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I’m not sure if this is any help, but one of the past Bees, Mrs. Ant, did a series on her honeymoon to Japan. She went to a variety of places. Good luck!

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Hi MrsTran, I lived in Japan (Tokyo and northern areas) for a year studying abroad.  You can PM me if you have any special questions. I would make sure to stay in a "love hotel"…they’re great 🙂

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I second dreamlovr on the Love Hotel! My fiance and I lived in Japan for more than two years, and we tried it out once, it was a riot!

Tokyo itself is actually not all that interesting if you ask me. Beyond shopping and staring at the strange people in Harajuku and Shibuya, I would suggest the more interesting stuff is in the surrounding areas. Close to Tokyo (one day’s ride on a train or less) are Nikko and Kamakura, both very historically significant cities in Japan with TONS to see.

Hakone is about 3 hours from Tokyo by train and is considered one of the most romantic areas in the country. There are many onsen (spas) there where you can get packages which include your room and meals. Lounging in the onsen and checking out the views of the ocean and Mt Fuji are a major reason why its a popular destination for couples. 

Also, I don’t know when you are planning on going for your honeymoon, but if you are in Japan between July and August, climbing Mt Fuji is a great experience. I climbed it in July starting at 8pm and arrived at the summit in time for the sunrise, its amazing!

Further away from Tokyo, I highly recommend Kyoto and Hiroshima. Hiroshima was my favorite place that I visited while in Japan. There is a lot of stuff the keep you occupied, lots of great food and the island of Miyajima is very close by and one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Japan.

Feel free to PM me if you want more tips.

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Aw, we got engaged on a trip to Tokyo, so it will always be a romantic place to me.  What a great city, though, and tons to do.  A lot of it will depend on what you and your fiance like to do, though.  I’d suggest getting one of the lonely planet-type guidbooks and starting from there.  A good website to check out (and for any place that you go on a trip to) is virtual tourist (virtualtourist.com, i think–maybe google it). 

We organized our trip by picking one or two districts to visit per day.  This worked really well, as there’s plenty to do in every major district and trying to do more than that would have been really, really exhausting.  It’s a huge city and even just getting from one district to the next can take a lot of train rides and walking.

I’m not sure if they do a big honeymoon-type-suite (or if that’s what you’re looking for) but the hotel we stayed at–Hotel Sunroute Shinjuku–was beautiful, very accommodating, reasonably priced and in a great central location (about two blocks from Shinjuku Station, which you will pass through A LOT if you’re traveling around the city).  I highly recommend them.  Also, if you’re coming in from Narita, definitely take the "Airport Limosine" to the city-proper.  It’s actually just a charter bus, but it’s pretty reasonable (about $30 each way per person) and makes stops near all the major tourist hotels.  It makes it very easy to get into Tokyo when you’re jet-lagged and not super used to the train system yet.

I also want to plug Asiana Airlines if you haven’t already booked your flights.  We took them and they were FABULOUS.  So much better than a US airline.  Seriously, the best airline I’ve ever flown.  They’re a Korean airline, so you usually get a layover in Seoul, so that might not be your ideal, but we actually had a great time during our layover.  It’s a very fun airport and Asiana has a relaxation lounge with beds, computers, showers, massages, etc for its passengers there (even coach!) that’s just really, really nice.

As far as sites in the city to visit, I think it will really depend on your interests.  I will recommend the observation deck at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku.  It’s a great view of the city and it’s free.  There’s also a tourist office in the building where you can pick up these handy walking tour sheets for each district in English.  I would also say that Asakusa is great, as is Ueno Park and the Meiji Shrine.  Shinjuku is a total kick to visit at night, as is Shibuya (where a lot of love hotels are also located).  If you’re short on time, I’d say skip the imperial palace (you can’t see anything, anyway, though the grounds and the moats are pretty) and ginza, unless you’re really into high-end shopping, though it is fun to see the crazy architecture and gawk at the insanely expensive stores.  This is going to be an odd suggestion, but if it’s raining, rather than visit an indoor museum or something, I’d recommend getting a pair of the transparent umbrellas they sell everywhere (every convience store and train station will immediately start selling them for about $5 at the first sight of rain) and hitting Yoyogi Park.  It’ll be a lot less crowded and it is sooo spooky and beautiful there when it’s raining.

Other than that, I guess just be prepared for everything being close to Manhatten-type-prices, though you can get less expensive food and such if you look for it, and be sure to hold hands when crossing major streets.  The crowds get pretty unbelievable at certain times there and it’s easy to get separated from each other.  Also, don’t worry about having to read or speak Japanese.  Almost all major signs will also be in English and in the tourist areas a lot of people will speak at least a little bit of English.  Just learn to say "Arigato" and to bow your head a lot.  Knowing a little more is helpful, but you can pretty much get away with just that because everyone there is sooo nice to tourists and so eager to be helpful.  Also, don’t fear the crazy-looking train system.  It’s actually pretty easy once you ride it once or twice.

Sorry for such a long post.  I just had such a great time in Tokyo and hope you do too.  What a neat place to have a honeymoon!  Congrats!

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P.S. A romantic place to get a drink (though it’s pretty expensive) is the Tokyo Park Hyatt, where Lost in Translation was filmed.  They have two main bars, one on the 52nd floor, I think, and one on the 42nd, or something like that.  The view of the city at night, though, is unbelievable.  We paid about $50 just to have a drink apiece there, but it was totally worth it.  That’s where he asked me to marry him!

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I went to Tokyo last year and loved it to bits. However just before I left a mate told me to do whatever it took to get to Kyoto, wow was he right, it’s only a bullet train ride away, but it’s a world apart. 


Think romantic bamboo trails, beautiful old palaces, cobblestone streets in the old districts…seriously, if you can afford the bullet train tickets, just escape the 24 hour hustle from Tokyo for a few days and check out the calming nature of Kyoto. Ok I have to stop before I sound like an ad.


Have so much fun, I can’t wait to get back there. 

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Sugar bee

Such an exciting honeymoon. Fiance and I went to Tokyo and traveled around Japan this summer on vacation. If you are going to be there more than a few days, I would highly recommend seing at least Kyoto but also Hiroshima while in Japan. We stayed at the Tokyo Prince Hotel while in Tokyo and I would highly recommend it. We booked through http://www.hrs.com and paid around $100 per night which was significantly lower than the rack rate and cheaper than when I tried to book at the hotel. Anyway, the hotel is centrally located by two subway stops and directly below the Tokyo Tower (think lesser known eifel tower). Our room was spacious and had an amazing view of the tower which got better at night when lit. There is also a shrine right next to the hotel which is kind of romantic at night. If you desire, the hotel has 3 restaurants onsite but we always went out to eat. Speaking of eating, I was supprised how much fried food the Japanese eat. There are alot of touristy things to do in Tokyo as well as just taking in the culture. I found that a lot of stuff is different but there are many American influences visable in Japan that you don’t find in European cities. I would recommend you wake up early and go to the Fish Market and catch an auction, it is just a crazy experience which I liken to a stock market for Tuna. It does not smell like fish yet you are surronded by all sorts of seafood as you walk through the market. Aside from the normal stuff, we took a ferry ride, which gave us a nice view of the city from the water, and did a tea ceremony. If you wear a size 4 or 6 you’ll like shopping but other than that, you won’t find much clothes in your size because most shops stock only one size and call it a M. I am just rambling because I’m excited for your Honeymoon but PM me if you want answers to specific questions. We bought the JR rail pass ahead of time (you can’t get it in Japan) and used that for most of our travels.

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