(Closed) Hey, you, over there on your cell phone! Listen up!

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I agree, this is so rude! We live in a society now where the majority of people think it’s fine to be on the phone while doing most normal tasks. In NYC it is so annoying when I’m racing to pick my baby up from daycare and there are people text-walking everywhere who are looking down walking really slow blocking my way. And i HATE it when I go out to eat with someone who takes a call or texts. I hope my son grown up learning this is rude and there is a time and a place for cell phones.

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People are crazy. That’s what I decided after a year of taking the bus to work in California. CRAZY. If they think I want to hear their SAD/LAME/EMBARASSING/AWKWARD/MOSTLY JUST LAME phone conversations.

But apparently that’s what they think.

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laceydoilies:  Can I add driving? Hey you driving like an idiot in stop go traffic with your eyes so obviously down and not remotely on the road. Put the phone away and drive your freaking car!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of following a Honda Prelude for the majority of my stop and go communte with the driver so obviously on her cell phone. The worst part was that her male companion was just ignoring the fact that she was texting and driving, which is illegal. If it was that urgent why didn’t he do the texting?  She wouldn’t realize traffic was moving and would have a 7 car gap in front of her and then race ahead only to slam on her breaks. Watching her I rarely say her eyes leave her lap. It was beyond infuriating because I was stuck behind her with no place to go.

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laceydoilies:  Thank you for this. That woman at your law firm was beyond rude.

I actually noticed now that many workplaces have signs showing “No Cell Phone” zones. Maybe you can put up a similar sign? I had lunch at Subway today, and I saw that there was a “Please do not use your cell phone while placing order” sign on the counter. It must have been really bad for Subway to put up that sign.

As for texting/calls at the dinner table, my friends and I are tech-obsessed and working on it. So what we do before dinner is we put all our phones in one corner of the table/booth. Whoever consults their phone first for a non-emergency has to pay the entire bill. So far we’ve been good, and no one had to pay the whole bill yet, lol.

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Treejewel19:  I see this ALL THE TIME in New Jersey (where the roads are basically freeways to hell). I’m honestly surprised NJ doesn’t have more accidents – the people here drive like dumbasses as it is, but add texting to the mix? Yikes.

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UGH… don’t even get me started. I work in theater, and cell phones are the bane of my existence.  Please, when you go to the theater (movie or live) turn your phone OFF. all the way OFF. not on vibrate (the people around you can hear that too. you aren’t fooling anyone). 

Depending on the type of phone you have, and where you keep it, “silent” can potentially be a problem too. My husband has an i-phone that he keeps in his pocket, and he has had it accidentally turn from silent to on before. (not at the theater, thank god).  So now he turns it all the way off just to be safe. 

It’s like so many people just dont know how to behave in public anymore. I cannot even tell you how many times I have been in the audience when a phone has gone off. it is terrible. I have also seen people check their phones and text/e-mail/whatever. as OP said, in a dark theater that light is REALLY distracting. 

Also- don’t carry on full conversations with the people you are with. A whisper here or there, or genuinely reacting to what is going on on stage is perfectly fine, but not full conversations in a loud whisper. If you are far enough away it may not affect the actors, but it sure as hell will affect those around you. 

See? I said “dont get me started”, and now I have started… haha. This is a huge pet peve of mine. and the people that go to the theater and behave this way always sit near me. which means that either I am the unlukiest theater-goer in the world, or there are TONS of people out there who just dont know how to behave. 

end rant. 

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AGREED. I was at a broadway show on Wednesday, and this old woman in front of me actually ANSWERED her phone and was like “Oh I’m in the theater…”


Life. My Fiance and I make a point of being present with each other (not like we don’t check our phones, but it’s just unhealthy to be constantly afraid you’re “missing” something while you’re with someone else.)

What could possibly be that important? If you’re expecting a call, keep the phone on vibrate and excuse yourself from the situation to take it. 

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laceydoilies:  I cannot stand cell phones especially when I am on my college campus! I don’t know how many times someone has just stopped dead in front of me on the sidewalk or staircase to answer a text. My favorite is trying to pass a huge group of texters who are walking super slow. I also think texting while trying to cross a street should be on the list! I see that a lot too, and then they try to sue the driver when they get hit..

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This drives me insane!! I was at the mall last weekend (it was very crowded) and some rude jerk was on his cell phone while walking really slow in front of me just enjoying his conversation. And it was crowded so I just couldn’t go around him very easily. It’s like WTF! Step off to the side if you want to carry on a conversation and walk slow. So annoying. I hate when I see people texting/talking on a phone while walking and not paying attention to their surroundings. I find it very inconsiderate to others.

Cell phones should now come ‘when not to use guide’ for all the ignorant idiots out there who cannot use their common sense! 

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laceydoilies:  I’m with you on this!

The real sticking point for me (even though people have been rude with their cell at my job), is that Fiance is always texting/whatever when we are having dinner. I’ve asked him repeatedly to stop, and he doesn’t seem to see the problem, though he has improved (probably because he is sick of me asking).

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*wahhhhhh* You live in a society with cell phones. I agree that some people can be rude at times and in certain situations but either get used to it or run for office so you can ban them when you become president. 

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ilovebacon:  +1 I’m with you on this.

Yeah, people are dicks. Are you still surprised by this? We can’t control the crap other people do on their phones. Not everyone is as polite as you and you can’t let it bother you. In a perfect world, people would all be as polite as you. They won’t ever be, though, so there’s no point in letting it get you all worked up. 

In the future… why not call these people out on their annoying behavior? I’m sure other people would be in agreeance with you and probably would appreciate you doing it since they probably don’t have enough balls to do it themselves. 

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