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  • Wedding: July 2018

I recommend NOT doing DIY unless you’ve practiced and/or done it before. It’s stressful to deal with right up to the wedding and A LOT of folks I know bought flowers that were NOT good quality and died before/on the day of the wedding. You also can’t guarantee what will/not be available when you go to purchase, so that’s an added level of stress if you have only worked with specific flowers before. It’s just an added stress, so unless you or someone in the family has experience and can help, pay the premium to have it done! Your quote sounds EXTREMELY reasonable from my experience, but of course it’s personal preference.

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  • Wedding: May 2018

I opted to DIY my flowers through Flower Moxie. You can read below my word vomit at how amazing I think they are or skip below to the abbreviated question/answer version. 

Holy, moly, I could not recommend Flower Moxie and it’s owner Amy anymore. From the beginning, when I called to get a consult with Amy back in December I was blown away. There are a few “bulk flower”, “diy floral arrangement” places out there but I went with Amy after looking at a few because not only is she fun and creative but the process was SO PERSONAL. After I sent that first email to set up a 30 min consult, I almost immediately heard directly from Amy to set up a time to speak. From there we spent almost 2 hours on the phone with her trolling my pinterest, making suggestions, and just discussing all things flowers. As a spring bride who hates pastels (I know) Amy was so encouraging of embracing my love of moody dark colors. She made suggestions I couldn’t possibly fathom for a Spring wedding. I learned so much about flowers in general and that the options far far supersede your basic hydrangea or rose bouquet. I was completely obsessed with a few specific flowers, some of which other wholesalers told me wouldn’t be in season, but Amy completely came through and got me everything I wanted. Flash forward to the week before the wedding, I got immediate contact from Amy when a few changes had to be made to some of the flowers we had selected. The changes were tiny, barely noticeable to the untrained eye, and I even got more product out of the deal! I got tracking numbers for my deliveries immediately and the girls at Flower Moxie helped to work out to best way to get my order as it was being delivered directly to the venue. Amy called me/emailed me yet again to check in and make sure everything was going well. And holy moly guys, unboxing those flowers was like the feeling you get on Christmas morning as a kid.Okay onto the arrangements. So for my wedding I had 7 bridesmaids bouquets (repurposed as centerpieces), 1 bridal bouquet, 18 boutonnieres/corsages, 3 additional centerpieces, and 80 bud vases. I ABSOLUTELY had help from about 3-4 of my bridesmaids to get these done but let me tell you I hosted in my wedding weekend a BBQ, a morning hike, a day at a Brewery, and a rehearsal dinner. These events were all decorated and mostly catered by me and I still in the course of 2 days got all of the above done AND enjoyed myself. This is in part because of my amazing bridesmaids but also because Amy takes out all of the guess work by creating “recipes” for each of the arrangements. So putting together flowers was as simply as plucking everything I needed for each bouquet/centerpiece, maybe throwing in a little but of stuff I wanted more or or like, and ta da! It was truly that simply. We knocked everything out within a few hours and more importantly it was really fun. Once you take a deep breath, relax, have some wine, and stop being so type A (like me!) everything really comes together so easily. I knew exactly how everything was going to look and how to do everything thanks to Amy’s amazing tutorials on youtube (check them out), and gained a ton of confidence with each arrangement. I got a MILLION compliments throughout my wedding about the flowers and I was absolutely OBSESSED with all of the flowers. They could not have turned out more perfectly.


Cost- $1,500. That was encough flowers for 7 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 bridal bouquet, 18 boutineers/pin on corsages, 3 additional centerpieces (used bridesamid bouquets as centerpieces), and 80 bud vases. Mind you my bud vases were the opposite of puny. They have beutiful roses, snapdragons, ranaculus, the good stuff! Ths cost also included my 15 ft greenery which I used to decorate my arbor. 

Yes, $2000 seems resonable for what you are describing. For the flowers I wanted, and ended up DIYing, I was quoted closer to $4000 which I cried about. So it was either compromise on my pinterest dreams OR DIY. So so glad I didn’t compromise.

