(Closed) Herniated/Bulging Disc, Any experiences?

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I had a friend who had a herniated disc, and unfortunately, it wasn’t a fast healing process. The pain came in waves and was worse when he sat for a longer period of time.

I saw  your post from earlier…so sorry this is happening to you! I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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i was diagnosed with a bulging disc my sophmore year of high school.  the initial recovery took a few months to get back to normal motion (granted, i was a lot more active then than i am now – ballet and cheerleading, etc.) 

now, about 12 years later, i have occasional pain where the bulging disc is, but nothing nearly as bad as it was initially – and it normally stems from over exerction with certain exercises, like running and biking (ironically, stretching exercises that i thought would hurt it more, like yoga, seem to make it feel better – but that could just be me)

oh, and when it first happened, alternating heat and ice helped ease the pain a lot 

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I’m so glad you decided to get another opinion. Steroid injections work differently on most people. My husband got one in his hip and felt relief within days, but I had 2 in my shoulder within a month and it took almost 2 weeks to feel better.

PT will help, but make sure you get somebody who doesn’t push you too hard. You’ll have to also go over any restictions or limitations that may make things worse for you. I’d specifically ask about the horseback riding.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

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I’m sorry 🙁 

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@KatNYC2011: Oh wow! I hate to hear that! I hope you have a quick recovery and the pain isn’t unbearable. :/

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I’ve had a bulging disc and the pain has never gone away. Granted, I never had steriod shots, so maybe you’ll have better luck. Also, I didn’t have insurance at the time of the accident, so the doctors and physical therapist really dismissed my concerns.

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Oh no! I’m glad they were finally able to figure out from where the pain originated. Hope you have a fast and easy recovery!

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I had a bulged disc in my lower spine. I believe it was the L5/S1, too. As I told you a month or so ago when you first got the pain, I had to see the chiro a few times a week, wear a back brace, NO bending AT ALL for many weeks. I used a pillow at work on my chair and same at home. No slouching. I didn’t take steriods, just advil and a muscle relaxer (one night-hated it because it made me so tired the next day) and I felt better in a few weeks. I hope you feel better soon!!!!! I will say this-my lower back has not been the same since I had the injury almost two years ago. Every few months I have a bit of pain. Not enough that some advil, icing or heat pad won’t help and I haven’t been back to the chiropractor. But you do have to baby it as much as possible for the rest of your life. Just be so careful with bending. I used to just bend over carelessly, but since my injury I bend over with my knees and gently. Hang in there!!

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I used to ride, and have disc issues, so reading this was so interesting!

I have a disc bulge at L4/L5, L5-S1 disc portrusion and the doc wrote in where he saw some degenerative disc disease.

My Mom has had two major back surgeries, at 20 years old and at 27. I am 25.

I rode my whole life and in June 2009 lost my horse (colic), stopped riding and haven’t ridden since 🙁 In August 2009 I began to go numb when I ran from the waist down, sometimes everywhere, sometime in certain spots. Finally in June 2010 when I couldn’t get through the pain anymore (stubborn and stupid) I saw my doctor.

I had nerve testing done, blood pressure testing (basically a full body ultrasound to make sure blood was flowing as it should!) and then the MRI and the results are above.

I am at physio 3x/week, massage once a week. Had to stop running and am still not 100%. I am back running now, swimming and fitness classes to get a full body work out. I am going numb still (they think whatever is bulging is impacted blood flow) and physio actually wants to me get back to riding. She thinks the muscle development in my back from riding held me together and once I stopped, this bulge happened and with all the high impact sports I do, my back just had enough!

Core strength is the #1 thing I need to work on, I can’t just “do” what I want to any more athletically, I have to be careful and build myself up to the level I am used to so slowly. Who knows if I will get back in the saddle, part of me is very deterred with the thought of having to find a new barn and being a “good rider” once upon a time the thought of lesson horses does not excite me!


Good luck, take it slow, physio is amazing (though, it took 3 different physio places to find one I was happy with!) and I really hope you heal up!

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