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I’m a scientist and my husband works in IT.

I was halfway through my PhD when I decided to take a masters instead and get a job. Best decision ever! I work in industry developing new antibiotics, and I started in the mid-$70’s after my bonus. The people in my track who have been fully promoted make slight over six figures. I have way better work/life balance than the PhDs, still make huge contributions to the field, and make good money.

My husband has a bachelors in Computer Engineering, and also one in Nursing. He works in Healthcare IT managing the electronic medical records system for a major hospital. He gets to work from home, makes over $100,000/yr, gets 5 weeks vacation, and maybe works 6 hours a day. If I could do college over again, i’d do what he does ;-).

Oh, and he works for a non-profit, so he makes roughly 30% less than he would get if he left and did for-profit.

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I went to undergrad for an athletic training degree/ certification…then, worked for a physical therapy company for a few years…and decided to get into the business side of healthcare. Long story, but now have an MBA in health care administration, making $$$$$$, paying off the school loans and have a great position as a hospital administrator 🙂

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My degree is in public policy, specializing in quantitative research methods and my Fiance is a computer engineer. I wanted to go into a field with a lot of options and I love that I get to make decisions about how the government spends its money and what is worth spending on (I oversee a $8mil a year project). It was a lot of math in grad school and internships, but it is such a rewarding job.

. Fiance has found his job to be stable abd rewarding. If you have a clean life and cab pass a background check there are plenty of 6 figure opportunities. He has a lot of flexibility in his hours and great perks. While it isn’t alway exciting work, the compensation helps.

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@BlondeMissMolly:  I just finished law school and am taking the bar so I’m technically a $0 earning bee at the moment.  But Darling Husband is a pharmacist and he does pretty well.  He works 40 hours a week (which include a 45 minute lunch) so his hours are pretty good.  The downside is that he’s in retail, and like all retail jobs, that can be annoying.  He’s not the biggest fan of his job at the moment for the amount of hours he works he does pretty well!

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If you’re interested in medicine/health care I would look into being a Physician Assistant.  I’m a PA in an emergency department and make nearly 6 figures just out of school.  PA programs are usually a master’s degree and go from 24-27 months, then you take a national certification exam, and get licensed in the state you wish to practice.

There’s a lot of flexibility, you can change specialties at any time, assistant in surgery.  You see and treat your own patients and work with “physician supervision,” which means an MD/DO is available on site, by phone, tele-communication, etc for consultation. 

I knew I wanted to go into healthcare/medicine but didn’t know what to do.  I started out in nursing school but wanted to be more involved in the decision-making process and diagnostic process.  I didn’t know about PA’s until I had a friend in the program and ended up switching from nursing to chemistry. 



If you’re interested and have questions let me know (PM me)!


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I’m a lawyer. Pretty typical… undergrad + law school = lawyer lol. 

It is high earning… IF you get a job. Which is far from guaranteed anymore in the legal feild. 

I would not recommend it:)

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@CorgiTales:  Even if you can get a job it can be pretty low paying.  

Defintely not the route you want to go for job security!

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@CorgiTales:  Agreed. I always tell my friends interested in law school to think long and hard about it. 

OP, I’m a lawyer. I worked in the nonprofit sector for two years, and loved it! I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint of heart or those who can’t survive off $38,000 a year which was what my salary was before I moved into the private sector. This is my first year in the private side, and I make about $70,000. My Fiance is a manager for a chain of businesses his family owns so he makes pretty good money. Unfortunately, he’s leaving to go back to school for petroleum engineering. This means i’ll be the sugar mama for the next 5 years. Hopefully, by the time he is done, I can go back to the nonprofit world. =)

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@Olive12:  Just out of curiosity, what makes non-profits so attractive to work for in your experience?

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Well I work in academic research so my job isn’t high paying (but I love it!).

DH’s job might interest you though.  He works in Healthcare consulting.  Basically, hospitals hire his company to come in and fix their billing/insurance/reimbursement systems.  He has a degree in Industrial Engineering but people he works with have degrees in everything from engineering and science to music and business.  He started out at about $58K right out of undergrad and 3 years later makes $75K and in another few years will probably break $100K.

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I am an academic, finishing my PhD and have a job waiting for me for when I am done that starts in the mid-80’s.

To answer your question above and PhD and work-life balance. I don’t know how work life balance is for PhDs in industry, which is where our fellow bee works but in academics the first few junior faculty years are hard because you are working towards tenure.

I personally was not interested in this side of academia and prefer teaching over research so my job search consisted of teaching track positions, I teach gross anatomy in medical school. I will make less than my research counterparts but I am ok with that because I have been in school forever and want to start a family. And I want to be around when my little ones are little not stuck in an office writing grants. And on top of all that I LOVE teaching so I will LOVE my job which is perfect!

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I work in public policy, with a specialty in health care. Essentially, I make the rules that memorialbride, allison.mould, and Mrs. KMM’s husband have to follow. I started out at $36k a year. Almost a decade later I am making 6 figures. I love my job because I know that the work I do every day impacts millions of Americans. My job is to help make sure that the care everyone gets when they go to the hospital, nursing home, etc. is safe, effective, and high quality. If I can make one person’s health care experience a little safer or a little more comprehensive, that’s a win. And when I get to work on projects that make things better for millions of Americans all across the country, that’s an incredible victory to be savored.

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Insurance and financial services. I absolutely love love my job. I really enjoy helping people and in the past was a teacher, but it just didn’t fit quite right. I’ve found such enjoyment out of helping people in an entirely different way- with their money! I turned my passion for helping other and my frugal ways into a profession which let me tell you: that saying ” If you do something you love you will never work a day in your life” is true. I am not crazy about my location right now, but that’s another beauty of this profession- the sky is the limit. You can move up, move across the country and do so many things. The pay is excellent and again the sky is the limit there as well. 

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