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I totally get that adults should be able to drink what they want with no explanation needed but unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way in real life. Nosy people won’t stop and it gets uncomfortable. In my case I JUST found out on Tuesday and it’s so early I haven’t had time to process the news. I’m not wanting anyone to know yet. I really don’t want to be questioned or have nosy people in my face about what I drink. It’s easier just to accept the drink and hand it to my husband. 

There was a time when I actually WAS on antibiotics with strict instructions not to drink from my doctor. I had a beach weekend planned with a group of friends. I couldn’t escape the suspicious glances. So now that I am actually pregnant, I don’t want to be in the position where I’m feeling forced to announce.

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ann.reid.9277:  See the thing is when I am out with friends I am ALWAYS drinking when they are. If I wasn’t they would know immediately that I was pregnant. I am 100% going to fake drink if I am out and not ready to announce anything yet. 

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Not pregnant but if I don’t feel like drinking, I ask for a seltzer with lime and pass it off as a vodka soda.

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Like many have said, club soda with any garnish instantly looks like a cocktail. My husband and I don’t drink but used to so we do this all the time so people don’t ask us why we aren’t drinking. 

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Ms.PatientBee:  I did this at a holiday party last Saturday, except not pregnant LOL, hungover. I just said no thanks overdid it the night before and then carried on with my diet coke. Nobody gave us any side eyes or anything. And we are at the point where we get asked about kids right and left ( 1+ year married ) so either people really didnt care if we might be PG or not or they you know, believed me 

Might have helped that my inlaws saw me downing vodka tonics the night before so I had someone to vouch for me lol but I really don’t drink at every event so I think people are used to it?

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Some people are saying you dont need excuses or that its none of their business, but I can totally see where you are coming from. DH’s family is big on drinking, & if im not drinking on the weekends that we all hang out, instantly i get the “yup she must be pregnant!” the whole time, & they will actually keep track of the last time they saw me drinking.. even when i pin a nursery on Pinterest, there they go saying I MUST be pregnant.. the truth is that people are nosey & I would rather dodge the questions & suspicions. 

It depends on where youre going to have drinks. PP’s have mentioned many good solutions. 

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Boxerlover24:  LOL at “downing vodka tonics”, feeling a little hungover myself just thinking about that.

OP you should make fake vodka tonics night 1, and then have a two-day excuse because you’re “hungover”. Good tip Boxerlover.

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I didn’t want to announce my pregnancy before the end of the first trimester, but these were what worked for me:

– Excuse no. 1: “I partied too hard last night. So, I’m taking it easy and hydrating with lots of water and fluids.”
– Excuse no. 2: “Doctor told me that I need to lay off drinking for a while.”

What I’ve ordered: Virgin mojito. I definitely got to the bar earlier and told the bartender that I can’t have any alcohol. So, it was pretty much any virgin drinks.

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Worker bee

I’ve found this to be one of the challenging things about the first trimester!  I completely agree with the others who have noted that people can be nosy and get suspicious if you typically drink, so it can just be easier to fake it.

What works best really depends on the situation:

If you’re in a mingling-type situation, it’s easy to just get a beer or glass of wine to have something in your hand.  Depending on the circumstances, you can either go to the bathroom and dump some out, discreetly swap with your partner or a friend in the know, or just set the drink down and “forget” it at some point.

If you’re in a situation where you’re ordering drinks in front of others, try to get there ahead of time to give the server a heads up about virgin drinks.  Make sure they know to keep it quiet though!

I also am just getting over a cold, and while I’d much rather NOT have the cold, it’s been a convenient excuse to just have hot tea or water.

I’m sure some people have their suspicions about my pregnancy regardless, but at some point I figure I don’t really care.  At this point it’s just coworkers who don’t know, and while I have a feeling a couple of them are pretty sure what’s up, they’re polite enough not to say anything about it.  They’ll find out soon enough!

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I have done tons of fake drinking in early pregnancy, here are my tips. At a restaurant order club soda with lime and just say it’s vodka soda if anyone asks. If ordering a fun drink like dauqiri or pin colada just go to the bathroom and find the waitress ask her to make it a virgin. I was at a bachelorette party in Miami and one girl insisted on doing shots on the beach. That would be hard to fake. But I literally just threw the shot over my shoulder and kicked some sand over it real quick. LOL It totally worked no one suspected a thing. At a house party make your own drinks and just add some cranberry to water. 

In my experience offering up excuses as to why you aren’t drinking brings more attention to the fact you’re not. Either fake it or don’t but don’t talk about it.

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MsNightOwl9:  Could you just tell your friends (if they’re close friends) you’re TTC so are laying off alcohol just in case?

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Antibiotics always shuts people up, especially if you say it’s for a ‘woman’s problem’ (I had cystitus a few years ago and everyone assumed I was pregnant because I wasn’t drinking – it certainly shut the guys in the party up when I told them it felt like I was peeing shards of glaas everytime I went for a wee!!!)

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