Holy drama! Need advice

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@orchidaloha: I would first ask the friend who relayed the crazy to you by phone to send it to you via email  – with dates, times, a list of who was present when crazy lady made the threats, the room where it happened (in a private office or “on the floor” where others can hear), etc..

I would immediately prepare a formal letter (via certified mail and email) to the HR mgr (can’t tell from posts if she is the only HR mgr or if there is someone above her). I think an email to a higher level HR mgr is better than the CEO because HR mgrs tend to take things like this more seriously. Do not cc her on the letter. I’d explain that the purpose of your letter is to file a formal complaint for harassment against the company and your former boss – start by outlining her BS from day one, cite it as being the reason that you quit, cite that you did not report it during employment because you were afraid of retaliation from her as evidence by past behavior with other employees, cite that you were forced to give short notice because the new employer required it, cite what an excellent employee you were and list in detail the specific problematic behavior of your ex boss and also include that the harassment has been ongoing after your departure.

In the states, we have errors and omissions complaints (E&O complaints) that you can file with the state against the person and/or the company – if you have these file an E&O as well. This will show up on her record for any new job she applies for regardless if she was found guilty or not! LOL.

I wouldn’t make the basis of your complaint about how she threatened your former coworkers because it’s technically heresy but I would strongly encourage your coworkers to file complaints against her on their own behalves since she is threatening their jobs – This will be good for your case. I’d still mention the threats because it’s still harassment and you can categorize the complaint as harassment that took place in the office while you were an active employee and ongoing harassment after you departure.

You can hire an attorney to help you at any point, but I would first get these complaints prepared and out the door fast. You can always supplement them later.

I would have zero communication with your former boss– directly or indirectly through messages relayed via coworkers. If she contacts you, ignore. This will help your case.

I would NOT notify your new employer right now. If she messes with your current job, it will actually help your case against her and if you file your complaint against the old boss ASAP and she calls your new job you can clearly show that you had a complaint filed against her before she made the call. Any legitimate employer would not fire an employee based on ranting of a former supervisor made after the employee quit but I would tread carefully on this b/c I recall that this is the employer that required those references from you so they may hold more weight to her opinions so I’d watch out for that.

Even if this pans out to me nothing (complaint gets dismissed) it is still worth it just to give her the huge hassle of explaining and dealing with it for a good long while. Hahaha.

Wow, this is so crazy…I wish my ex boss did this b/c I would have loved to nail her ass to the wall!


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Sorry for the long rant, this stuff really gets to me, lol

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