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@kay01:  I used to also have that mindset, that Darling Husband was the one who needed to lose weight and not me… He was overweight and I was a perfectly ok weight for my height and a size 4.  But once I realized that having a supportive partner is extremely important, and that I couldn’t just sit around eating pasta and ice cream while he ate spinach and egg whites, or he’d go crazy.  We both got really into encouraging one another to work out, keeping healthy foods in the house, etc.  And over time, I got leaner (though I didn’t lose a ton of weight or anything, just more toned and trim) and he lost over 30 lbs.

The dumbbells thing is for whoever wants to use dumbbells to build lean muscle at home–could be male or female.  You might want to pick up a kettlebell too (that either of you can use), they’re a fun way to incorporate weight training into the routine at home.

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check out greenlitebites.com for easy, YUMMY, healthy recipes!

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@kay01:  Weight training is really important because it builds lean muscle mass, which increases your BMR (basal metabolic rate, the number of calories you burn just by existing) by a LOT!  Here’s a super brief article: http://www.fitsugar.com/Why-Building-Muscle-Mass-Important-21059579

The thing about counting calories is it’s hard to do unless you’re really there seeing everything that the person eats, which is why it’s easiest for someone to do it themselves.  (Eg was it a medium apple or big apple?  did you put 1 tbs or 2 tbs of pb on the bread?  how much creamer?  etc etc.)  Also, it’s particularly illuminating because you can watch the total increase during the day and really see where your problem areas of eating are.  It might not have the same effect if you just told him at 9 pm every night, “you ate 3000 calories today!”  Then again, even all this is better than nothing.  I know what you mean about “chores” – my guy refuses to calorie count too, and he just doesn’t realize how much some foods really pack in!

I use the “lose it” app.  You can save different foods for quick reference, and it knows a ton of groceries and chain restaurant foods.  You can also put in your exercise for the day and estimate calories burn.  I’ve heard good things about my fitness pal, too.

Salads with grilled or lean meat are a great lunch or dinner!  I know you said you can’t grill, but try one of the George Foreman countertop grills.  They’re like $20 and work really well.

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My Darling Husband uses an iPhone app (not sure what it’s called) to track calories eaten and calories burned, and that really helps him out a lot.

Re. carbs: not all carbs are bad, you just want to go for complex carbs (i.e. whole grains, brown rice, etc.) and minimize or cut out simple carbs (basically, anything white: refined sugar, white flour, white bread, etc.)

Vegetable-based soups are another really great option (especially if you’re using the crockpot a lot!). They fill you up with water and fiber so you feel satisfied sooner, but you ingest relatively fewer calories. Same for things like lentils, bean dishes, hummus – does your Darling Husband like hummus?

And don’t be afraid to use a little good olive oil, avocado, cheese, etc., to give dishes a nice finish. They need to taste good and be appealing in order for you guys to want to keep eating them, right? The key is to limit how much, but don’t be afraid to use a little bit to accentuate the flavor of a dish.

Another strategy: frozen fruits and veggies have almost the same nutritional value as fresh, are easy to store, and usually cost a bit less. Nothing beats fresh for salads, etc., of course, but you can do a lot with frozen fruits and veggies for many recipes and stretch your food dollar. I’m particularly fond of fruit smoothies. Take a banana and whatever mix of frozen fruit you like; add a pinch of salt, a dash of cinnamon, a splash of juice, and either yogurt or silken tofu for protein. You can also add in wheat germ, flaxseed meal, oat bran, etc., for extra nutrition and fiber. Makes a great quick-and-easy breakfast.

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