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I wish I could say yes, but mines not only ham but at one time modeled…lol. Sadly he looked much better in all out pics.

Film picture will produce great quality photos (as large as a 20×30 or bigger even) as would a digi cam, the only difference is that you can’t (or I should say it’s a lot harder) to touch up a film photo – and it can be costly if you don’t know how and have the equipement.

Go get them done, $200 is a great price and it’s a lifetime meory you can’t ever get back. Sounds like he’s not toally against it – go while you can 🙂 

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His suggestion is sort of off base. Asking someone to take your engagement photos is asking a LOT of a friend. My fiance did this for a friend of 10 years. It’s a ton of work and ends up being very expensive for the person taking the photos. We had to rent a professional camera and lighting. Plus editing the photos takes many, many hours. And there’s so much pressure to get it perfect for your friend! The friend my fiance photographed ended up being so grateful they bought us airfare to come visit them, so in the end everyone spent more than they would have if they had just hired a pro in the first place. I think $200 is quite reasonable. And if your fiance doesn’t like being photographed, then this is a good way to get him used to it before the wedding.

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I agree that the price is very reasonable – does it include the DVD?

Mr.GV was terrified–I mean really, truly petrified because the boy is SHY–the day of our e-photo last week. It was important to me that we have these taken because 1) we only have pics of us making faces, or drinking, or in really bad light, 2) we have trouble showing affection in front of other people, which is normally fine… but we should probably at least look as if we *like* each other in our wedding photos, and this is great practice, 3) I don’t want all our nice photos to be in our fancy wedding clothes, and 4) when else will it be OK to do a photo shoot like that?

He was really, really uncomfortable and giggly and nervous for most of the pictures, but amazingly, they turned out great. Honestly, he looks better than I do, because I was so worried about him looking happy! He said the other day that he was really happy with how they turned out and that he didn’t look as embarrassed as he thought he would.  Success! He didn’t say that he’s *happy* we did it, but I think he actually is.

Pick places that both of you feel comfortable and happy in – we did an old dilapidated barn that we think looks really cool, a farmers’ market, and a big field of yellow flowers (looks a little like a Valtrex ad, but still really pretty), and I think it helped that we both really liked where we were posing. 

Long post short (er…longer), I think it’s something he’ll appreciate in the long run. I basically just said, "We’re doing this" – not always the best tactic, but in this case I think it was necessary. 

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I guess I’m the only one in the other camp… I brought them up with my Fiance and he pretty much hated the idea and the expense. As we’d already sent out the Save-The-Date Cards, and don’t plan on announcing the wedding in the newspaper or making a slideshow, I couldn’t really come up with any good reasons to do them, so kinda gave up the fight…..

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Funny how the person you know best in the world can be so surprising.  In my case, our E-pics are included in our wedding photog’s package.  My Fiance, however, hates hates hates having his picture taken and often hides from cameras at social events.  A couple weekends ago, however, we were at a friend’s having drinks, when my friends, excited for our engagement, started snapping photos of us, model-style, ha ha.  My Fiance not only let them, but dragged me into a bunch of frames! I later commented to him how weird it was that he let people take his picture, and he said, yeah, it was, probably he let them because he was drinking.  This may be the case, but I have renewed hope for our E-pics (we won’t take them for awhile still).  Even if we have to have a midday cocktail first, to loosen up! :o)

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i was kinda in the same boat.  my fi hate his picture being taken and avoids the camera at all costs.  my step dad loves taking pictures and has a nice camera so we let him take our picturesf for the price of dinner at applebees.  it worked out well for us.  sorry i cant help you with any ideas, if i still lived in ca, i would suggest him, but we moved to wi.

i would say go for the cheaper photog, or like mentioned in another post, find someone from a newspaper to see if they will do it.

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our Maid/Matron of Honor is taking photo classes and has actually started assisting other photogs at wedding shoots, so she took some great B&W photos of us – one of which we ended up using as an e-pic.  by the time we booked our wedding photog, the Save-The-Date Cards already went out, and it didn’t make sense for us to schedule another session.  instead, we decided to have an anniversary shoot for our first wedding anniversary. 🙂

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do you already have a wedding photographer?  I would think they include it in the package – most do.  Otherwise, tell your Fiance that is is good practice to be in front of the camera for before the wedding – if he really doesn’t like getting his photo taken.  It could help him be more into it at the wedding.

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I’m in your situation — the wedding is in a different place from where we live, so if we wanted to do e-pics, we would have to get a new photographer. My Fiance was against it too, not because he doesn’t like to get his picture taken, but because that’s alot of money for a set of pictures of us. I completely understand why people would do it if it was the wedding photog taking the e-pics — it’s a great way to get to know the photographer and feel more comfortable before the wedding. But he convinced me that there are better things to spend that money on (boudoir pics, anyone??).

If he just doesn’t like his picture taken, it may be a good idea to suggest for him to think of this as "practice" for the wedding — you want your wedding pictures to be the best they can be, and if he’s not comfortable, they won’t be.

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Another option is to go to Target or Picture People — I’ve had friends who did both for their epics, and while they obviously looked more like studio pictures than on-location pictures, they still turned out great, and weren’t that expensive. The ones I saw done at Picture People were actually really, really good — very artfully done. That said, I think $200 is reasonable for professional epics. Have you looked on Craig’s List? We got ours done by a just-starting-in-the-business photographer who advertised on C’s List, who did the epic session for free and gave us the digital files in return for signing a model release so he can use the shots on his website. Great deal and he was really good!

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