(Closed) Hey Catholic bees, what do you think of sexy wedding gowns?

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@tatina:  I’m not Catholic, but what you said was somewhat offensive. Just because a dress is form-fitting or has a low neckline doesn’t make it vulgar. Have you ever thought that those styles are what reallyreally look best on people? Or that they feel best in them? I’m glad you realize that brides are free to wear whatever they want and feel great in, even while you judge them and you think they’re innapropriate and vulgar.



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@tatina:  I have to agree with PP.  Mermaid and trumpet wedding dresses are certainly not vulgar.  Personally I think they look as romantic or gracious as any other dress, and certainly not inappropriate.

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i think i understand what you’re saying, tho it did come across a tad judgmental.

i’m catholic and my mother always made sure that i went to church dressed appropriately- shoulders/back covered, no mini skirts, no cleavage, no shorts, no jeans. and i was fine with that and i still follow that rule to this day (but i do wear jeans occasionally).

i do think those getting married in a house of worship should dress appropriately, but what’s appropriate and inappropriate varies from church to church. i prefer to be on the modest side, but not everyone lives by the same rule as i do and that’s ok; to each their own. there are many churches that have very relaxed “dress codes” and if the church is fine with a “sexy” dress then who am i to judge? that being said, i will be getting married in a trumpet wedding dress. i don’t think it will be inappropriate or vulgar. the dress makes me feel beautiful, elegant, and yes, even sexy 

being a “sexy bride” doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a tight, low-cut, revealing dress. i feel like sexiness has a lot to do with your attitude and how you carry yourself, so you can be completely covered from head to toe and be sexy. and on the flip side, you can be showing a lot of skin and not be sexy at all.

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I am not catholic (anglican) but raised to dress church appropriate, I have never had an issue with the wedding dresses being to sexy, and I think you are being a bit prudish

BUT…. Guests outfits at church weddings! And all weddings actually!

Dont people know how to dress for a wedding, the couple have most likely spent a fortune and it is a seriouse occasion so wearing some slutty little cocktail dress is not on, nor are jeans or t shirts for men, honestly people can dress really lazy! If you cant be arsed to dress properly, dont go.

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@tatina:  I think it’s often as much about the way a person wears it as about the dress itself – and people have different tastes, values, styles, and preferences. I personally think that a little mystery is ultimately sexier than having everything on display, and, yeah, there are some gowns out there that are more revealing than what I’d want to wear – but, you have to let people make their own choices. And I wouldn’t say that a trumpet or mermaid style is inherently “too sexy” – again, it depends on how you wear it and how all the details come together. If it’s the right size rather than a size too small, if the neckline is well-designed, with the right veil, accessories, etc., it can be lovely. And it depends on the woman, too – the same dress that works beautifully on one person can look trashy on someone else.

Ultimately, if you see an unfortunate dress choice on another bride – well, it’s too bad, but it was how she wanted to look and you just have to take it as an example of what not to do.

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@tatina:  I must say I agree with you. Maybe it is a European thing..? I would never wear body form fitting or strapless dresses to church, let alone at such an important occaison. Oddly enough, my fiance also made it very clear that he personally found mermaid dresses or fit and flair completely innapropriate and distasteful, (And he is not overly religious). I suppose it all comes down to how brides want to feel on the day. I was not particularly bothered about being coveted on the day, or for people to think I look “sexy”. 
Its a very interesting point of conversation to bring up though. 

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Isn’t it against the TOS to make a post just hating on something wedding-related for no actual reason other than to bash other’s tastes or preferences?

I mean “vulgar”?   …..really??  

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I’m not Catholic, but I’m getting married in a church and I don’t want to wear a ridiculously tight or strapless gown. If you’re doing it at a venue then wear what you like I guess, but for me I’m looking at gowns with straps or sleeves. I thought what the Duchess of Cambridge wore was very close to what I’d like for myself.

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Oh my gosh people, its not like OP is posting photos of your mermaid dress and saying “you skank!”  Calm down.  Yes, some mermaid and trumpet dresses show a lot of skin, are very tight, and can be considered vulgar for a conservative church wedding.  Key word- some.  She’s not violating  TOS by expressing that opinion.

OP, I agree.  One SYYTD episode comes to mind where the bride wore a see-through corset bodice Pnina gown to a large church wedding.  That gown was beautifully constructed, but her boobs all hanging out did seem in contrast to the church setting.  Hell, I’m wearing a strapless ballgown in an Episcopal ceremony and I’m considering adding straps just so I don’t show my shoulders.  I’m no prude, but I have never worn strapless in a church and it seems odd to start on my wedding day.

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I’m not a fan of “sexy” dresses either. It’s not necessarily the styles that were described but how the dress is worn. There are dresses that are obviously inappropriate. I wish more women would choose dresses that are flattering to their body type.

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Sorry, but I’m going to have to close this. From the TOS:

i.      We don’t allow posts that are intended to be rude, sarcastic, insulting, berating, argumentative, condescending, personally attacking, or that otherwise harass users of the Weddingbee site.  Please do not post threads for the sole purpose of criticizing, mocking, or otherwise disparaging others’ wedding, waiting, or nesting choices. Weddingbee is a diverse community with members across the globe.  No single culture is better than any other, and we value every member’s perspective.  We reserve the right to remove such posts as necessary.

Perhaps a better way wording for this would be: “Catholic bees, what does your dress look like?” or “What style of dress do you feel is appropriate for your church wedding?”

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