(Closed) Honeymoon Cruise! Any Tips??

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1. Check out cruisecritic.com boards for tips and tricks and reviews.  ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Book at least one night in the fancy upsell restaurant (usually an extra $20-50 per person); we ate at least 7 courses European style on Versace plates.

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Best advice: Make the most of it! It ends way too soon!

Lots of sunblock, swimming suits, money (drinks and pop is terribly expensive). Make sure you take all your medications and enough medications because you won’t be able to get them anywhere else. Also take someone for sea sickness just to be sure because they will not treat anyone that is just a little sea sick.

Bathrooms are small, even in a balcony room, so I brought an over the door shoe hanger and put all my cosmetic junk in there. including my straightener.

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Lots of research on cruise critic – rather than book excursion through the cruise line, try to book privately as you generally get better valued excursions.

Which cruise line are you going on?

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Here are some tips on what to pack… there was a similar thread recently.

Bring plenty of sunscreen and toiletries! They are obscenely expensive to purchase onboard.  Lots of lounge clothes or very casual sundresses – during the day you won’t be dressing up, just something to throw on over your bathing suit.

Dress shoes for dress-up nights (if your cruise has them), but amke sure the heels aren’t too high – can be tricky on a cruise if you are in rough water!

Lots of lingerie! I went on a cruise with an ex-BF and we spent a lot of time in the room ๐Ÿ˜‰

A nice digital camera! Also a waterproof camera (disposable or digital) if you spend time snorkeling. Lots of memory cards and make sure you bring extra batteries. Again, they are super expensive on board.

Watershoes if you want them for the beach. Books to read (or a kindle). Its so hard to read or use an Ipad in the sun, so that’s pretty useless!

Crossbody purse for when you are in port (easy for excursions & less likely to be stolen). Small clutch for dinner on board.

Bathing suits – 3+. Nothing of mine dried well because everything is humid in the Caribbean! I hate putting on a wet suit. And a lot of times we would go swimming on deck, change, and then go in the hot tub at night, and then want to wear a dry one the next day.  So that’s 3 suits in 2 days.  

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LOVE Cruising !!

Lol, we ourselves have just returned from a Honeymoon Cruise… as an oldtimer (I’m over 50) and someone who LOVES to travel, and does so a lot… I have to say that I don’t believe there is a better vacation value for Honeymooning so as to maximize one’s ability to partake of pampering, sightseeing, adventures and R&R… not to mention great food & wine, entertainment etc.

1- As others have said, check out Cruise Critic (the sister website to TripAdvisor)… you’ll find incredible info and advice there for every possible thing you can imagine about cruising.  (And if you sign up for the Roll Call for your Ship / Cruise you’ll meet a lot of other folks BEFORE you go… and hear about some great ways to save money, share excursions, taxis etc)

2- Read your cruise agreement so you know all the technical ins and outs that are in your contract (be sure and buy Travel Insurance, and Medical Insurance if you need extra coverage)

3- Check out your Cruise Line’s Website to see if they have any BEFORE YOU CRUISE valuable info (ie what to pack, if there are formal nights, dress codes etc)

4- Check the Cruise Line Website to see if there are any “packages” that can be purchased to save you money (ie Onboard Beverage Packages, Wine Packages, Special Dining Packages, Excursion Packages, Spa Specials, etc).  As others have said when it comes to cruising it is the “extras” that can add up quickly.  We typically say that in every cabin there is the “invisible person” for whom you’ll be paying an additional cruise fare for (so whatever your individual fare is, figure on spending that amount for the two of you to have a great time onboard & ashore… example my most recent cruise cost $ 1000 per person, and we spent about $ 1000 on extras)

5- Tell EVERYONE it is your Honeymoon (Hotels, Cruise Line, Restaurants etc) there are many FREE Perks & Upgrades to be had both on the ship and off.

Hope this helps,


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@MrsUNClover:  I went on a Princess cruise and it was sponsered by cocacola… as we were just walking on the ship cheaking in and getting our pics taken for our passes there was a lady selling a sticker that would go on your card for 20 dollars and said it would cover drinks for the whole 10 days… it was the best 20 dollars I had ever spent!!! At the end of the trip other people that we had gone with had a bill of over 100 dollars for drinks throughout the 10 days, and all mine were waived. Not sure which line you are going on.

