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I have not tried herbalife, so I don’t have any experiences to share with you on that.

BUT- I have used MyFitnessPal (it’s free!) and I liked it a lot.  You plug in your basic information and goals, and it gives you a daily calorie goal and target ranges for fat, protein, and carbs.  It also lets you add in exercise and will adjust your daily calorie goal based on that.

Also, it is a good idea to try and get protein at every meal and snack.  Protein helps you stay fuller longer, and it also lowers the glycemic index of your meal.  So, instead of just fruit for a snack, pair it with greek yogurt, a handful of nuts, string cheese, peanut butter, etc.

Weightlifting is also very good at boosting your metabolism.  Lean mass burns more at rest than fat mass does, so more muscle equals higher metabolism.  Weights and protein will build muscle, and cardio/fat burning intervals will shed the “fluff” off of those lean, toned muscles.

I don’t want to ramble or write a novel, but if you have any more specific questions about diet and exercise let me know.  Sorry I don’t have any information on herbalife…  Best of luck to you!

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my mom was on it, she actually used to work for them.

works very well, but whatever you do you cannot cheat, if you cheat it turns the weight loss program into a weight gain program.

its very difficult you gotta have willpower of an army. its basically a crash diet without the crash since you’re still supplementing your body with the nutrition pills/shakes

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but most diet programs work on the same principle – don’t eat lol so thats why people gain back after

my co-worker did the suzanne sommers diet, she said it worked very well for her and she was never hungry, the downside is you have to cook everything yourself so its time consuming

just go for healthier alternatives, more soups, veggies, fruit

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I did herbalife a long time ago so I’m not sure how much the program has changed since then, and you’ll have to take my comments as “potentially stale.”  When I did it, it ended up being a lot more complicated and a lot more expensive than I had originally expected; the herbalife sales reps all work on commission, and they make more money if they sell you more stuff. It’s very hard to say no to them— they give a lot of lines like, well if you’re paying $X to get good results, why don’t you buy this other supplement too and your results will be even better?!   The supplements themselves did not taste nice, and even though I didn’t spring for the top-of-the-line package, I still ended up with a medicine chest full of bottles and pills. It became almost a full-time job to keep all those pills sorted out.  

In the end I lost a *little* weight but I think that was more due to cutting calories and increasing exercise than any magic of Herbalife.  Personally it was not for me, although I’m sure that there are plenty of folks out there who have had good results from their program.

My recommendation would be, instead of spending all that money on Herbalife, spend it on a visit or three to a dietitian. Dietitians in the US have higher licensing standards than nutritionists and while you may get equally solid advice from a nutritionist, I’d seek out a licensed dietitian. Have him/her help you develop a healthy eating plan based on your actual calorie needs, your cooking style, and your lifestyle (like if you have a hard time taking a proper lunch at work, they can give you suggested lunch menus that you can take with you).  Use a calorie tracker, either online, in written/paper form, or on your phone (many people love MyFitnessPal.com but be careful, they have some funny ideas of calorie values for exercise and don’t differentiate between “good” sugars in fruits and “bad” sugars in candy bars).  Between being very aware of what you are putting into your body, being aware of your calorie burn, and doing it without a bunch of supplements, you will be more likely to actually get in the habit of healthy eating, which leads to permanent weight loss.

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I kinda did / kind of am.

I just used the shakes. The first time I did it for about 2 months and it was awesome! Everyone commented on my weight loss. But then I stopped and the weight piled back on. The second time I added working out to the mix and it hasn’t really done anything for me.

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