(Closed) His dad called it "tent" shopping.. long vent.

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Omg. I don’t really want to comment on this, but I am furious for you!! 

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You know what?

Don’t feel bad about yourself. Feel bad for HIM!

How miserable must he be, to be putting down other people like that? W clearly hates himself more than he could ever hate you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to recognize that and just pity him.

As for your Fiance, that would really hurt me, too. You guys should probably have a calm discussion about it later. He needs to understand that you guys are a team, a unit. And a slight against your honor is a slight against *his*, too. He needs to learn to calmly, but firmly, protect and defend you, particularly when you are not there to defend yourself.

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@Sammers:  I’m sorry, sweetite. They are thoughtless and rude. I’m just sorry.

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What an ass.

I’m sorry your Fiance didn’t stand up for you. He probably has a hard time standing up to his dad in general.

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That is HORRIBLE. You know who I’d REALLY focus my anger at? The sister. Yeah, dad is a jerk. That ain’t changing. But when someone tells you something bad someone else said about you, you really have to question their motives. Obviously she had to know there was NOTHING that could come of that except hurting you.

And I agree – I would want my Fiance to defend me. Fiance and I once had to have a *serious discussion* because one of his friends made a joke about “when was I due” (after I put on some weight) and I got REALLY upset.

People are awful. You are seriously going to look amazing – all you have to do is go look at all the full figured bride pictures here to know that. But what W did and what the sister did isn’t acceptable. I’m sorry.

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Sorry I hit submit too soon. I understand your Fiance not wanting to start a feud, but there is a point that he needs to stick up for you so they can see how serious this really is. “W” is like the family bully. He won’t stop because no one has made this a concern, and also because he keeps getting the reaction he wants. Fiance needs to stand up and glut W in his place

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Wow, that was totally uncalled for.  I’m not really sure why his sister chose to share the comment with you either though.  That seems like the type of thing that’s best kept to oneself to spare embarrassment. 

I don’t think it’s worth starting a family feud over either, but I think your Fiance should at least have made it clear that that kind of thing’s not appropriate too.  A simple “Sammers will be buying a wedding dress, not a tent”, or even just a “that’s completely inappropriate”, or a “don’t be ridiculous, she’s going to look beautiful in her wedding DRESS” would have been sufficient.

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What an a-hole. I don’t blame you for wanting your Fiance to back you up. Maybe he doesn’t need to say eff off, but perhaps he should try to sit down with W and have a heart-to-heart?

As for thanksgiving dinner, you enjoy the holiday and don’t let that scum bring you down. Eat, drink, be merry. And when dress shopping comes up, say something sarcastic about tents 😛

And as for trying dresses on, you will be beautiful! I am also around 230, and I looked freakin hot. You will too!!

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First of all, that is awful I am so sorry.  Second, you FI’s little sister should not have told you.  You did not need to hear that.  Third, try to go easy on your Fiance.  I understand his thinking that there is no point in saying fuck you to a drunk person.  His Dad is obviously an a-hole and I think you should forget his comment.  Congrats on the weight loss btw, keep it up!

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What an asshat. I’m sorry you had to go through that. And congrats on the weight loss!

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@NAvery:  I agree. Wtf is wrong with the sister?! Why would you ever repeat such a nasty thing that someone said?! 

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@NAvery:  +1

I’m not really sure why W would say these things, but I’m more confused why Future Sister-In-Law comes to you and tells you things that are only going to hurt you. 

I get the feeling W picks on your weight and makes fat jokes because there’s probably not much else he can think of to make fun. 

Honestly, I wouldn’t go there for Thanksgiving dinner.  And, I don’t care if it started a family feud to stand up for you.  Who needs enemies when you have a family like that? 

ETA:  Just read that she’s only 15.  You’re probably right, she probably doesn’t understand this is hurtful and not helpful. 

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