He's nervous about having a baby with me.

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The update wow… yea I would reconsider this marriage too if I were you.

I wouldn’t trust him to take sufficient responsibility for a baby when he couldn’t even take SOME responsibility for the puppy that he wanted. You both work full time so it’s not like you had more time than he does. He wanted the puppy, not being aware of the work required? And then basically dumped the responsibility on you?

How will that be different with a child? Just because he agreed to take time off at work doesn’t mean he fully understands that it’s not just TIME OFF for him, that he needs to take on child care responsibilities. Then what happens when he goes back to work? No work at home for him I presume since he’s *gasp* working and have “no time” and you’re “not working”. He won’t have a camera to see what’s going on at home and the work and the stress you have to go through when he’s not home. Even if he does, like you do now, he’s clearly not constantly checking it like you have been for the puppy. 

Yea just no… I think this was a blessing in disguise for you. To have found out the kind of carer he is before you have a baby with him.

FWIW, I’ve never had dogs and I have cats, and they don’t require that much attention as kittens, they don’t cry and they sleep just fine. But I’ve known several people in the past that had puppies, they usually take the first 2 weeks off to stay home and spend time with, bond with and train the puppy. If your husband wanted a puppy, he should’ve known the responsibility involved and HE should’ve taken time off work to care for and train the dog. The fact that he didn’t even think of that shows he’s not ready to take on any kind of care responsibilities. And, if I’m being cynical, his motivation for wanting a dog right now was probably to test your abilities to be a mum and be the main carer. Which in itself is irresponsible and just misogynistic.

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