Honeymoon 6+ months after the wedding. A mistake?

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We got married a month ago. We won’t be having a honeymoon yet for several months due to a variety of reasons. I don’t see a problem with it. It will still be a special trip none the less. 

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can you do a minimoon for a few days after your wedding and then have your big honeymoon when the time is right for you?

i went on my honeymoon right after the wedding, it was 2 weeks touring italy.  we’d already been living together for almost 2 years and had been on a number of vacations.  though going to italy was a big trip and for longer than we are used to.  it didn’t feel any more magical than another trip.  i think the magic was that we were in italy. we’ve been on vacations together since.  the next time we’ll probably feel that “honeymoon magic” is for another big trip when we go to spain or new zealand. 

you make the trip, not the timing.

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We took our honeymoon 6 months after our wedding for several reasons, mainly our work schedules. It was still incredibly special and wonderful. However, we also didn’t go back to work the Monday after our wedding. We needed some time to relax and decompress. So we took a couple days off then, but had the actual honeymoon 6 months later. It also gave us extra time to plan. I couldn’t imagine the stress of trying to plan our honeymoon and wedding at the same time. I would’ve gone nuts! 

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mtlgirl :  Your English is much better than mine! We will not have a honeymoon because of work commitment. I am sad over it, I am ashamed I cried because of it. But since there is nothing to be done, why be upset any more? We will go on a holiday later maybe in spring. Then it will be a holiday. For me the honeymoon is very soon after marriage. It’s to help with the first weeks of marriage. If not, its a holiday. 

A good thing about is the money. You can save up for it. And you can really take the time to plan it. I am insane with wedding plans now. I could not plan a honeymoon right now and do the job like I want to. Are you like me? I like to have everything very well planned. A third good thing is that you have something nice to look on to. Some friends, trying to comfort me, said it can be a let down when you come home from honeymoon and theres nothing else yet to happen. This way there is still some excitement saved.

Looking at the bright side, I am not so upset. Also, I’m grateful. My mother married in Romania under a dictator, there was no special trip or a party, nor did they dream of it. 

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We got married in May and went back to work 2 days after the wedding (schedule just worked out like that). We will be taking our honeymoon later this month! So about 3 months after our wedding.

I don’t regret it at all – having the honeymoon to look forward to has been really nice, and I know I’ll be much more relaxed during it. The week after my wedding I was honestly still pretty wired and not able to sleep much – I think I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate our amazing trip to Greece as much cause I would have still been in wired-zombie state lol. 

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Can you fit in a minimoon? We took a minimoon after our wedding because I didn’t have time off work for a honeymoon. It feels like me that our next vacation is going to feel more like a trip than a honeymoon. (It’ll end up being about 6 months after the wedding.) I’m really glad that we took the minimoon. We spent 4 nights in Vegas for our minimoon. 

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mtlgirl :  We got married in September 2016 and went on our honeymoon in January 2017, so 4 months later. Our main reason for this was hurricane season/we like to go away to warm climates when it’s freezing at home. It was still an incredibly special trip!

Just a note – we got married on a Friday and we both took the following week off to decompress. We did go on a “mini-moon” (~3 hour drive from our house) which as also a lot of fun!

We had a particularly difficult time almost immediately after our wedding. My uncle, who we were both very close to, passed away unexpectedly 10 days after our wedding. Had we been away, it would have been awful. It was nice to have something to look forward to after dealing with such a difficult time. It was hard going from the highest of highs after getting married to the lowest of lows! 

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  • Wedding: October 2016

We took our honeymoon 2 months after the wedding, although we did take 2 days off after the wedding for a tiny “mini-moon” to decompress (and travel back home, across the country). Our honeymoon was still super special, we had something else to look forward to, and we had more time to plan it because we planned our itinerary after the wedding and all its related stress was over!

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Busy bee

We did a fast-paced Europe trip right after the wedding and I wish we just stayed at our B and B for a few extra nights instead. Four months later we went to a resort and that felt more like a honeymoon than our actual honeymoon. It was super relaxing and we had that smitten, love bird feel that we didn’t get in Europe since everything was go go go. It was really rushed in my opinion and not the most romantic trip. I agree with the other posters to take an extra day or two and do a mini moon to decompress and then do your actual honeymoon later. 

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mtlgirl :  We did the honeymoon several months after. TBH, while it was lovely and we had a great time, it felt like a trip not a honeymoon. It was still special- but I felt like we’d been married forever (happily) so it didn’t have a newlywed vibe to it. And going back to work a few days after the wedding felt rather odd and somewhat jarring. In all honesty I’m a little jealous of friends of ours who went on a honeymoon a few days after the wedding. 

It’s not a major thing to me & still a lovely trip- so if postponing makes sense for your schedules, so be it. But if you *can* work it out to go after you get married, I’d recommend it. 

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Sugar bee

We are taking a mini-moon locally right after our wedding so that we can rest and decompress, and then doing a longer trip to South America 6 months later. I think it will actually be better because it will give us something to look forward to once the wedding is over, rather than everything being all over and done with. It will also give us a chance to focus on planning the trip rather than it just feeling like one more added stressor! 

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We got married in November, had our wedding celebration/reception in April and will be leaving for our honeymoon in 8 days (yay!). While sometimes it does feel like “just” another vacation rather than a honeymoon, I’m not letting that dilute my excitement. This is the first time we’re doing something new and going to a country Darling Husband hasn’t been to, so it is something very special. Due to our schedules, this is the way we were able to make things work and that’s okay. While not ideal, I know that in 20 years I can look back and know that I had the most amazing honeymoon ever, no matter when it happened (or so I hope 🙂 ). So, I would say if it makes things easier, or that’s the best way you can make it work, don’t waste another minute worrying about it! 


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We delayed a little over a year. We were married in May 2016, and our ‘honeymoon” is in 2 weeks. We had a commitment right after the wedding, and actually spent a week right after the wedding with DHs family at a lake house. 

It doesn’t really feel like we are going on a honeymoon at this point. We are really excited, and it will be great to have some alone time (we have 2 kids under 4).

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I’m getting married at the end of the month, and for a number of reasons, we won’t be going on our honeymoon until November. However, we will be having a mini-moon right after our wedding in the Pocono mountains about 3 hours away from us.

We’re both really happy we did it this way because we’ll have more time to plan and save up for our actual honeymoon, but we’ll still be able to experience that post-wedding high and just relax with each other at a resort where we’ve always wanted to stay but couldn’t justify the cost of staying there before. We’re getting married on a Friday, will be checking into the resort the next day and will stay until Tuesday. Maybe you can do something similar, even if it’s just a couple of days at a nearby B&B or something?

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