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@Cassie013:  I love cruises, and have been on several! To answer your questions: YES you absolutely need a passport!! You cannot board the cruise ship without one. 

Some of the excursions are definitely worth it. Fiance and I have done many excursions. They are pricey, but when it comes to cruises I like to book excursions through the cruise company because if you are running late getting back to the ship with your excursion company, the ship will wait for you. We enjoy snorkeling excursions, usually ones that take you on a catamaran or some kind of boat ride to a specific snorkel spot. We also did a cave tubing excursion in Belize which was amazing. 

Definitely take the earlier flight, you do not want to miss the boat! Also, I like to get to the port as early as possible to get in line and take care of all of the administrative stuff (checking in, getting your room key, etc) and get it out of the way. That way you can get onboard and enjoy lunch and usually get into your room and unpack and begin your vacation. 

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, I would go to Target or Walmart and buy a motion sickness medicine called Bonine. I found out I got seasick on the first cruise Fiance and I went on, and spent the first night of our vacation together with my head in the toilet. Bonine is cheap in Target or Walmart or any other pharmacy, just ask the pharmacist for it (I’m pretty sure they keep it behind the counter, but you don’t need a prescription). It is probably $4/box. You’ll only need one pill a day, but get enough for both of you, just in case. The price of this medicine is double onboard the ship. 


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@Cassie013:  i dont know about passports because i haven’t been out of florida in ages and you need them in europe obvi.

I do personally love the excursions (the ones where you take a ferry somewhere not the activities). So I would say it depends on what you pick as far as deciding what is worth it.

I always go early. you can chill in your room or walk around and dont have to wait in too long of a line.

You’ll have so much fun!

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Our honeymoon will be our second cruise! You will need a passport. We generally do one or two excursions. I LOVED snorkeling in the Bahamas! But mostly we walked around the ports!

Also, you’re each allowed to bring two bottles of wine with you. Do it! booze on-ship is CRAZY expensive!

Also, the drinks on shore are VERY affordable and VERY strong!

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We cruised the Caribbean out of Miami last year. If you are flying into Miami there is no way that I would choose a same day flight. We stayed in Miami the night before just for peace of mind.

Some shore excursions organised through the ship were fantastic, however some excursions you can organise yourself through a private company. If you are attending an excursion organised through the ship and something goes wrong that means you miss the ship, the company will fly or sail you to the next port. However, if you are on a private excursion and something goes wrong you are responsible for getting to the next port which can be very costly. The ship will not wait.

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1. We are sailing out out Miami and are returning to Miami do we need passports?? We thought for sure we did and were going to get them next week but then I read that you do not if you are returning to the same port that you left. Any help would be greatly helpful

No you do not need a passport because your on a closed loop cruise but it’s suggested you have one in case anything would happen and you’d miss the ship at a port. We went on a closed loop cruise but still took passports.


2. The excursions are they worth it? I saw alot of snorkeling and horseback riding and so on

Some are, others are definitely not. Research the port a little and see what beaches and shopping are nearby first. We bought an excursion in Florida to Disney World because a cab would have been expensive to drive us an hour each way but the cruise line provided busses and the tickets. If you want to tour the city, go to the beach or shop save your money and just hop in a cab. They line up at the ports and usually only cost $5 to take you anywhere you want to go.


3. How far in advance of sail times are you supposed to arrive? We are flying to miami and there are pretty much 2 options really early (9am) or around 2 pm to land with a sail time of 4 pm is the 2 pm too late???

We arrived 3 hours before the cut off arrival time and we were shocked to see everyone was already checked in, drinking, eating and in the pool by the time we got on and started looking for our room. As early as you can get there the better… you do ‘pay’ for the first day cruising might as well get your money worth!


4. Any other advice?? 

ENJOY IT! Theres so much to do and they give you info every night about the next days activities so try to relax but catch a show, have dinner in the formal dinning room, order room service, have a drink, go to the comedy club, sit by the pool, go down a waterslide (they are awesome!)… ect. I regret not doing the formal tea on our honeymoon but we snuck almost everything else in, even breakfast in the main dinning room which was lovely, we had room service and ate on our balcony everyday before that except when we hit a hurricane on our 3rd day. =)

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1) As long as  you are leaving from a US port and returning to a US port, you don’t NEED a passport. A birth cert and driver’s license will work BUT a passport is preferred. We cruise annually..with our passports.


2) Yes, excursions are where it’s at but NOT ar cruise ship prices. You can find more info on that at cruisecritic.com. you can research your own cruise roll call, departure and arrival ports as well. I have never booked a cruise excursion; I’ve always booked my own and saved a ton of cash. These independant vendors RELY on your word of mouth and their reputation to succeed. Do your research, find someone with good reivews and enjoy!

3 & 4) Do NOT plan to fly in the morning of your sail date. Fly in the day before and purchase and sleep/cruise/park package. Booking your flight for the same sail date is not a wise move. But..check out cruisecritic.com. You’ll find what you need there.

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1) Bring you passport just in case; if you have a passport card, that’s all that’s needed since its good for cruising and land entries (Canada/Mexico)

Your information didn’t include anything about any stops on other islands but regardless, bring it on the safe side. We needed our passports to check in for the cruise.

2) Excursions can be worth it. Do your own personal research prior to booking them. The best part is that most of the excursions can be booked after you embark on the cruise so you have no pressure to book now. Darling Husband and I like going off and doing our own thing. A lot of the snorkeling excursions are operated by local companies near the docking point so in my experience, any excursion that’s nearby isn’t worth going through the cruise markup. Also for us, we don’t like the ones that advertise taking us to a resort to relax and lay on the beach for hours. That just doesn’t make sense! We’re usually laying out and relaxing on the boat; we love to explore when we’re at port.

3) Please take the earlier flight. it is perfect! Usually they’ll start check in time around 11-noon for a 4-5 sailing time. Miami is a pretty large airport so by the time you get your luggage and get to the dock area it should put you close to 1030-11. We got in around 7am for our cruise and lounged around and explored the area prior.

4) Make sure you have a carry tote filled with a change of swim suit or a book with you. When you check in for the cruise they offer for the porters to take your luggage to your cabin. When we got onto the cruise around 1PM the cabins weren’t completely ready yet so everyone and their mom’s were in the public area. If you want to eat; head to the buffet earlier since the tables go FAST. Same with staking out a beach chair or laying out. We had been up since the night before with the redeye and having to wait an extra 2 hours for our cabins = cranky Mr. and Mrs. Porkchops!

Bring a reusable tote to breakfast; grab extra bread and baguettes with you. Bring them to your snorkeling excursions in a plastic bag to attract the fish to you. If you plan on doing any water activities, underwater cameras are a must!!!

Most cruises have a fine dining option; check out that menu and book your dinners ahead of time – those reservations tend to fill up fast! Call your cruise line to make sure your regular dinner table is a 2 top. If you don’t request that occasionally they will put you at a large group table. If you tell them its for a special occasion, usually they’ll seat you at a better more secluded area with a window.

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