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I would think it could wait until your next appointment to discuss, but in the mean time up your fiber by ALOT (bran cereal, lentils) and drink lots and lots of water. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

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 LLEU:  lol, Im right there with ya…..23w and had my first real breakdown when I figured it out. I had a doctors appt this morning and they didnt do anything, theres really nothing you can do other then the topical treatments. They are ok to use…. Ive had mine for a week now and although its still “there” the symptoms are more or less gone (knock on wood). I bought wipes specifically for it and have prep H…. Mine is exterior so putting it on is easy…. if yours s more….”inside”, id maybe check with a doctor before you put anything in there with the applicator. Unfortunatly just keeping it medicated and clean is the only thing we can do, (lots of water and fiber) and just cross our fingers they go away after birth ๐Ÿ™

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LLEU:  eat fiber like the other poster said but also drink water to activate the fiber . dont strain when you go to the bathroom. talk to the doc about it. use prep H, it helps, witch hazel pads work too. invest in baby wipes. its embarrassing but i have one that comes back every period. it sucks. even though i do all this to prevent it.  i guess they are hereditary. ;-( literally a pain the but. 

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I got them during my pregnancy. Sucks. I didn’t call my doctor, just told her about them at my appt. She basically just said they’re common during pregnancy, and often go away after pregnancy. It wasn’t something she was concerned about.

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LLEU:  not much you can do. I got them in my second pregnancy and pretty sure pushing during birth made them worse. There are worse things women deal with after childbirth, believe me. Peeing every time I sneezed, coughed or laughed for the first year also sucked. Ah the joys. 

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LLEU:  typically hemorrhoids are pretty harmless. As far as consulting a doctor, there really isn’t anything they can do for them besides surgically removing them if they become infected. 

hemorrhoids are really just angry blood vessels in the anal area, and while there are many OTC medications, these really only treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Therefore if you want to STOP! these angry blood vessels, changing up your diet will help. First, stop eating anything bleached/refined carbs. This includes white flours, white pastas, basically anything that looks white. Next, no caffeine!!!! I’m sure considering you’re pregnant you’ve cut back on the caffeine regardless, but just incase, no caffeine! It restricts blood vessels which makes the hemorrhoid worse. Also, as many have said previously, add some extra fiber to your diet to make going to the bathroom easier and less risk of straining. Also of course, lots of water. Adding a multivitamin with vitamins C, E, magnesium and zinc will help. Also omega 3 fatty acids and flax seed oil help combat hemorrhoids. 

Also, it may be a little “T.M.I” but if your hemorrhoid is especially painful, uncomfortable and pertruding, consider trying to massage the area with 2 fingers. As bizarre as it sounds, it really does help relieve some of the extra pressure build up. 

Hope this helped!!! 

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LLEU:  Wiping very gently with a witch hazel pad instead of toilet paper helped me. And girl, just wait until after the birth…..oh man, I pushed so hard and at the time I even remember thinking, “this is making my hemorroid so much worse!” Hahaha. Anyways, what also helped me a lot afterwards is the Postpartum Herbs from Earth Mama Angel Baby. You make tea with them and then rinse the whole area (I did my stiches, and my bum) after you use the bathroom (or whenever). Good luck!

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LLEU:  Sorry to hear you got hemmorhoids in the end ๐Ÿ™ honestly, eating more fiber will help it be easy to poop. but they usually go away after time.  Mine didn’t because I got them from pressure of pushing my daughter out.  Didn’t tear or anything like that, but lordy did I get a few hemmorhoids from pushing.  9 months later, they’re still there ๐Ÿ™

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I’m actually still TTC via IVF at the moment so not pregnant, but I broke out in a rash from all the meds and my acupuncturist gave me this herbal wash called Yin Care. She usually keeps it in stock for her pregnant patients for hemmorhoids and to help heal tears after delivery. I was a little skeptical but it seems to work wonders on everything we’ve tried – my random rash, a latex allergy flare up, my DH’s acne, it’s even supposed to cure yeast infections and poison ivy/oak! It’s all natural herbs and you dillute it with different amounts of water for different things. I used a 50/50 dillution on cotton squares for my rash but there are also instructions for making a sitz bath for hemmorhoids. It might be worth checking out ๐Ÿ™‚


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