a few years ago and shared a hotel room.  She snored so loudly I could barely sleep and I told her about it the next day while suggesting that she see a doctor for a sleep study.  She would sleep for hours and hours but she was always tired so I suspected that the snoring was affecting her ability to get to the really restful REM sleep.

    She went to the doctor and had the sleep study done a few months later.  The doctor asked her who had told her to get a sleep study and she said it was me, her daughter.  He told her that I may have saved her life because she did have sleep apnea and the snoring was associated with her not breathing multiple times during the night (10-12 times in fact.)  She now has a sleep apnea machine and she says not only does she not snore anymore, she actually feels fully rested when she gets up in the morning.

    That said, I know a lot of couples that do not share bedrooms because one or both snore so loudly the other cannot sleep.  Their solution is to sleep in separate rooms.

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    Neither of us snores, but our dog does. She’s super loud. I can sleep through it but Fiance can’t. She likes to sleep on the floor on my side of the bed, so Fiance pokes me and then I poke her. Its like we’re playing telephone :/

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    There are nights I barely sleep because of DH’s snoring, and he feels so terrible when he wakes up without me because I’ve retreated to the couch or the guest room … but not terrible enough to make a follow-up to discuss the sleep study he had more than a year ago that showed mild sleep apnea. Sigh.

    I keep earplugs in my nightstand drawer. They’re not the most comfortable to sleep in, but when I’m miserable, I’ll take those over being awake all night. 

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    I snore because I’ve had my nose broken 6 times, but it sounds like that maybe being propped up may help your Fiance a little bit. Give it a shot giving him an extra pillow and see if that helps at all. 

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    My SO snores if he lies on his back. Sometimes, if he starts snoring and I’m still awake, I wake him up and make him turn over onto his side, because that makes him stop snoring. He’s actually made a habit of going to sleep lying on his side when I’m here, just so he won’t keep me awake with his snoring. 🙂

    OP, maybe your husband will snore less in certain sleeping positions? Have him try going to sleep on his side or stomach and see if that helps. And, keep earplugs in your nightstand (I like the latex-free little cream-colored ones from Rite Aid– they do a surprisingly good job of blocking sound) and don’t be afraid to put them in if you have to!

    And, yes, sleep apnea is a real worry if someone snores a lot. If he will see a doctor, this is porbably something that should get checked out.

    My SO was badly injured a couple years ago, and had to take major painkillers, which made him snore like I’ve NEVER heard ANYONE snore in my life. I had to move out of the bed for one of the only times ever, plus wear earplugs if I stayed in our bed, since he couldn’t sleep on his side for a while. That sucked! Thank goodness he got all better.

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    @bluebelle23:  I have one of those too!  love it.

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