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I love rants! haha mainly because I want to bitch all the timee!!! I seriously hate waiting. It sucks. NO GOOD DAYS DAMNIT! haha I feel like a child and I completly agree with all the things you wrote.

   My SO just last night said when do you want kids. I said AFTER we are married and own a house. His response wow that’s along time. UGH!!!! WELLLL!!! it’s not up to me you big jerk haha

   Oh and about the friend that you have with the wedding ideas. My close friend stole OUR song = ( I wanted to DIE when she told me this.. I couldn’t even pretend to be happy that they picked there first dance song..the song means NOTHING to them..they only heard it because it’s mine and my SO’s song. UGH

  I just want to be engaged already.

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OMG you sound just like me!!!!! 

3 (YES #!!!) of my cousins have gotten engaged/married in the last year. ALL 3 of them have been with their FI/DH  for less that E and I!!! It makes me sooooo upset! Everytime one of them posts pictures or another announcement i get so discouraged and sad even though I am soooooo happy for all of them!!!

Pinterest and wedding ideas will be the death of me. I’m always saying to SO “ohhhh come look at this, lets have this at our wedding…” etc. i’m obsessed yet when I look at my boards it just makes me sad!

And finally, that word, you know the one…SOON! I want to rip the page with that word out of the dictionary. It drives me absolutely nuts. I’ve been hearing  SOON for MONTHS! it is no longer “soon” its far far away and its making more anxious and mad and sad and upset!!!!!!!


Gahhhhhhhhhhh my rant over. lol sorry to thread jack πŸ˜‰ 

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Blushing bee

@killerQueen13:  Sorry that you’ve been having a rough few days. I wanted to comment on the cousin thing. My cousin got engaged a few months ago. No one in the family has met him, but based on who she has become since dating him, he seems super shady. They had a little JOP wedding so that’s already done with. Not going to lie, it was pretty annoying hearing they got engaged (started dating after me and SO, she’s younger and less settled, blah blah lol). It is what it is. But that sucks that he sounds like a bad guy.

And that totally stinks about your friend taking your song. Especially if she knew what it meant to you. Ugh…. My best friend got married recently and things I had wanted she did, so crossing those off. I have a secret pintrest so that none of my engaged friends can see my ideas (lol). It doesn’t come from a nasty place, just one that wants to be different, since a lot of my friends are already married.

I’m crossing my fingers that your SO is looking at rings while in Baltimore πŸ˜‰ And I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you!

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Awwwww!!! Hang in there!!! You’ll get there and he will find an awesome place in NYC or not! Good luck!!!! Waiting SUCKSSSSSSS!!

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The baby talk seriously has gone from cute to irritating at times…  He wants me to pop out three and I am always all “um, ok, but we need to put a ring on this hand first” and neither of us are getting any younger (I’m 35, he’s 44) so yeah, I feel your pain sister…. *hugs*

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Rants are fun aren’t they? Only problem is no atter how much you rant you want to rant some more until the reason why your rant has been resolved.

So don’t worry keep the rants a comin’ We’ll listen it makes us feel better knowing we’re not the only ones that want to pop our knuckleheads’ of a SO on the head, and yell “HURRY UP ALREADY!”

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Honey….slow down. I mean it, right now take a deep breath and let me tell you how lucky you are. First of all, your SO is probably feeling like [email protected] because he obviously thinks you are deserving of a very nice, very expensive ring that he may or may not be able to afford. Please try to take comfort in that. I think it’s adorable. I also can really appreciate a man who does do a lot of searching to find that perfect ring for his perfect bride. Please take comfort in that too. I know you are impatient, I know you’re dying to get planning, but girl, you have obviously found a man who loves you very much and that’s all that matters right?

Girl, be happy for your cousin. Its ok to be a little envious, but not ok to be “bummed”. Get over it for 5 minutes to congratulate her. You said so yourself that her SO is a bit of a prick…. no need to be jealous of that.

I too am having (well eventually, I’m still waiting too) a vintage themed wedding. And from all of my researching there are a million things you could do and I’m sure not all of them will be at your friend’s wedding. Plus, with hers taking place first, you can take notes…what worked, what didn’t work, it’s an easy way to make sure yours is different and possibly…..better?

You’re doing better than most, you just need to count your blessings. Everything will be alright and your ring is coming. You know that, you saw the proof on his computer. Some of these ladies don’t have anything to let them know they’re on their way to the engaged section.

Good luck!

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oh boy, I have been in your shoes and I vented a LOT!  I think my friends were more excited that we were engaged not because they were going to be bridesmaids, but because they didn’t have to listen to me b!tch anymore…haha.

I say vent away!!  My Fiance did the same thing…I found he was looking at rings online a year prior to him FINALLY proposing, he always brought up kids (and I always gave him a crazy look and told him that things happen in order…).  I had a lot of friends and family that got married younger and quicker than my SO and I.  ugghh..i hated that!

I know your frustration.  I drove myself crazy looking at Pinterest and googling wedding things…such a bad idea.  I finally had to down right ignore that weddings even existed just to keep from losing my sanity.

Hang in there!!  I know good things are on their way for you!!!  A man that wants to have kids with you will eventually surprise you one day and put a ring on it πŸ™‚

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I am pretty sure I had some of these same feelings about waiting. I think that the proposal will come when you least expect it, so stop thinking about it. Mine did. He sent me a text message! Yes, he asked me via text. LOL. “So I was thinking that maybe you and I could go to “the big city” and get you a ring today after work.”  Seriously, this is what the text said on a Friday afternoon during his lunch break. I was like, I think he just proposed?! Haha. Think about anything but a proposal and soon enough it may just happen. πŸ™‚

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