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  • poll: Should we include the pups in our ceremony?

    Yes, they're a part of your family...they're a part of you two!

    Probably Not. Better to leave the furry kids @ home that day!

    Maybe, considering on how long they would be there, and what their roles would be

    None of the above! I have my own suggestion I'll post below ;)

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    Aw they are too cute! I love the idea of having pets in ceremonys, and them being walked down by the flower girl/ring bearer is a great one. But then you run into the issue where your pets will most likely be charged up (or camera-shy) and may take off running.

    But I wonder what you would do with them after the ceremony. Maybe if you don’t leave too far from the venue, have a family member or friend get them and take them back to your house? 

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    I love the idea, but of course I would seeing as we had our dog in our wedding. She was the ring bearer and my flower girl walked her down the aisle. As for what we did with her after, one of my bridesmaids lived nearby, and I worked it out that I was able to leave my dog there in her kennel during the reception. I then worked it out that my friend/BM who was taking Coco for our honeymoon to petsit picked her up from the other BM’s house and took her to where they were staying, and then off to their place the next day. My ceremony reception site and the BM’s house were all relatively close so it was easy for my uncle to run her over to the house and make it to the reception before DHand I even got there. hope that helps!

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    I love my dogs and some people think we are ridiculous because they come everywhere with my husband. The even go to work and are the logo for his company. It’s safe to say we absolutely love our dogs. With that being said I’m glad we didn’t have them in the wedding. I couldn’t imagine taking care of two dogs during that day. It was easier to leave them home and be able to enjoy our day and not have to fuss over anyone. I think of it as if I had a baby, I would have to ask someone else to take care of the child all day.

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    As much as  I adore my doggie kid  I think adding them to the equation just makes more strress for you.  You need to focus on YOU and not on Ella and Lucky being behaved. 

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    It’s definitely a great idea but make sure that your pups can handle it and that anyone who’s charged to care for them/walk them down the aisle can handle them. If they’ve never been around large crowds before (especially the young one), not walked by someone who isn’t you, etc., there is a definite potential for disaster–and you don’t want to put undue stress on your pet.

    I would recommend being honest with yourselves about whether the pups can handle it emotionally (all the new things/people/break from routine) and behaviorally. If they can, just make sure to have a detailed plan for them during and after the ceremony, and give instructions to the folks taking care of them. And enjoy them being a part of your day! IF you’re not sure whether they can handle it, you have a while–you can prepare them with training classes and conditioning so that they will be confident and well behaved on the wedding day, or make other accommodations for them.

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    A good wedding dog is a trained wedding dog.

    I think people know if their dogs are trained well enough to be in the wedding. 


    I actually wrote about our decision on my blog and came up with a pro and con list.


    • we’d have someone (yes, I just anthropromorphised) at our wedding who spends more time with us and knows us better than most.
    • he goes with us everywhere, so it makes sense for him to be with us at our wedding
    • he’s cooler than most people and would probably be the most well behaved guest
    • the photo opportunities would be charming (he’s a pro at posing for photos)
    • all of our friends love him (one of my colleagues even said he’s more person than dog)
    • he loves children and it’s always heart warming to see him play with our nephews


    • Baxter might be bored at a wedding (not likely…he likes people better than other dogs)
    • Someone would have to serve as handler for the day
    • The handler would miss some of the wedding to take Baxter home after the ceremony
    • We love him so much, we might be distracted from spending time with our guests

    That last one actually was a big deal. When Baxter’s around, my attention is usually on him.

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    Although the idea is lovely, I’d advise against it.  Even the best behaved of dogs can have problems when surrounded by so many people with such excitement in the air.  And it would be stressful.

    I had my dog in one of my senior pictures and the stress was awful.  Out of 50 shots I think there was one that was decent out of the bunch.  Although I did see and episode of sTORIbook Weddings with a pug theme that was pretty cute recently 🙂

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    I’m a crazy animal person as well and I voted to leave them at home. It’s cute to incorporate the pups in your ceremony, but honestly it’s extremely stressful for them since they have no idea what’s going on then you have to worry about assigning someone the task of babysitter which usually sucks for that person. I’ve attended weddings where dogs were part of the procession and it was cute, but they were all shaking and scared the entire time and had to be picked up by a poor bridesmaid who was all dressed to the 9’s with makeup and hair done.. not the best time to calm down someone elses dog.

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    While I think its really cute, I would say leave them at home. We wanted to have our dog in the ceremony but then realized a few things – what would we do with him afterwards, what happens if someone is afraid of dogs, what happens if he got really riled up and knocked something over or ate something off of someones plate. I think the biggest thing for us was that after the ceremony we would have had to have someone drive him all the way back (20 mins) to my ILs house and that person would have missed a big chunk of the pictures or cocktail hour. We didnt want to do that to anyone!

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    I would leave the dogs at home…  there is a time and a place for everything and weddings are not the place for dogs IMO

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    I’ve thought about doing something similar with our furbabies, but, I think it might just be too much. I will probably have enough on my plate to not want to be worrying about if they need water, if they’re barking, where they are etc. It’s an added stress that I probably won’t really want. E-pics though? You know it!

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    I would have totally included all of our dogs if they were better behaved outside the home. In the home they are complete angels. Outside they are hyper-active crazy mongrels! lol.

    I say if your dogs are well-behaved around crowds than do it! I would have if I could have!

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