(Closed) HEY TTC'ers, some personal ?s re: coming off BCP

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Helper bee
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I’m in the same boat as you…..going off the pill in 1 week after 10 years…yikes!! We won’t be TTC for another few months but wanted to get everything ready. I wanted to reply to this thread so I can see everyone else’s responses!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Well I didn’t really get off BCP to TTC but I guess you could say I did….

I always had issues with BCP. They made me crazy and starting to discolor my skin! I decided as soon as we were married I would stop takin my pills. We weren’t acitvely TTC but would have been happy if it happened. When I stopped taking them my world became a much better place haha. My sex drive increased. The crazy darks spots on my face started to fade and overall I just felt better. My periods were regular, maybe a little heavier (and longer) but they weren’t anything to complain about. I would say once every 3 or 4 months I would get horrible cramping but it wasn’t every single cycle.

about 2 months after our year anniversary we found out we were expecting πŸ™‚ even after this baby i don’t think i will ever go back on BCP. I don’t know that i would ever go back on any form of BC. The hormones screw with me haha. but we will see when the time comes.


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Buzzing bee
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Marking my place just to read responses

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Bee Keeper
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I’m not TTC, but already expecting.

I didn’t notice any change in my libido. I had a healthy sex drive before and it stayed the same.

My periods never went back to normal. But then again I was on it for 10+ years so who knows what normal is. Therefore I charted and used OPK’s.

I personally did not have any adverse reactions to coming off the pill.

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Helper bee
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I have never actively been TTC, bu rather made some bad choices and ended up pregnant earlier than I would have liked. I had unprotected sex  only a few times over the course of 2 weeks and got pregnant. Some peopl can be off BC for a year before getting pregnant (like 

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@totheislnds: ) But in my family, we tend to be pregnant as soon as we start trying (or not…). I’d would really advise not going off BC unless you are ready to be pregnant

::steps off soapbox::

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Busy bee

I came off BCP in September, 9 months before we started TTC.  I’m about 5.5 weeks PG right now πŸ™‚  My cycles became regular pretty much right after going off BCP.  I had a withdrawal bleed, then another period 22 days later, before evening out at 25 day cycles after that.

How’s your libido been since coming off BCP?  Higher!

How have your periods been while TTC? Really heavy? Crazy cramps? Nutso PMS? 

My periods are not that different.  People say you go back to the type of periods you had before the pill; mine were a little heavier than on the pill, but lighter than pre-pill periods.  Very manageable.

Any other nasty symptoms or great benefits you feel like sharing?

The only other symptom I noticed was increased acne, which sucks.  I’m prone to that already, and I manage with Retin-A (before I was KU, not now).

Hope this helps!!!  Good luck when you TTC!

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Bumble bee
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Were you regular before going on BCP? Just something to consider with going off.

I had a major libido increase after going off the pill. It took about a month, but definitely sawa an increase.

I only had 1 period after the pill and it was right on track with when it would come while on the pill. I had some uncomfy cramps, but nothing unbearable. After this I didn’t get another period, but I had been charting just to see what was going on (I believe I had irregular cycles prior to BCP’s, so I wanted to make sure things were ok). I ended up pregnant the 2nd cycle off BCPs by complete accident, as I ovulated extremely late (CD108). It was totally unexpected and I assumed I was going to get a break through bleed at some point.

So as someone else said, be careful going off and only go off when you are really ready to be pregnant. While DH and I had talked about having kids, we didn’t agree on when yet. We both assumed that since I didn’t ovulate and I was over 60-70 days that it likely wouldn’t happen, so we weren’t careful. I’m now 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant. While a shock to both of us, DH soon adjusted to the idea and now we are both getting excited and cannot wait to tell the rest of the family the news.


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Honey bee
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How’s your libido been since coming off BCP? Much better!! Much to FI’s approval.

How have your periods been while TTC? Really heavy? Crazy cramps? Nutso PMS? Period has been the same as on the pill, perhaps even a tad lighter. Cramps are BAD, but I went on the pill in the first place because of extremely painful cramps.. seems this hasn’t changed. PMS hasn’t been bad. More emotional than when I was on the BCP.

