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Sugar bee

That’s considerably more epic than ours, but our travel agent booked all of our accommodations in my maiden name, so everywhere we went, we were Mr. and Mrs. My Maiden Last Name. My Darling Husband didn’t love that, ha. I also bought a very nice purse on the first day of our honeymoon and managed to ruin it by the third day, which meant that a good chunk of our trip was devoted to me alternately mourning the loss of my bag like it was a living thing and trying to fix it. We still had the time of our lives and the bag has since been fixed by the designer, so no real harm done.

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Helper bee

We woke up the morning we were supposed to leave and our mountain cabin had been hammered with about 10 inches of snow (on November 1st). We heard that roads were closed, our cable and wifi went out, and we frantically contacted the owner to see if we might be able to stay longer. The owner thankfully said yes and we decided to wait and see how the roads looked later on.

About an hour later, the cleaning crew came barging through the front door unannounced, expecting an empty cabin. They looked at us like we were nuts and said the roads were perfectly fine. We decided to brave it and leave, and once we drove down a few hundred feet of white-knuckled, curvy, snowy mountain roads, there wasn’t so much as a flake on the ground in the town below.

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… where do I start

We stayed 10 nights at a luxury all inclusive in Cancun (Live Aqua).  We had stayed once before and were so excited.

Day one: we get to the room around noon.  We are so tired because of red-eye, and try to take a nap but they’re doing construction upstairs.  Not the entire floor upstairs, JUST above our room.  Also, the bathroom toilet won’t stop flushing.. it’s just a perpetual “WOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHSHHHH” sound that’s surprisingly loud and obviously disturbing since its such a waste of water.

We call and ask someone to fix the toilet and ask what time the construction will start the next morning, afraid that it’ll really disturb our trip.

They say the construction won’t start until 10am the next morning, and send someone up. 

The handyman works on the toilet for 20 minutes or so, announces “ITS FIXED” and leaves.  The toilet is the exact same.

We go to the pool, its lovely, the food is lovely, the drinks are lovely.  We go take a shower before dinner and the shower door for some reason doesn’t actually block water–we essentially flood the bathroom floor.  We’d assume it was a design flaw but since we’ve stayed here before we know its just that one shower door.

That night, starting around 11:30pm, our neighbors (in the adjoining room–for some reason all of the rooms seem to be adjoining to 1 other room), get into a fight.  They are 3 girls, from the sound of it, maybe 4.. and one of them is very upset.  Something about the other girls being judgy bitches?  Anyway, they’re screaming at each other housewives of atlanta style and we call security.  Security arrives around midnight, talks to them, and they spend the rest of the night (until maybe 3am?) whisper fighting, then the one who is very upset will start to scream again, then the other girls go “SHHHHHHHHH!! BE QUIET” really loud, and the cycle repeats over and over..

The next morning, construction starts at 8:30 am.

Well, I complain on FB and tag the resort, they FB message me and put us up to the 9th floor so we won’t have anyone above us and sent us (reaaally cheap) champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and a rose petal bubble bath to make up for it.  DH and I are like.. Ok, NBD, 9 nights in this room will totally make up for the 1 night in the shitty one.  The view is way better, the toilet and shower doors work, cool.

We have a pretty good day, on day 2.

On day 3, we’re supposed to go snorkeling to see an underwater museum, but Darling Husband is sick.  I call to try and cancel but it’s no refunds.. so we just no-show and forfeit the $75 we paid.  We figure $75 is worth not getting more sick and ruining the rest of our honeymoon.

He’s sick all day, so we don’t do much, just hang around the room and maybe we went to the pool briefly.

On day 4.. he’s way more sick, and I get travellers sickness.  I’ve actually never had um.. intestinal problems.. this bad before in my life.  I can’t say more without it getting graphic, it just was.. astounding.

I do not get better at all, for the rest of the trip.  DH improves somewhat, but is still under the weather the whole time.  We spend the entire rest of the trip not drinking at all, despite the all inclusive top shelf drinks.  We can’t eat at the nice restaurants because I can’t eat anything other than rice/bread/pasta (trust me I tried.. it was.. painful).  

We do get 2 days of fun:

One day, we had a zipline/snorkel/rappel adventure thing booked and I refused to miss it so I took a bunch of immodium.  I still felt not so great, but I was able to go the whole day without misshap.

The other, we had a spa day booked and again I took a bunch of immodium.

I guess I should/could have taken immodium every day, but the container said not to take daily.

(**It wasn’t actually immodium, it was a similar thing but with a different brand name and maybe a different active ingredient sold at the resort gift shop.. no idea if you can take immodium every day.)

The DAY we got back, all my tummy issues magically dissapeared 100%.

Unfortunately, it seems they magically transfered to Darling Husband because he had intestinal issues for the week after we got back, just to ice the cake that was our honeymoon.

lol.. so yeah.  Our honeymoon was pretty bad, but we laughed about it even as it was happening, even if we were both bummed.  I really wish I hadn’t forgotten to pack all those card games we’d purchased for the trip. 

