Hip Pain

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Sorry it’s not letting me tag you!! The belt went around my hips. So I would wear it over my leggings if I was wearing a long shirt, which is what I did most often. It has something to do with the compression I think? So I would wear it all day and take it off at night. It made a world of difference to me. I think it cost about $30 so not prohibitively expensive. Could be worth a shot if it helps! Have you been seeing a chiro/massage therapist? I try to go once a month to each and I find it helps to keep problems at bay.

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I had something similar and what really helped was seeing a chiropractor that specialized in pregnancy. The maternity belts help too but I remember them being so annoying!

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Have you tried without the pillow? I was sleeping with a pillow between my knees but recently started waking up with awful knee and hip pain. I asked my doctor for any tips and she said to try sleeping without the pillow- basically, your ligaments are getting all nice and loose so you can give birth, which affects all your ligaments- she said that the way you I was laying could be putting pressure on my knees and hips and feet in a way that didn’t seem noticable but was enough to cause pain. I tried one night without and no pain, and haven’t look back since. 

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We’e you diagnosed with sciatica before pregnancy?

If not, it’ far more likely to be pelvic girdle pain than sciatica.

Pelvic girdle pain, unfortunately, doesn’t really have many at home treatments, it’s more about avoiding the triggers for the pain. Just be mindful of what it is you’e doing when you’re experiencing the pain, and try to avoid those motions. Don’t sleep on the painful hip, and try hot baths, it will relieve some pressure on your pelvic floor. 

Treatments for pelvic girdle pain and sciatica are extremely similar, however pelvic girdle pain can often be avoided if you learn what triggers it. 

Good luck!

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I’m 32 weeks and have been having this for a couple of weeks now. My ob said your pelvis gets loose and open around this time because of the relaxin hormone. She said there is nothing you can do but I’ve found some things that have significantly lessened the pain. Before I was sleeping with a 5 ft long memory foam pillow between my legs and I realized it was way too thick and was making worse so I switched to a regular “jumbo” pillow that is long enough to support my knees and ankles but not thick. I also sleep with another pillow at my back and slightly lean into it. I’ve also been sitting down to put on and take off pants/socks/shoes and haven’t been putting all my weight on one foot. Also when I stand up/get out of a car, etc. I swing my legs together and put both feet on the ground evenly. These things have seemed to really help. I still get the pain at night and have to switch positions several times but it’s a lot better. Good luck!

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I have hip issues and what normally helps me is getting my hips adjusted at physio. It kind of looks like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=miB6lW_3fss (I don’t recommend attempting this at home as you could really injure yourself). When I’m in between visits or having a really bad hip episode Darling Husband will gently pull on my legs with steady pressure as if he was helping me stretch to help maintain the adjustment. He’ll also run his palm down my IT band after I do leg swings and static high knee rises. I did my hip in during my second trimester and it took over two weeks of therapy to heal since physio could only do manual adjustments. 


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I’m in the same boat, my little one is due in less than 4 weeks and yesterday after my ultrasound it took me about 5 minutes just to get up off the bed because the pain was so bad. I’ve actually gotten to a point where I can’t sleep in my bed anymore and instead I’ve been sleeping in my recliner chair (also due to bad heartburn) which is next to our bed.

With the cushion/pillow, I did find that I did get some relief in bed but only if the pillow was high/thick enough that my knee was higher than my hip. So lets say I’m lying on my left side, my left leg would be straight, with my body pillow running down next to it and my right leg bent and resting on the pillow making sure my right knee is higher than my right hip. Hopefully that makes sense!

I also find that when I sit on a sofa/couch the pain is much worse, Instead when I sit down to watch tv, use the laptop etc I sit on a cushioned office chair and put my bum and back right towards the back of the seat so that my lower back feels really supported.

The other thing that helps me is to get in and out of the car very carefully. I try to never go in or out one leg at a time and instead I sit into the carseat side-wards fist and then try to pivot both legs in at once. It doesn’t always work or sometimes I forget though!

Lastly I’ve been using a belly band, there are heaps out there but the one I have is called a fit-splint maternity support belt to support my belly and hold my hips firmly together. This has helped a lot especially If I’m out shipping or on my feet for a long time. I actually use mine backwards with the wide part holding my belly and velcro straps around my back because I find it much more comfortable. The good thing is I will be able to use it afterwards to help with split ab muscles which I tend to get after pregnancy.

I hope some of these hep! 🙂

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Chiropractor and acupunture. Both were incredibly helpful to me in pregnancy, and after.

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My third trimester was hell on my body, especially my hips. What helped was a combination of twice weekly adjustments at a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and daily (and sometimes twice daily) Epsom salt baths.  Neither solved the problem but at least made it manageable on a daily basis.  

I had more sciatica flares in late 2nd Tri than 3rd but my chiropractor REALLY helped fix that. I would go in with pain and leave pain free.  

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I had nerve pain in my back and hips, along with pelvic dysfunction that started at 20 weeks and got worse towards the end of my pregnancy…towards the last month or so, it was bad enough that I could hardly stand walking (although I kept walking trying to induce labor…which didn’t work for me). Unfortunately, the only thing that helped was having my baby. I had tried stretching, and taking it easy but it didn’t really make any difference.
The good news, though, is you’re almost there! I didn’t even really realize how uncomfortable I was during the end of my pregnancy because I was convinced I couldn’t complain since other women have it rougher than I did (although once I was approaching 42 weeks with no labor in sight, I decided I could complain a little bit)…then when I felt the instant relief of not being pregnant anymore…I was like oh, yea, I guess I was miserable. I haven’t had any more of that pain since giving birth.

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llevinso :  I soak in a warm/hot bath probably 4-5 nights a week. My midwife said to make sure my core temperature doesn’t go up too high for too long. My belly doesn’t even fit in the water half the time (no soaker tub in this house😭), so I don’t worry about it getting too hot. And I figure anyone working out while pregnant is going to have a higher core temp than me sitting in the tub. I can only stand it for maybe 10-15 minutes, but it definitely helps relax all the back and hip muscles. Darling Husband helps me in and out so I don’t strain, and because it’s easy to lose balance these days!

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