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Eh, I think it’s a nice looking ring. And the great thing about Zales is that you can always take your item in to be redipped in rhodium, get repairs, etc. I bought my ring online and it seems like it always needs repairs or redipping at the worst time and I never get around to it.


Try to be patient about the timing. Three weeks really isn’t a lot in the scheme of your entire life. 🙂 I’ve been married almost 5 years and I can tell you, it would have made literally no difference to how my life has gone if I had gotten engaged a month earlier or later. Just some perspective. 

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If I were you, and you are still within your return policy, I would definitly return it. With the amount of pave on that ring, sizing it up 3+ sizes is not a good idea, and will cause nothing but problems with loose diamonds, etc. Also, as another poster pointed out, you are getting a pretty low quality center stone. If you love it and do not want anythign else, at very least, I would order it in the correct size, as that sales person you worked with is clearly not that great at their job!

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Honestly, if I were you and had a grace period, I would cancel the ring and do some hardcore research. Nearly $4k and a lifetime on your finger warrants the proper research on the 4 Cs. The I1 clarity rating on those diamonds would have me running away! The resizing up so many sizes with a pave band would also scare me away. If I were you, I would go with a ~1ct VS I/J color oval (James Allen, Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth, or preloved) with a solitaire setting, and then upgrade the setting down the road if you want more bling.

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lillygirl27 :  I’ve bought lots of jewelry from Zales, and even had a couple of rings resized with no issues at all. I own a pair of 3/8 carat diamond studs I’ve worn daily for over 10 years with no issues. I had a ring redipped, and it came out beautifully. I lost a diamond in one of my rings, and it was replaced by a higher quality stone than the one I lost. Don’t stress over it until you get the ring back, and inspect it carefully. I have a feeling you’ll be pleased with the results. If not, you have the policy to back the purchase. 

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I cant put your mind at ease. A good jeweler would tell you that you cant enlarge a pave ring by that much without seriously compromising the pave. Your stones will fall out. 

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sunburn :  I agree, and sadly, speaking solely from experience with chain store jewelers, my first ring was from Kay (same thing) and it was pave… and it was NOT sized and the pave diamonds fell out constantly from day one until I returned it. I cant even imagine what would happen if it was sized.


OP I am NOT trying to discourage you from your beautiful dream ring, I am only mirroring what others have said, while waiting these couple of weeks, look up some local independent jewelers in your area and see what it would cost to have that ring custom made. I hate to say this but the quality will likely be better if not for any other reason. I had two rings from chain store jewelers. First one from Kay… diamonds fell out continuously from day one. I returned it thank goodness, (which, I heard if you make any alterations including sizing to a ring from there it voids the return policy, so please make sure you’re able to return it once its sized) I then got a set from Zales which I loved, until I took it to TWO different jewelry mall stores to inquire about an upgrade (“double up” upgrade policy) and neither place would take my ring for trade because the diamond was cracked!! I never whacked that stone not once. I truly believe I purchased the diamond cracked. This is just my experience.

Why do they need to size that exact ring? Why cant they make you one in your size? But with that method you will not be able to see the center stone ect. I think the ring is lovely and if that is your dream ring then go for it. Who cares. Get it sized and DO NOT accept it unless its perfect. But I would just suggest looking around. $4k is a lot of money love. My 1.02 F colored VS1 diamond and semi custom pave setting (.5 carats) cost me $4k. Not that “bigger” center stone is better at all. That is not what I am saying at all. But theoretically speaking the bulk of the money should be in the center stone. I just don’t want to see you over pay for something that potentially will not be the quality you are seeking. 

WITH ALL OF THAT SAID… I can tell you this, I have learned a lot from Weddingbee and I am extremely thankful I found this site, however it has also ruined a lot of rings for me. I feel like you can get really caught up in trying to chase “perfection” I made a lot of mistakes a long the way of ring hunting and though I LOVE the bee and the relationships with some of my favorite gals on here, it has robbed me of some happiness in the beginning. But I didnt know a lot about diamonds and now, thanks to this site, I do (well a lot more than I did). Come here for advice, take it or leave it, but don’t let it ruin your love for this ring. It is an absolute stunning ring. It is however, theoretically perhaps overpriced BUT some things cant have a price tag put on it… for instance the experience with your love and picking that exact ring out together etc. All of us on here (for the most part) have each others back and want whats best for our fellow ring loving bees. No matter what this is a symbol of love that’s what matters most. Also, check out James Allen online. It will amaze you and you can view so many stones and settings that seem to be pretty affordable and a lot of bees have purchased from that site. xoxo

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Regardless of what you read or hear about Zales, I think you should park your anxiety until these things actually come to pass, as they may not and you’d have worried for weeks for no reason at all. You either go ahead or pull the plug, those are your options. There is no good in worrying before anything has happened. 

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 I think you are way overpaying for I1 quality stones. My first engagement ring was from Helzberg and was an I1 quality .86ct stone. It drove me crazy for 4 years looking down and seeing all of the black inclusions. I chose moissanite some time later because of my severely included ring. For $4000, you can get this whole ring replicated with a local or private jeweler. I don’t recommend people buy from chain jewelry stores. They sell sub-par diamonds and settings. Sizing up so much with the ring you picked, WILL cause stones to fall out and sizing up that much will cause structural integrity issues with your ring. I suggest you cancel your order and go custom with quality stones

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lillygirl27 :  I’m so glad it all worked out!!! And I love that you went with a Belle-inspired ring! I saw the pictures on their site and it’s really lovely! I’d been eyeing one of their Belle rings as well, and my fiance ended up proposing with one very similar to it (not yours, but the other Belle ring). I’m a huge Beauty and the Beast fan 😛 

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