ETA: OH YEAH! and on the last few nights it POURS all day and night, which obviously wasnt’ so bad for us considering we weren’t going out much.. BUT… the sliding doors in our room (and others, I think) don’t seal, at all it turns out.  SO while we’re at dinner and it starts to pour so much water comes in that it floods the entire room. From then on we just kept 10 towels or so on the floor by the doors to keep our room from flooding.. and we kept all our stuff off of the floor, as it got rather wet the first time.  I’m glad my leather heels didn’t happen to be lying on the ground that first time!

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Helper bee
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I got tossed in the Hawaiian surf, dislocated my shoulder and scraped up one side of my body. I had to drive us to the pharmacy myself because my husband doesn’t have a license (we live in a place where you don’t really need one), and had to limp in, with sand all over and blood dripping down. Fortunately, it was at the end of our trip! 

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Bumble bee

On the honeymoon for my first marriage I got my period on day 2 because I forgot to take my pill for 3 days and then proceeded to catch a serious cold on day 3. I was a hoot to be around.

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Bumble bee

amanda1988 :  how horrible!!! I’m so sorry that happened, because Live Aqua is our favorite resort!!! We had a similar experience last time we were in cancun. My SO got the flu, was out for 2 days and on the third day he was sick we bought emergency tickets and flew home that day, missing our last 2 days of vacation. It was just that miserable for him! 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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haileyblue :  we strongly considered going home every day, but we were like.. well.. would we rather be sick here or at home? Darling Husband even googled flight costs!  (It would’ve been roughly $1.6k for the two of us)

In the end, we decided since there was no way we were getting a refund, we might as well take advantage of the one hour or so per day we went to the pool and soaked up a bit of sun.

If Darling Husband had gotten sick enough we could have had everything reimbursed, as we had trip insurance.. but I donno we never were quite there.

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We got food poisioning on the fourth day of our honeymoon. We both woke up around 4:30 am and it was not pretty, especially since we only had one bathroom! Thankfully, it only last one day and we just hung out in our hotel suite and watched the olympics and ordered room service. Thankfully, we felt much better the next day and the rest of the trip was great.

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Sugar bee
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emitchell456 :  My husband and I got married in Hawaii and then flew to Fiji for our honeymoon and had the best time. On our last day we had lunch at this great little Indian place before heading to the airport to fly back to Honolulu. We got there early and my husband went to the bathroom and didn’t come out until I went to tell him our flight was boarding and what the hell was he doing in there? Well, he was puking. And shitting. But I dragged his ass onto the plane because we had to get home. He was miserable and when the plane stopped on Christmas Island, Kiribati to let people off my husband was like, I can’t take it anymore, I HAVE to get off. I was like “babe, NO! Then what??? We’ll be in Kiribati with no flight home! You have to suck it up and stay on this plane!” I’ll admit I was pretty hard on him because I thought he was being a baby. I mean my stomach hurt a little but I was sucking it up. So we got to Honolulu and had a night and a day there before flying back to Alaska where we live. My husband got better and we had a great day at Waikiki before our red-eye home. I started to feel bloated and ‘off’ on our way to the airport. You can guess what was coming. I was sitting in the middle seat and this grumpy old man wouldn’t switch with me to give me the aisle. I kept having to crawl over him to go to the bathroom. It was the worst flight ever and I desperately wanted to sky dive off that f$cking plane. When I wasn’t in the bathroom I was writhing around in my seat moaning and trying not to cry. If we’d had a stopover I would’ve gotten off and there’s no way in hell my husband could’ve stopped me. I apologized to him later. Maybe it was karma…..anyways, we can’t do Indian food anymore even though there’s an amazing place near our house. Sigh.

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Busy bee
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Mine wasn’t nearly as bad as some of these but funny….on day 2 or 3 I started feeling generally unwell (sore throat, stuffy nose, headache) I just kept up with fluids and didn’t drink (all inclusive). The next day I bought some throat spray but couldn’t tolerate it, I kept gagging when I tried so we went back and got lozenges. While there the sweet cashier offers to call the nurse for me to be seen. I apparently snapped back at her “I don’t need a nurse, I AM a nurse” (which I am) I don’t remember doing this and apparently that night I woke up super hot woke up my husband and told him I needed cool towels and to turn the air down. He also gave me some Tylenol. I’m assuming I had a really high temp. I was fine by the time I got home. 

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Busy bee

Well, these are terrifying me. Haha. My honeymoon is still 10-11 months away and I hope none of these happen! (We are going to Santorini, Greece.)

I have to share this story about my parent’s honeymoon.

They went to Hawaii and the FIRST DAY my dad realizes he is missing his wedding ring. For the rest of the week my mother was so upset because they both had assumed he lost it somewhere in the ocean or in the sand.

On the last day of their honeymoon, my mom dropped her shampoo in the shower and she found his ring sitting right inside of the shower drain! They were able to get it out. All ended up happy.

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Helper bee

I started my period the second day and my hubby got travelers sickness and clogged the toilet (thankfully our last day there!). I then got it at the airport and on the way home. Terrible. We had a pretty good honeymoon otherwise though just laying by the pool and we did get to go on a nice excursion. My husband still complains about his sickness to this day though lol. 

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Pretty much everything was fantastic about our honeymoon except the drive there. I-70 west of Denver was awful. We are both very experienced mountain drivers (my husband was even a driving instructor and taught kids to drive in the mountains,) but I-70 was too much for us. We took a much longer country route back. We will never do that drive again!

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