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I didn’t have high B/P until towards the end of my last pregnancy but I do know that high B/P early on can cause them to admit you into the hospital and keep you there to keep it under control. A relative of mine recently was induced 6wks early because her B/P was so out of control and they couldn’t make it go down. She tried going into preterm labor twice before this because of her B/P as well. She’s had to see a cardiologist and a doctor for her kidneys because her protein was so high and they didn’t know if it had any negative affect of those organs.

If your doctor is having you check it this early then just follow their directions. They’d be keeping an eye on you to make sure is stays under control. Limit your salt, caffeine and processed foods that should help. 

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Definitely keep an eye on this. It is good that you caught it early, and you will want to watch it very carefully.

During pregnancy, high blood pressure on its own is something to watch closely. If you also start having the symptom of protein in your urine, that indicates pre-eclampsia, which is nothing to mess around with. A good friend of mine recently had a very scary bout with it. It usually doesn’t manifest until later in pregnancy (after around 30 weeks in most cases) but it can escalate really quickly, as it did for her.

There is a lot of good information about it on preeclampsia.org. In general it is not a well-understood condition, although we know it is different from run-of-the-mill hypertension in that limiting sodium in your diet isn’t really a primary way of controlling pregnancy induced hypertension. An important thing to be aware of: if, at any time, you start to have blurred vision, you need to be seen by a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

Best wishes for your pregnancy, and I hope that your blood pressure stays under control and never develops into true pre-eclampsia. If you are at risk for it, though, it’s smart to learn about it.

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@MrsHoneyC:  I had HBP in the beginning right until the 2nd tri, then it dropped down to normal, where it was until the 3rd tri, then it went back up. I was testing during the 2nd tri at work-I work in a school so I had the nurses take my Bridal Party. When it’s high, it’s about 140s/80s, so not too horrible, but not great. As long as you don’t have other symptoms like headaches/dizziness, pains, etc (your doc should tell you), and it’s not ridiculously high, you should be ok. I was in more often for Bridal Party checks at the docs, but that meant more HB checks and belly checks of baby. At 32 weeks I’ll be getting weekly monitoring of the fetus & monthly u/s, to make sure it’s growing correctly (I think the size concern is that it would be too small because it is not getting the proper amount of blood/fluids/whatever). I’m glad my doc is being overly cautious, so I think if my Bridal Party is high, she’ll go with that plan. I hope everything works out for you!

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Do you work out on a fairly regular basis? I’d talk to your doctor about ways you can start lowering it.

Also a tip if gestational diabetes could/will become a problem: ask your doctor about lifting weights. Not necessarily huge ones – in fact, smaller weights, more repetitions will probably work best – but it will work well for any excess sugar.

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Hi. I have chronic hypertension and I recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl. She was on the small side (6 lbs 7 oz, 19 inches, born at 39 weeks) but completely healthy.

I’ve been on blood pressure medication since being diagnosed about six years ago. When I decided to TTC, my doctor switched me to a medication that is considered safe for pregnancy (Aldomet/generic methyldopa) and it kept my Bridal Party well controlled for the majority of my pregnancy. My numbers did start to rise late in my third trimester, and I had to go for weekly biophysical profiles to make sure baby was safe. I had to have my urine checked to rule out preeclampsia. My dosage also has to be adjusted (I’m now almost 8 weeks postpartum and back to my original dose). You can definitely have a healthy pregnancy and baby with hypertension, so please don’t worry. It just requires that you and your doctor keep a close eye on the situation.

 I check my Bridal Party at home with an Omron wrist cuff – much easier to use than the kind that goes on your arm.

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