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I bought a huge bin from Home Outfitters for laundry. It has a divider in the middle and is about 4’x2’x3′ (so a large rectangle). They had a ton of them with different colored fabric to match your decor. It has a big flap that you can swing over the whole thing to cover it up, or just leave hanging to throw your clothes in. It’s really handy when guests come over because if I have unfinished laundry piled up I can hide it in there and my laundry room still looks nice 🙂 It was like $34.00

Fiance has a bad habit of throwing things everywhere, so I’ve started purchasing items that can off set this and make the house look organized. One example is a mail holder that I bought from Urban Barn. It was $12.00 on sale. It’s pretty much a mirrored rectangle that sits about 9 inches high and 3 inches wide and we just chuck our mail in there until it’s time to sort, and it’s pretty 🙂 Also, I have some really nice faux leather bins for above cupboards for him to throw stuff in. If he’s going to be disorganized might as well look nice!

Edit: I sort through everything at least one sunday a month. If we don’t get our sorting done than Fiance and I aren’t allowed to purchase alcohol, which is almost every weekend or two. lol. Make some incentives that work for you and stick to them!

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The best I’ve seen is my Mom’s ability to organize my youngest sister. She has massive amounts of stuff, so there are bins and whatnot.

There is one of those large square 3×3 with the pullout drawers. I cropped a pic with them in it.



EDIT: Also, the hanging drawers, separate laundry bins and toy bins and whatnot. It helps to keep things sorted.

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I live in a teeeeeny tiny space, and the best organization tool with which I am familiar is the trash bin.  The less stuff you have, the easier it is to keep track of and the less time you need spend picking it up. 

We cull our closets ruthlessly once a year, and go through file cabinets about every six months.  Mail gets sorted as soon as it’s delivered and anything that isn’t a bill is trashed.  Magazines are tossed once a month or placed in storage binders.  We also try very hard to dispose of one old thing for every new item we buy.  Sometimes that doesn’t quite work out, but it keeps us from purchasing stuff for the sake of stuff.

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I use organizational bins. They are organized inside too. Bills to be paid monthly and imortant forms are put in there in a hanging file system inside the bins. I have more bins than these, these were when I first moved, but now there are quite a few. A label maker is also a good thing. Once you get things in order, you won’t want to mess up the system…but this is coming from a woman with the garage tool holder labeled with an inside broom and an outside broom.LMAO

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Stackable cabinets fill our closets! Under the bed containers are awesome. I have canvas containers that i keep all our important papers in and i got a shredder last month to dispose of all the unnecessary stuff we don’t need to have piled up!

Also i assigned one bedroom to my messy husband. I filled it with all his stuff – office clothes etc. So know he can throw things around and it wont interfere with my space. I can’t stand the chaos of it lol I go in every couple days and tidy up. 

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We have a box in the floor of our closet.  Instead of doing a big “clean out the closet” project, we just put things in the box as we run across them.  Every couple of months we purge a box or two!

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Not sure if you read Young House Love, but they have some great tips on organization in their projects section. I read through all of it about 6 weeks ago and have spent my time since then organizing our house (culminating with 9 hours completely reorganizing/cleaning out our office, which had become wedding central, earlier this week). It feels SO MUCH BETTER! I love their philosophy of “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” It sounds so straightforward, but I was NOT accomplishing it before and now I am. Check it out: http://www.younghouselove.com/how-to/#organizationoptions

This is embarassing, but our office went from this (post-wedding and part way through the organizing process, so not a true “before” pic):

To this (after). Now it looks too sparse and I’m planning some serious accessorizing!:

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@hergreenapples: OMG i looove them ….. They are ruthless.  I’m trying to be more like them! they do have some clever ideas on keeping tidy & organized

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Ditto on Young House Love — awesome blog.  Fly Lady can also have some good tips for the kitchen.  Also, I find if the laundry is overflowing, it may be time for a good closet clean out.  Do you really NEED all of those clothes?  Fewer, high quality clothing items seems to be the best solution for us.  We wear it, wash it and wear again.  There’s no time/opportunity for big pile-ups.   

And with the holidays around the corner, now is an EXCELLENT time to purge all of the unworn clothing, shoes & accessories as well as household stuff (half-burned candles, unwatched DVDs, old books you’ll never reread) to make room for the new items that will be coming in very soon!

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I just found this blog on organization today actually!  http://ariannabelle.blogspot.com/

I bought a file box that has been amazing at helping me keep up with papers.  It’s pretty small and was only $10 at Office Depot at back to school time.  It’s a plastic tub, not the cardboard box kind. 

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@teaadntoast: Exactly what I was going to say.

Get rid of crap before you start storing it!

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Honey bee

I love love love younghouselove!

@crebre80: I find reasonably priced totes at target, christmas tree shops (not sure if they are in your area?), home goods, and once in a while at walmart. I am also a big fan of baskets for storage. You can throw a bunch of crap in there but it still looks neat and organized.

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