High blood pressure pregnancy? Help!

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I had high blood pressure the last few weeks of my pregnancy (starting around 33 weeks). I was hospitalized for 2 days for it and ended up having my son at 36 weeks exactly (induced because my blood press was too high). 140/90 is considered high but I believe is on the “lower” end of high so that might be why your dr. isn’t concerned yet. I would ask your dr. what you should be doing. I was on modified bed rest to try to keep my blood pressure lower. 

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I haven’t had this experience, but I’m a doula and one of my areas of focus has been around African American women (who tend to have higher stress levels and early birth rates for a variety of reasons related to racism and other associated societal factors) and babies and joyful/easy birthing.

If you tend to have higher blood pressure anyway, it could be that, as PP said, you are at the lower end of high. It could also be that your high reading is your norm, so they’re monitoring but not taking any action.

Do you have a meditation practice? One of the recommendations that I’ve seen (especially for women who end up on bedrest toward the end of their pregnancies due to stress and/or are at risk of premature labor) is to practice meditating. There are some great guided meditations available on YouTube and you can just find one (or several) that you like and turn them on throughout the day and keep them playing (or some soothing ambient sounds or white noise or nature sounds like gentle streams) and also take some time to really focus and drop into the meditation for a few minutes in the mornings and also in the evenings. I’d look for the hypnobirthing guided meditation and/or some other pregnancy related ones because then they can guide you through some specific practices that will benefit you and the baby.

If there are certain body areas where you tend to most feel the effects of your stress, then consciously breath into those body parts, focusing on words like “softening, releasing, ease, relaxing, peace, calm, safety, love,” and/or any other words that make you feel calm and present and at ease. One long, slow breath per word. If there are certain words that really help you relax, do those over and over.

You can also give yourself and your baby oxcytocin baths where you rub your belly and talk to your baby and consciously relax any tension in your body and say things like “I love you. I’m looking forward to meeting you. I’m so curious to get to know you.” and other things that make you feel closer to the baby.

All of those things may or may not bring your stress/BP levels down but they will redirect your focus and can go a long way toward helping you feel more at peace for the rest of your pregnancy.

Good luck and congratulations on your coming baby!

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I have had off and on readings like yours. I’m currently pregnant with my third, and just had a 143/92. They keep an eye on it, and last pregnancy I was admitted for observation at 38 weeks (ultimately went home) when my in office pressure was 145/98. Both of my deliveries went fine, no complications. I suspect if you’re normal is on the higher side and all of your other labs are normal (trace protein is totally normal in pregnancy) and your doctor isn’t worried, then I wouldn’t worry.  They’ll monitor the heck out of you during labor and delivery so don’t panic! Congratulations and good luck! 

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rose1992 :  I had gestational hypertension as well starting at about 25 weeks. It did get worse and worse until I was induced at 36 weeks and 2 days but then as soon as I had my son, it got better. When they decided to induce me my blood pressure was 210/110 and I was on stroke watch and aside from it being really scary, nothing bad happened. I didn’t have a harder labour or harder recovery because of it 🙂

I think I was 34 weeks along when they put me on modified house rest where I had to rest for 4 hours for every 1 hour of activity and that wasn’t so bad. I honestly think my Mother-In-Law forcing me to go to this AWFUL baby shower she threw for me the day before I was induced is what gave me the insane blood pressure haha

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Magnesium lowers blood pressure and stress levels.  Look into the root cause protocol.  Many pregnant women are following it and having very easy pregnancies and healthy babies.  

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rose1992 :  I have a 2 month old nos but around 36 weeks my blood pressure went up to 140/90. It was always 120/80 before then   I was admitted to hospital for observation but it went back down. They told me if I get another reading that high again I would be diagnosed with gestational hypertension and they would induce me at 37 weeks.  It did happen again when they checked it a few days later so I was induced at 37 weeks exactly. The told me 37 weeks is the earliest they will induce for gestational hypertension but if I had preclamisa they induce at 34 weeks.  I’m guessing since you are only 35 weeks there just isnt much they can do but continue to watch your blood pressure. If you only got one high reading it could just be a fluke …but if you continue to get high readings I would talk to your doctor about your concerns. I am sure each hospital does things a little differently but like I said if you are concerned I would talk to your doctor. Btw my blood pressure returned to normal a few weeks after giving birth. Good luck!

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rose1992 :  You need to be monitored. This isn’t something they should be fucking around with. You have pregnancy induced hypertension and it’s going to turn into preeclampsia if it hasn’t already.

First things first: How’s your swelling? I’m most concerned about your face and hands. Ankle swelling is normal within reason. Find a picture from early in your pregnancy of your face and take one right now and compare them.

Second, pertaining to swelling and water retention. how much weight have you gained in the past 2 weeks?

I went in at 38 weeks with my first baby back in 2009. My blood pressure was 150 something over 90 something. They did not induce me. They sent me to be “monitored”. Because my blood pressure would go down when I laid down, they didn’t induce me or take it seriously. I proceeded to swell like a balloon, in my entire body. I’m talking 20 lbs in a few weeks. My face swelled….my NOSE got huge. The skin of my thighs was so tight with water retention it hurt. This is classic preeclampsia.

They would not induce me. They put me on bed rest. I just got worse. At 41w3d they finally told me to come in to be induced but I had to call to see if they had a bed first. They kept giving me the run around. I was so so so upset. Just crying. I knew something was wrong with me. I wanted her out of my body, I knew she wasn’t safe in my body. My husband got on the phone and tore the nurse a new one. They finally say ok. I get into the hospital and I”m not even there an hour and my baby’s heart rate is going from the 200s to the 40s. All of a sudden I am being prepped for an emergency csection. They had to knock me out and put me under general because they couldn’t find her heartbeat and they didn’t have time. She was not breathing when she came out. 

I was discharged. I went to the emergency room a week post partum and my blood pressure was insane. it was 200+/113. Again, classic preeclampsia. 

I have had 2 more babies since then, I am 29 weeks with my 4th. I almost lost my first child due to negligence. I never had pre-e again. My last blood pressure reading was 120/53. 

You have to be your own advocate. Get a blood pressure cuff. If you’re overweight, you can use your forearm for a standard cuff if it’s too tight. Monitor your blood pressure several times a day. 

You need to do kick counts several times a day. You need to put yourself on bed rest. Push water like crazy. And you need to do whatever it takes to reduce the stress in your life. You have to. If your blood pressure spikes, if you start seeing floaters in your vision or you feel like you can’t see out of your peripheral vision, if you feel lightheaded, you go to the emergency room, PERIOD. My vision was permanently damaged from having pre-eclampsia. I had to get glasses and cannot see far away. 

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I had one high Bridal Party reading around 26 weeks and am now 33 weeks. They had me do a 24 hour urine test which gave them a baseline for how much protein is in my urine. My ob said that if it got high again and became preeclampsia they would induce right at 37 weeks. I’d talk to your dr about your concerns and have them tell you what their protocol is and what their requirements are for inducing early and or bed rest. 

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rose1992 :  140/90 is not necessarily dangerous unless you’re experiencing dizziness, spots in your vision, headaches.. the proteinuria is concerning to me though. Do they have you on any antihypertensives? You should be at least on a baby aspirin and low dose of labetalol by now. 

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rose1992 :  they should be taking it VERY seriously. My Bridal Party hit that reading at 36 weeks weeks and my doctor read me the riot act – go to the hospital at the slightest trace of a headache, swelling, vision problems, etc. I had a mild headache a few days later, and ended up being hospitalized and on meds until my daughter was delivered just before 38 weeks. Preeclampsia comes on hard and fast and shouldn’t be mucked around with!

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