I was super worried about traveling/delivery for the flowers. Luckiky my venue let me deliver directy to them the Wednesday beofore as well as cut and leave the flowers there. But honestly, once I saw the flowers in their boxes I realized I could have easily had them sent to my house and either transported them to the venue or put them together and tranported them then. The boxes were so light weight, about 4 each 4 ft long or so. Flowers are delicate but we really jerked our around in making and moving them with no issues. 

I included some pics as well!

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$2k doesn’t seem bad, but it really depends on what you’re getting.  I’d want to know types of flowers and sizes.  Flower Moxie is reputable, you should check it out and compare.

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I’m using Flower Moxie too. I will do two bouquets, 4 boutinnieres and one floral crown for around $400. 

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happybride2018 :  We spent $1000 on DIY flowers. Ordered from Costco & a local florist for supply. Arranged on Thursday and wedding was on Saturday. We definitely got our bang for our buck doing it ourselves, but you also have to have the time/some skill to do it. My sister has floral design experience, so she basically did it and I was her assistant in trimming stems and stuff, haha. Feel free to PM me for more info/photos/breakdowns if you’re interested.

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  • Wedding: March 2020

I am looking to diy my flowers But found some great pre assembled wedding collections at Sams club. Now I’m debating ordering from them and adding in a few additional unique flowers from flower moxi. I also looked at Costco but sams club’s wedding section was much more robust. 

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  • Wedding: October 2018

I am paying a florist to do my bouquets (1 bride, 3 bridesmaids and 1 boutonnière) for $400

Then I am DIY through Flower Moxie for $800 (11 centerpieces, 30 bud vases, flowers for cake, flowers for garland, two greenery garlands). I also bought vases and votives for $200

Total $1400! I am still trying to figure out if I saved enough money for the work, but with what I paid for FOUR bouquets I don’t think I could afford to hire a florist for the centerpieces. 

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  • Wedding: September 2018

I live in Seattle and the flowers at pikes place market are to die for! And ridiculously cheap. I paid $200 for 20 large bouquets of beautiful flowers. Ordered corsages and boutonnieres from a florist. Spent $500 total I think. Here’s an example of what we picked for bouquets.

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happybride2018 :   I’m no florist but I did go to fashion school so I have some idea of how to merchandise. I did the flowers for my two cousins different weddings and it really wasn’t so hard as long as you have some sort of Eye  for how to arrange flowers. Most major cities have what they call a flower Mart. When I lived back home I went to one for both weddings to get the flowers in San Francisco. Each morning  the flower Mart has new flowers every single kind you could possibly imagine in bulk. As a person who doesn’t have a license it was still so much cheaper than hiring someone to do flowers. It was actually pretty simple we just showed up walked in walked along the flowers went up to certain vendors and bought the ones We wanted in bundles. They even have cheaper vases for sale if you needed vases.  I also did the boutonnieres for my cousins weddings and that was insanely easy. I looked up a YouTube video bought some green  floral tape and some thicker wire. You basically just cut the flowers put a piece of the wire up in it and wraparound some floral tape. If you were at all crafty you should have no problem whatsoever. You could even do one arrangement as an example and have your family members or friends help arrange them exactly like you did that one should be easy to follow along.  I imagine you could YouTube how to do a bouquet and it will be just as easy and also use floral tape. I think you could do all of these the night before as long is you could keep everything in the water and or put the boutonnieres in the fridge overnight.  Again I would Google how to keep them fresh for the next day. We did them the day of as in we bought the flowers in the morning did the arrangements and the wedding was in the afternoon.  When I get married I will definitely be doing my own flowers. But I think with anything DIY you can’t do everything DIY because you’ll take on more than you can handle and then on the day of your realize he bit off more than you could chew.  I think for $2000 your spending way too much for that small amount of arrangements. It doesn’t sound like you’re doing that many flowers and that’s a lot to spend. I think if you’re doing it yourself depending on what flowers are using it would probably only be 500 bucks.  The picture I made for one of my cousins weddings. I made the flowers in the shape of a letter for them and that was super easy. You can find large letters on Amazon and then just put green florist foam Inside the letters then just push the flowers into it. I added a little water to the foam to keep the flowers alive. 

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