(Closed) Home Depot kitchen counter-top NIGHTMARE!

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It sucks, but this is pretty common with countertops, and cabinets, and pretty much anything else that isn’t bought straight off the shelves. My mom always said to budget twice as much time and twice as much money for home repairs and boy was she right! 

(nightmare: the sewer main backing up the day I went to closing on my first house, and the emergency plumber clearing a completely preventable blockage caused by the previous owner flushing disposable diapers, leaving sewer water sludge everywhere and hitting me with a $1200 bill…. )

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honie309:  I wouldn’t really consider having to wait 4 extra weeks for countertops a “nightmare.” It’s pretty standard that most home improvement projects are going to go over timeline and budget, no matter how much you plan. There are a million different factors that go into a kitchen project, and it’s best to just set expectations up front that you’ll be inconvenienced for a while.

I thought we might have a stray cat living in our crawlspace, so I called a company to come install a door over the opening. They found $30,000 worth of foundation issues. Basically our basement wall is caving outwards into the crawl space. We have to have our deck torn off, our finished basement, laundry room, and bathroom torn apart and then redone after the foundation work is finished. I would consider that a semi-nightmare, but we have an emergency fund, so it’s just one of the things that comes along with owning a home…

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Ugh, what a pain!  Totally not as nerve wracking as not being able to use your kitchen, but last year around this time, or probably a little earlier, we ordered a patio set from HD’s website.  It wasn’t until the order had been placed were we told it was on back order.  The expected arrival date kept coming and going with no contact from HD, and every time we contacted HD to ask why it wasn’t here yet it would be pushed back again.  I think we finally got it at the end of August or early September.  And it promptly rusted.  Grr.

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honie309:  I had a friend who was an Assistant manager at home depot, for the department that kitchens fall under. She told me that on average their kitchens always take longer than you think.in fact, she told me that if we were to redo our kitchen with home depot product to plan like 5 months for a complete remodel.  I think its hard when you are essentially a supplier and have no control but why wouldnt you over estimate time and impress people than piss them off like that!

I do know that they have a fantastic customer service policy. Try contacting the store manager where you ordered, explain the issue and see what they will do. if they choose to do noithing, go online find the customer service number for headoffice and complain through them. they are forced to rectify the situation at that point or they catch hell from head office. If nothing, maybe you can get some money back, or a giftcard of some kind.

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honie309:  Not from them but from Lowes HUGE NIGHTMARE! My dishwasher and dryer went out.  Bought both from Lowes getting a discount since buying 2 appliance. 

1st problem) Never contacted us when said appliances were scheduled to be delivered until my Darling Husband basically said you will have those appliances in my house and installed by such n such a date or we will be cancelling the order.

2nd problem) appliances finally delivered but wont get installed until the next day. Had a new dryer and dishwasher sitting in walkways.

3rd problem) dishwasher we purchased won’t work because it is a closed bottom (never heard of this until then) we need an open bottom dishwasher.  Dryer installed but now dishwasher sitting in the middle of my kitchen still in a box.

4th problem) went back to Lowes because of extended warranity we have to have the 2 appliances. Get a new dishwasher, we talked to manager he was to exchange the dishwashers price wise and give us a discount.

5th problem) installers came to install dishwasher at really bad time but made it work

6th problem) Lowes has not refunded/discounted my DH’s CC so we were charged for the more expensive wrong dishwasher still. 

NEVER AGAIN will we be purchasing from them

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It really irritate if nothing goes on time, special with home remodelling and renovation. It feels good if everything comes out fine if not then again wait for making it proper. I like DIY home improvement ideas.

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Super annoying, for sure, but not surprising.  We got countertops from a guy with a small business, and they ended up being super late too.  He brought them on time, but they had the wrong edge, then the edge was on backorder, and it was almost 2 months later that we finally got them in.  Luckily we had him rip out the old ones when he did them so we weren’t without a kitched in the meantime.

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honie309:  The problem with home depot installation and custom services is that they subcontract that work out to local vendors/contractors and they don’t actually do it themselves with inhouse workers. At that point, you are kind of at the mercy of whoever it is they hire to do it and some of their subcontractors are better than others.

We had home depot install our granite when we redid our kitchen and they were on time and everything turned out perfectly. If you look online though its a mixed bag of reviews and a lot of that has to do with the companies they subcontract out to.

Unfortunately these are the not so joyous parts of being a homeowner. Renovations and home improvement projects rarely turn out the way you hope. Issues arise when you start opening walls and doing any kind of construction whether it be electrical, plumbing, or even something just cosmetic. Budgets and timelines are blown out. It’s just the way it is unfortunately.

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We have done two kitchens using HD cabinets. They often have 20% off promotions. We did the installs ourselves.

The first time they “forgot” two of them, so we have to drive all the way across the city to the only store that had the ones we needed that were not damaged. I was a little upset they tried to give us the dented up ones they had on the floor. Who wants those?

The second time they did a great job. My husband made a mistake in measuring and needed to make a change the day after ordering. We were able to make the change and simply pay the difference. There was some sort of issue where my husband was told my come in and meet with the cabinet guy, but that guy ended up taking off for lunch or something, so HD gave us another 5% off.

Both times we got great cabinets for a amazing price. We are going to build a home and have been touring many builders’ models and everytime I notice how much better our cabinets are quality wise than the bilders “upgraded, custom cabinets.”

Our countertops were picked out, measured, cut, and installed within two weeks. We have a great countertop guy. I’m sorry it took 10 weeks for you. If you went without a kitchen for 10 weeks, I can’t imagine how you did it.

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