(Closed) High efficiency washing machines – yay or nay?

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  • poll: Are high efficiency washers any good?

    Yes, they are awesome!

    No, they suck.

    Not sure

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    I have a HE washer and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’ve never had any of my clothes damaged, nor have I ever had to rewash something (and with a year old black lab that likes to dig and oklahoma’s fire red soil…. that’s amazing!) so I’m not going to say that they’re fantastic, but I’ve never had an issue with mine.

    My clothes come out clean and they smell clean, and if you’re worried about germs (Side note: I studied to be a microbiologist in college… germs on your clothes aren’t a problem.), the suds will release the bond they have on your clothes and they’ll be washed away. You could always throw a dollup of bleach (color safe or otherwise) in with them just to ensure that they are clean. Mine has a “sanitize” option, I’ve only used it one and I really didn’t notice any difference between the normal wash & the sanitize, so take it for what you will.

    ETA:Possible solutions:

    Check your in & out water lines. Something (General grit from water) could be blocking it, or something major. Clean your little filters on the in & out line.

    The rubbing could be caused by an off balance wash basin. If you can, flip it over (or on its side) and see if this is the case. When you press on the basin, is there any shifting? Any noises, squealing, smell? Sounds like you might want to have somebody come check it out. I’ve never experienced rubbing in mine. Mine is a front loader, and I’m assuming yours is as well?

    I’d check your boiler/water heater if your water isn’t hot enough. Is the hot water connected to the right pipe? Is the right pipe attached to your water heater?

    Soapy film — Maybe you’re using too much soap. HE washers need *tiny* amounts of soap. If this is the case, your in/out lines may be blocked by soap residue. Make sure you’re using HE soap.

    High Efficiency does not mean “fast”. It means it does a better job with less resources (Less soap, less water, etc). Mine takes a smidge longer, but it’s a valid comparison to.. say, washing your clothes by hand as opposed to throwing them all in a tub and washing them with a stick al-la-little house on the prairie.

    ETAx2: Anyone complaining of smells in your washer, I’ve got an easy solution for you: Run a cup of vinegar through your washer (With clothes or without, doesn’t matter) and leave the door of your washer open overnight.

    Viola! Smells are gone.

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    I’ve used HE front loaders and like them and think they get the clothes cleaner, but I know some of them don’t do well/require a lot of maintenance, I hope yours is just the lemon of the bunch and you can return it for something that actually works!

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    I do not own one personally, but we do have one at the hospital and it does do a pretty good job at removing all that yucky stuff without having to run it so many times, a must. However, like you said….it does take forever to do a load and some things do get damaged. We have had to have it repaired a few times, but then it is going constantly without much of a break in between loads and my co-workers….gotta love them, just shove things in there to max capacity with hair and things still on it. Lets just say that I have had to resort to leaving passive-aggressive notes lol.

    We have a regular machine at home, it works fine…… I don’t really feel the need to replace it as of right now.

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    @jmaze:  Mine smells if I leave the door closed so I just leave it open when not in use.  It makes sense to me since the water that is left just sits and gets mildewy.

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    We bought a front loader set about a year ago and they are amazing.  At the time we bought them we did research on the top loading and the front loading units.  I saw a lot of reviews on the top loading units that are exactly what you are describing.  I was very apprehensive about getting the front loader though too, I wasn’t sure if our clothes would get completely clean and I had never had a front loading washer.  Come to find out our clothes got cleaner, they feel cleaner and the washer seems to extend the life and color of our clothes. 

    FH recently decided to really test the machine and put in a towel that was covered in oil. I was just going to toss it, but he wanted to try.  Amazingly all the oil is gone from the towel and it smells like there was never any oil to begin with.  We also have horses, a highly dirty hobby, all I can say is we never have had any issues getting the dirt from our clothes.  I am very satisfied with our choice. 

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    I LOVE our front-loader Whirlpool HE machine, but I hated our GE one and actually returned it.  I think the key to success with these things is really taking your time to read the owner’s manual; each has its own quirks as to how it wants the clothes sorted or put in, what cycle to use, and (perhaps most importantly) how much detergent to use, and if you follow those rules, you have a better experience.  For example, if we wash a mixed load of towels and sheets, which was never a problem with our old non-HE machiine, everything comes out soaking wet, but if we segregate towels from sheets and run a full load of each, peachy keen and nice and clean but not soaking wet.

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    I read about issues folks had as well before i bought mine but I have not had the same problems as others.

    I generally wash my clothes in the permenant press cycle because it is fairly gentle and short.  It gets the clothes plenty clean.  I do feel like some of the other cycles such as “whites” is really rough.  I would not put the clothes I wear in that cycle but use it for other things such as white sheets.

    One of the habits i had to break my DH of was washing rough fabrics together with delicate fabrics.  If you wash jeans with a soft blouse, then yes – the denim is going to rub that soft blouse and damage it.  My DH was also very guilty of washing towels in with clothes.  This also damages the clothes.  I am also cautious to shake out loose grass and debris before throwing it into the washer.  I know DH’s mom just throws everything in with dirt and grass still attached.  That might work in an old school washer because of the amount of water but it should be shaken out before tossed into the HE washer.

    I am also careful to leave the lid open after a load so it can dry properly and avoid the stink.

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    I love our Samsung HE front loader, never ever had issues with it. We have had it almost 3 years now. 

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    @araneidae:  Why not try smaller wash loads?

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    Yeah, how do you “load it right”?  I mean, it’s a washer, so you throw clothes in it? I’m confused. 

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    We’ve got a pair of Samsung HE front loaders, and I absolutely LOVE them.  The wash cycle is longer than our old washer (older model top loader), but I can wash almost twice as many clothes per load and they come out clean and dry (our old dryer would also take at least 2 full drying cycles to get each load dry – it was awful!).  We haven’t had any issues with rubbing or damaged clothes.  Have you checked reviews for your particular model?  If no one else has the same complaints, I would probably assume that you just got a lemon and exchange it, if possible. 

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