Home alone at night – power outage

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redwinetime :  I get that you can be scared. I always get a little more aware when I am home without my husband. If this had been my home and I had been worried it was a break in, I would have taken my dog and myself into a secure room where we store our home defense weapons and closed the door. From there I can arm myself as needed and check with the power company to confirm it is a power outage. 

Also, cue the bees who are going to chastise me for having guns in my home. Save your breath. I am experienced, keep them in a safe place, and they are solely for hunting and home defense. I feel safer that they are there. Get off your soap box. 

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You’re not dumb. I get like this with power outages at night. I don’t know why. I can’t sleep until the power is back on which is dumb because I don’t need lights or anything to sleep.

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hunting_bride :  

One of the best things I ever did for myself many years ago was take the Women’s Personal Protection course offered by the NRA.

My high horse is secured in the barn.

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redwinetime :  I feel you! My husband works night shifts and I’m home alone at night by myself a fair bit. We lived in shitville for a while too  with lots of dodgy people and a park a few doors up that was a thoroughfare to several connected streets that the undesirable people used to escape their dodgy behaviour ๐Ÿ˜ž We’ve moved to a nice suburb now but living in shitville has left a mark. I’m always assuming the worst!

I did something embarrassing the other night. I was sitting on my couch  around midnight with the light on when I heard a light squeaky sound from the security screen on my front door. It only makes that sound when touched by a person. I was freaking out thinking it was somebody casing the joint. (Which did happen to me in shitville) I was by myself so I pretended that hubby was home and said ‘Mr. Cmsgirl, wake up someone’s at our front door!’ I was silent and heard the sound again. So I was freaking even more because I could sense something was there and even my male cat who was sitting on the floor inside kind of got up and meowed at the door. I then shouted again pretending hubby was home and telling him to call the cops.

After that I heard another knock at the security screen and I heard my female cat start meowing! I realised she must of slipped out of the backdoor when I’d gone to quickly hang a wet tea towel on the line an hour before! My female cat must of seen the light, known I was there and wanted to come back inside. I felt so stupid but it was pretty funny! Lucky I didn’t call the local government drive around security service on my cat!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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redwinetime :  I don’t think you’re dumb.  My anxiety can go through the roof sometimes when I’m home alone overnight (with my kids). I have neighbors so the first thing I always do is see if the neighbors have power.  The porch lights or other light will go off, too.  Although ours has only went out for no apparent reason one time and I was home alone (on maternity leave) but it was during the day. 

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redwinetime :  It’s so easy to imagine the worst, especially if you’ve heard about it firsthand.  Our old neighbor told us some stories that make me paranoid, like their belief that another neighbor was watching his wife all the time.  I’ve met the guy since then (and gotten to know the others more) and between the two, I seriously doubt it, but I still feel a little weird walking around with my boobs out inside my house where there’s no chance he could see anyway.  I’m also paranoid about leaving things outside because the same neighbor told us some people a bit away are methheads.  But, like hunting_bride I am trained and have the tools I need to be safe at last resort.  If someone gets through my dog though, I’ll probably just murder them with my bare hands…

Anyway it’s easy to get carried away at night when you’re alone and something weird happens.  Leaving is probably safer than waiting around and freaking out.  Maybe next time just observe whether all the neighbors have lights or not as well before wasting your time tongue-out

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Better safe than sorry! You did the right thing.

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redwinetime :  when our power goes out I can go online on my phone and report the outage to the power company and also see how many customers affected. It’s reassuring to know it’s not just your house affected (and the bigger the outage usually the faster it’s fixed!)

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Having known that your friend was involved in a break in with power outage, I can understand being frightened and I don’t think you overreacted.

My power company sends me notices about power outages (via text and email) such as (power out at 123 Main Street, affecting 3426 customers, estimated to have power restored by 8:40am). Perhaps your power company offers the same and you can sign up for that? 

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Omg I feel you, I get unreasonably scared when Fiance is out of town too now! I’ve definitely panicked for nothing, you’re not alone ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I know it’s illogical, I lived alone for years before…

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I honestly never even thought/considered this. But thanks for the new anxiety! 


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Eh, I live in a place where power outages happen from time to time, so I’d just be annoyed that my ceiling fan had turned off. But I understand why you were frightened since you heard that story about your friend. 

My power company has a phone app that you can check to see if you’re affected by an outage. Maybe yours has something like that?

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India by think you’re dumb or dramatic. The last time I was home alone I spent the night at my in law’s. I just felt more comfortable with them then home alone at night

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