(Closed) His dad introduced me as his roommate…………………………………

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Atleast his dad was kidding about it! Sounds like he wants your bf to pop the question soon.

I have been with my fiance for almost 8 years, at his cousins wedding last year, his grandma didnt want me to be in the family picture because I was ‘only a friend’. His cousin, the bride, almost died laughing and said I had to be in the picture because I have been around longer then her husband.

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If you know he was joking, it’s not a big deal, at least he wasn’t being insulting!

DH was my “friend in SAvannah” while we lived together. Even though mom and dad encouraged us to live together, they were actually too embarassed to tell their friends. When I found out, i told them shame on them for being so 1950’s, haha.

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I have a crazy aunt who calls my Fiance by the wrong name intentionally. We dated for 3 years and have been engaged for a year.

I used to get offended by it but now I just laugh and when she is around I purposefully start calling him the wrong name just to point it out to everyone what she is doing.

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I’m glad he was kidding! 🙂

My ex-boyfriend of FIVE years and I lived together, had a dog together… and his mom introduced me as his “friend” every single time she introduced me. Never even his girlfriend – just friend.

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Helper bee

My grandmother still introduces my BF as “pec1216’s friend” I hate that! Just because we aren’t engaged yet doesn’t mean you have to act like we’re strangers!

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I don’t understand why they do that! I’ve gotten Friend before. I hate it. I want to yell at them and storm out, but you just laugh (if everybody else is) and smile, and then yell at him later for the reason you get refered that way!!!

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My Grandmom still calls FH my friend and we are engaged! Haha, I don’t know if his title will ever be upgraded. But I agree with Corgi, I think it was a jab at your BF and not you.

I will say though that FH and I have friends (a couple) who have been dating for longer than us, are older than us, live together, the girl wants to get engaged and talks about it all the time and he still won’t pop the question. It makes us feel very uncomfortable around them the more time that goes by and they still aren’t engaged. Here we are planning a wedding so of course people always ask us about it and we feel weird talking about it in front of them. Maybe your BF’s Dad feels uncomfortable in a similar sense and therefore ‘jokes’ about it with your BF.

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OMG this happens to us all the time! I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. Our parents are from a different generation and I doubt they meant it to be an insult in any way.

Two weeks ago, my BF’s parents were in town, and we were having dinner at his dad’s friend’s apartment. And a friend of his joined us a little late, and I was introduced as “and this is P’s friend, Jaxx”… and I thought to myself, really?? After almost 4 years? And then about 2 hours later, everyone was deciding whether to leave or not, and since we had gotten a ride over with the BF’s parents, my BF’s dad was like, “Well I guess it depends on what the newlyweds want to do” and I was like “WTH?” It was sooo weird! Of course he had had a bit to drink at that point, so perhaps that was a freudian slip there. But I was so confused the rest of the night.

I agree with the other bees – I think it’s probably a GET A MOVE ON sort of jab, as awkward and uncomfortable as it may feel.

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Oh ho, I can beat this! R and I have been asked if we were brother and sister multiple times. We kind of look alike, but I maybe look a little younger, not to mention he’s way taller. We’ve been in a serious relationship for a long time, and I don’t think many people expected it out of people our age – we’ve been going on vacation together for years, etc. To make matters worse, his parents think of me as their other daughter, so his mom will sometimes ask me “well, what did your dad say about this?” meaning her husband. 

I so can’t wait to have to ring on my finger so I can just pointedly hold my hand out. 

On the flip side, Future Brother-In-Law and I were asked if I was his new wife. I feel bad but my reaction what “what?! oh NO!” 

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On my mom’s side (big Catholic family), they try to ignore stuff like co-habitation in favor of saying something they shouldn’t. But I remember in high school, my one cousin brought the same guy to like four weddings in two years and he was her “friend” the whole time. Even at 15 I knew something was up. They are married with two kids in AZ now.

Maybe he wasn’t taking a jab at you guys so much as trying to protect the possiblity that some of his co-workers might think poorly on co-habitation. I wouldn’t take it personally. Most parents of adults in relationships don’t know all the ins and outs of their kids relationships like they did when their kids were in school. And it could be an age thing… My step-mom called her best-friend’s boyfriend her “beau” for years before they got married. My step-mom thought “boyfriend” was insulting to a 40-something.

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And, Oh @lilyfaith, that’s like when I take my baby brother out to dinner and the waitress gives him the bill. EVERYTIME!

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The boys dad has called me by a male’s name for the last 9 months. Before that he never called me by my name but like once. But his dad really likes me so im not worried about it…too much lol

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Yeesh. I can never understand why people can’t just say “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” or even “significant other”!

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awww… I would be crying!  Our family goes the opposite way, mistakingly calling me their daughter… and introducing BF as my fiance.  Oh the confusion…

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I’m sorry, Honey.


@lilyfaith-my FI’s parents are the same way. It was so awkward the first time my Future Mother-In-Law asked me to call her mom. Most of the time I just call her Charlotte, but if I write an e-mail or something I feel more comfortalbe calling them mom or dad.

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