(Closed) Holidays bring out the worst in people…

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I agree. I will admit I am not perfect and sometimes get jealous over things that others have but not to the point I sit around and mope about it all day. And I do not feel entitled to anything and would NEVER have the nerve to be unappreciative of a gift that someone else gave me. Every gift is special to me because I truly believe it is the thought that counts and I love so much that people thought of me enough to even get me something. If I get what I want, then great! If I don’t, then I can say up and buy it for myself or just do without it!

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Well said. Holidays do increase the level of non-work-related stress, but sometimes they bring out the best in people too. You find out that some people are incorrigible greedypantses, but you also find out about people who are unexpectedly generous.

At work most of us have to look at everything as a zero-sum contest that we have to win… the worst is when people fail to switch their attitude, and try to “win” at holiday gatherings, travels, shopping etc. There are areas of life where you can only win by not looking at it as a contest at all.

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@MissTexasFire:  I completely agree! I did not get to spend Christmas with any of my family this year, and I was so jealous of people complaining about not getting the gift they wanted, or “having” to spend time with their family for a few days… My mother has passed away, and my father chose to spend the holidays trying to patch things up with his on-again/ off-again gf in another state. And now it sounds like I’m whining, and that’s not what I wanted to say; I just wanted to make the point that the best “gifts” are completely intangible and are priceless. I think if you are safe and happy for the holidays, you’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and if you can spend it with loved ones, then you’re already doing a lot better than so many other people out there. It’s not about the presents. 

In other news… You and I are car buddies! And it *is* a pretty spiffy car ๐Ÿ˜‰

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@MissTexasFire:  I completely agree. It’s the simple things we should be thankful and grateful for. At the end of the day, a lot of the things people worry and stress about don’t really matter. 

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Yeah that thread  going around Twitter about all the teenagers not getting what they wanted was a pretty sad commentary on society. 

And I seriously can’t thread jack by asking to SEE a pick of the spiffy car y’all are driving?  ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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There are a ton of selfish, ungreatful people in this world.  They can’t be happy with what they have, the rings they have, the proposal they get. 

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@MissTexasFire:  I agree with you. It has been annoying me too. . . I was raised somewhat like you were, although my parents were/are together. I definitely learned to appreciate the little things– even now, newly bought wrapping paper seems like a present in itself in a way, and I’m super careful about opening things so I don’t wreck the paper!

Here’s what I think about it all. . .

Our society is very materialistic. I think that’s where some of this stuff comes from. And I think that (here goes, uh-oh. . .) Weddingbee can encourage materialism in some ways. And I also think that few people who are happy about their holiday and content with whatever gifts they did recieve are posting about how their holiday was– negative stuff always gets more airtime, whether on the internet, in the news, and unfortunately often in conversations. I guess it’s human nature.

I also think that the waiting board in particular has been full of stressed, grumpy stuff for the last month, and now there are happy bees who are engaged, and VERY stressed out bees who expected something that didn’t happen, and those who are sick of all the drama. I’ve noticed a fair amount of grumpiness around here lately. The same goes for some of the other boards– holidays, just like weddings, do bring out the worst in a lot of people: among families, in person, as well as on here– I don’t think there’s any family that’s perfectly happy with everyone who’s a part of it, so there are always tensions and problems and, sometimes, misbehavior. Whenever families gather, there are people who don’t get along and different values and ways of behaving, and that is hard to have all in one place without someone getting pissed off. Which people need to vent about. . . and they come here. I did so about an unpleasant family issue; it’s wonderful to have a place where you can come and ask for advice to help you civilly deal with aggravating people or situations.

BUT there are limits, and sometimes complaining becomes too materialistic or spoiled. I truly don’t have any particular posts in mind– I haven’t seen any that I found offensive– but I know what you mean.


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I couldn’t agree more!  It makes me sad when I see others get so caught up in the “look what I have” part of Christmas.  My SO and I have and agreement – we do not buy Christmas gifts for each other (and we have easily been able to stick to that agreement 5 Christmas’s and counting).  Also, our group of friends stick to the “no friend gifts” rule, and both my side and his side of the family only allow “family” gift purchases (if you are going to buy a gift, it has to be for the entire family). 

The funny thing?  None of us feel like we are missing a thing.  Christmas is never a stressful time, and we are able to enjoy great company, food, and conversation.  Selfishness is rampant in society today, and it is incredibly ironic that it seems to rear its ugly head the highest during a holiday originating from unselfish acts.

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@MissTexasFire:  Mine is black, too! Except it has a tiny little spoiler on the back. I love my car, she’s beginning to show her age (the black part on the metal window frame is peeling…? and she has a dent… oh and the engine light won’t turn off even though I took the car in and everything is fine, it’s a malfunction:(…) but I swear I’ll drive her until she won’t run anymore.  

Haha, ok, sorry, back to the original programming… I guess this is related in the vein of being grateful for what we’ve got!

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@MissTexasFire:  I like your post this 



much. Happy New Year!

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