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Blushing bee
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I still haven’t seen this movie (which I feel is criminal since it filmed in my hometown), but I read the book and followed the book’s hubbub when it first came out and couldn’t relate at all. I hope it doesn’t mean I’m in denial. Tongue out

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Sugar Beekeeper
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OMG i hated this movie so hardcore. Let me count the ways… briefly. heh. Okay so as the movie is going along I’m kind of feeling it ya know? Because a lot of it is good advice. In general… if you are with a guy for 8 years and you are both of appropriate age and out of school and financially stable and he has not asked you to marry him… he’s not going to. If a guy is being a jerk… he probably IS a jerk. etc etc. So I’m with it. 

I cheered when JenAn left her guy. 

I cheered with the other chick made a date with the nice friend. 

Then came the ending. 



**spoiler alert****










WHAT THE HELL. So JenAn goes back to him sans commitment and THEN he proposes? When does that happen? And the jerk guy who ignored the other girl suddenly realizes what he’s been missing? Honestly??? I felt like the whole point of the movie was totally undone in the last 20 minutes and I was actually yelling at the screen. 

I did like that the one guy’s wife left him…. but she should have done it when she found out he had cheated. Not when she found out he was still smoking. 

Blech. crap movie!

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Sugar bee
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Yeah, I didn’t like the movie either. It kinda made women look like whimpering fools while the men did whatever they wanted.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

I found the movie to be amusing enough, I didn’t regret watching it but it’s not one I’d watch again. It is totally inconsistant in and of itself, sometimes, and that annoyed me.

Honestly, though, I think most girls KNOW when a guy is just not that into her and ignore it, hoping he’ll *learn* to love her over time. Who wants to settle for THAT?

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Blushing bee
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The book changed my life. It all made perfect sense! My gf’s and I had been trying for years to convice ourselves of any number of bizarre reasons for being dumped/stood up/not committed too. And then I read this book and I took a whole new approach to dating. Long story short, I got married to my dream guy last month. I believe in the power of the book!


As an aside, I didn’t see the movie, nor can I fathom how they turned a very good self-help book into a fictional movie.

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Bee Keeper
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R and I watched this together and laughed. 

And shook our heads, and laughed some more. 

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Worker bee

Ugh, the movie was so disappointing.  The book is great, though!  The message is empowering— like, get a life of your own and don’t worry about guys too much, since there isn’t much you can do about them.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

My favorite part of that whole movie is the first 5 minutes, when the mom is warping her little girl’s mind for life by telling her that the little boy in the sandbox who told her she smells like dog poo only did so because “he likes you”.  Such a load of crap, but we all were told that as little girls and I am convinced that it damaged my ability to not be able to tell which ones were the jerks until I was in my mid-20s ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think that movie is great for single girls who give too many chances to guys who don’t treat them right.  If anything, it’s just kind of a reality check.  As in, stop letting guys treat you like crap! 

And I, too, was 100% annoyed with Jennifer Aniston for taking back the guy.  But then, I am 100% annoyed with most of Jennifer Aniston’s acting, so that wasn’t surprising ๐Ÿ™‚

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Helper bee

I didn’t really love the movie.  yeah some of the story lines were weird.  I think they were trying to give you the same feelings as the books give which didn’t come out that well.

but I liked the book a lot.  Of course you have to take it with a grain of salt but some of that stuff was good info… especially if you have low self-esteem it really picks you up and makes you realize you deserve better.

I think it changed my life for the good, after reading the book, I didn’t hang on to guys that were bad for me and I became more picky and upped my standards, everyone should do the same.  ^_^

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Honey bee
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yeah the book is so much better than the movie.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 2012

I found it pretty ho-hum! I watched it on a plane once… lol. I wouldn’t have rented it or bought it for myself ๐Ÿ™‚

I think the “rules” are kind of common sense. Men don’t like to be chased, they don’t like to be pressured.. if you’ve been together after 3 or 4 years & he doesn’t know if he wants to marry you– then he’ll never know. It’s a lame movie w/ a lot of hype.

If you want to read some really crazy advice, the original “He’s just not that into you” read “The Rules” from the 90’s. It’s a “time tested secrets for capturing the heart of Mr. Right” It was ALL the rage back then…

Ahahahaha. I didn’t follow any rules and I lucked out w/ my Fiance ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

haha we saw that on V-day-the day we got engaged-although we knew it was going to happen-us get engaged that is.


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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: May 2010

havent seen the movie and havent read the book but im the horrible person at gatherings asking couples that have been together for 3+yrs why are they waiting and if the guy responds he doesnt know how he feels about her yet then i tell him to cut her loose as hes wastinig her time… i started a thread ages ago about how i kinda broke up 2 couples but questioning them because i dont understand why some women are prepared to waste years of their lives with guys that aren prepared to step up

i did see an oprah interview and didnt warm much to the guy who wrote the book much but at least he was saying it as some women really need to hear it


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