Any other nasty symptoms or great benefits you feel like sharing? I generally feel much better although I now spot for a day or 2 before AF, which never happened on the pill. My cycle is all wacky, which sucks because knowing that I would have gotten off the BCP earlier. Definitely better libido, which is so refreshing cause I thought I was broken in that department but it’s getting better little by little. I’ve been off the BCP 3 and a bit months now.. I recommend doing it ASAP if you want to TTC in the next 6 months and use a different method of birth control if you don’t want to get pg JUST yet.

ETA- I see you’re not TTC so the last part of my response won’t really apply to you.

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Sugar bee
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Didn’t come off to TTC but came off the other year to see how it would be– higher libido, way heavier cramps and way more PMS, grew a lot more body hair.  (I then learned I had PCOS.) 

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Buzzing bee
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I came off BCP only because I know it can take up to 2 years to ovulate properly again, and I figured better now than never. Here’s the answers I have for ya (I’ve been off 3-4 months? I can’t quite remember). I was on BCP for about 9.5 years with no breaks.


How’s your libido been since coming off BCP?

MUCH better. I also realized I FELT more. It sounds strange, but it’s almost like there was a fog on my feelings that has been lifted. I cry when I’m sad. I smile more. Life feels… brighter. Apparently this is fairly common.

How have your periods been while TTC? Really heavy? Crazy cramps? Nutso PMS?

My periods are from hell, and I realized, the first period, why it was I went on them in the first place. Insanely heavy flow (and I used to use only lights, now I’m forced to use heavy flow tapons/pads). Severe cramping for about 24 hours. Insane PMS for about 24 hours. Tender breasts. Lots of emotional reactions to things. It’s interesting, to say the least.

Any other nasty symptoms or great benefits you feel like sharing?

Nasty symptoms… acne. I’ve always had a bit of acne, but never more than 1 or 2 pimples. I find near my period, I’m getting 8-10. It kinda sucks. I’ve also had a weird skin change. I was always dry to combination skin and now I’m mostly oily skin. Also, weird discharge changes the first month. I now understand how you can tell if you are fertile by that. It’s nutty.

Benefits…. lots! The emotion thing was a big one for me. I feel like I actually feel, deeply, things a lot more. I also get a bit of road rage because of it (like when I honked at a guy who made a right hand turn without stopping on the red, forcing me to slow slightly. Normally wouldn’t honk but I’m PMSing). My libido is higher, by a lot. Fiance certainly appreciates that too. Also, not so much a benefit, but my periods still happen to be regular, which is nice.


I know that was a lot of Too Much Information, so hope I didn’t scare you off!

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Busy Beekeeper
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@WoodenShoes:  we weren’t using protection other than pulling and praying so when I said we weren’t trying, we weren’t, but we weren’t preventing to the best of our ability and it worked…for a year. We were more than ready to take on the responsiblity if it were to happen. We had one slip up in the course of a year that resulted in pregnancy πŸ™‚ and i knew exactly when it happened. haha. I actually cried and said i can’t believe you just did that!

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Helper bee
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@MissNoodles:  Def a higher libido! Periods are irregular and about the same just more cramping. I’m breaking out a little and my hormones are crazy!!!!!! I actually feel as if BC made me a little more sane than I am now haha. But I just feel more energized… which sounds weird but I feel more motivated ever since coming off… weird!

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Blushing bee
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My background – I was put on the pill when I was 12 because of extremely bad cramps, irregular periods, and heavy bleeding.  I was on BCP until I was 23.  I’m now 31.  Side note, we recently were NTNC, and conceived on the first try.

How’s your libido been since coming off BCP? Honestly, it was exactly the same.

How have your periods been while TTC? Really heavy? Crazy cramps? Nutso PMS? My periods actually got LIGHTER after coming up BCP.  I know that’s not the norm, but it’s great for me.  My period BEFORE BCP was up to 7 days of heavy bleeding.  On BCP, it was about 5.  Now it’s about 1 light, 2 heavy, 1 spotting.

Any other nasty symptoms or great benefits you feel like sharing? The greatest benefit for me was 1. not having to take any medication. 2. being pregnant now!

The one downside for me is….actually having to track my periods.  It’s not hard, I just have an app that predicts it, and honestly, it’s usually about right.  But, I have to actually remember to put the info in.  I’m lazy πŸ™‚

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