Be sure NOT to look at the scale for at least a month after… I gained 12lbs. lol sick! But well worth it. Remember everyone needs to be tipped out. We almost didn’t have enough cash. Be sure NOT to sit in your room the whole time. There are LOTS of activities to do on any line!!! Make friends, and take LOTS of pictures of you two TOGETHER! The worst is when you come home and look over your picture and there are only a handfull of you two together and the rest are just you or your Fiance. Ooo. Also make sure when booking it that you meantion it is for your honeymood. Our line gave a bottle of champagne for newlyweds and for anniversaries. I went for my graduation, and they had decorated my room door and had chocolate dipped strawberrys as a “Way to Graduate”. =) Have fun!!!

Oh wait!! One more thing! Bring all the first aide things you can think of especially motion sickness pills. You do NOT want to know how much going to see the “doctor” while out at sea costs!

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@MrsUNClover:  You’ll love it!  After all this wedding planning, it will be SO relaxing.  All you have to do is set foot on that ship, and you’re done.  No worrying about where to eat, no worrying about transportation, no dishes, no making your own bed. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

My tips:

– There aren’t many outlets, so make the most of those you have (extension cords are forbidden, as are irons, hot pots, and other heating elements).

– Bring a highlighter.  I know it’s silly, but it helps to mark up the schedule of activities that you might want to attend.

– On Carnival, you can bring aboard a limited amount of Soda and wine.  Do it. ๐Ÿ™‚  Saves you moolah.

– Embrace the kitch!  Yes, there will be photographers stopping you.  Yes, there will be calypso music.  Yes, there will be tourist traps in port.  Just roll with it.  It’s vacation!  Laugh at everything and have FUN!

– If you don’t like your table mates, ask the Maitre D to switch tables.  Really.  Not worth uncomfortable meals or skipping nice dinner just to avoid them.  Dinner should be full of laughter and conversation.

– Order what you want.  All of it.  You can lose those 5 pounds when you have to cook for yourself.

– When I say order what you want, I’m really referring to the Chocolate Melting Cake.  Order it.  Order two.  Order an extra for me and smuggle it home.

– Be kind to the staff.  They work extra long days, and get abused by some passengers.  They are from interesting places, and if you take a second to chat with them it can be really interesting.  Also, the most fun I’ve had on cruises are the ones where I’ve formed a bond with my waiter or my room steward.


I’m jealous!  We love cruising.  We’re trying out an all-inclusive for our honeymoon, but we’ll cruise again in the future for sure!

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Find your roll call on Cruise Critic. You can meet other people who will be sailing with you!!

Don’t overpack. You don’t need 10 pairs of shoes or 2 outfits a day. I find that I live in a bathing suit and cover up/sundress most of the time. Stow your luggage under your bed and put dirty clothes in there for extra space. 

Liquor and beer are $$$$$. There’s tips on that on Cruise Critic.

Don’t miss the hairy chest contest; it’s always a laugh!!

LOVE Carnival and LOVE cruising! Happy sailing!


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@MrsUNClover:  The photographers will take your photo for free.  Then they’re put up for “review” in a little store area.  You can take a look at your photos and decide whether to purchase them in a variety of sizes.  They are a bit expensive… but it is nice to be able to see them in advance and purchase your favorite.  Even the ones they take on the first night will be available later, so don’t feel rushed into purchasing one.  I’ve purchased Formal Night photos on a cruise before, but not many others.  You’ll see some people/families taking photos that will likely serve as their annual family portrait.

Oh- one more piece of advice!  Bring some one dollar bills!  Room service is included, but it is nice to give a dollar or two tip for the delivery.  I highly recommend a morning order of bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese, and coffee.   Other gratuities are included in the charge they add to your room ($10/day per person, which is a bargain for 3 meals and 2 room cleanings, plus everything else!).  If you love your room steward or waiter, you can tip them a bit extra at the end.

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I’ve been on 10 cruises and 8 of them were out of Galveston. Cruise Critic is invaluable.

#1 tip- get their earlier than the scheduled time to board the ship. Unless there is a delay (my last cruise was delayed 8 hours getting off due to immigration issues, it was NOT FUN) they will let you start boarding earlier than the time they say. You’ll have to haul your carry on’s with you until they let you in the cabin but it’s worth it to get on board early and relax. You can even wear your swim suit under your clothes and start working on your tan.

In genearl the boarding and debarking procedures suck. It’s not fun at all to stand in line and wait and wait. I think of it as a necessary evil, although after the last time, not getting to debark until nearly 10 pm and having to work the next day in the DFW area, I swore I’d never cruise again. I will, though, already anticipating NCL & Princesses move to the Houston terminal!

Oh and one last thing, my favorite breakfast is room service coffee & croisants on my balcony!

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