(Closed) Honeymoon Registry..yay or nay?

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@Miss Wrangler:  We registered for our honeymoon- (We are both in our mid thirties and have combined two full households so we did not really need or want anything) and we have received nothing but positive feedback from our friends and family.  Most people are surprised and unaware you can even do it.  When trying to decide I found a couple of negatives: 

1.  many websites that sponsor this type of registry charge a fee, so your guests either feel obligated to give more or you get less than they intended for your gift.

2.  Some places do not allow you to get your money until after your honeymoon, so if you need the money for  your honeymoon this may not work out

I see a lot of posts where people say it’s tacky, but I suppose it is just personal preference.

Happy Honeymooning!!

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@Miss Wrangler:  We registered for our honeymoonNAND I believe it is a great idea.  We don’t need a lot of extra stuff.  We are a little older and have two full housholds worth of things.  We also may be moving and don’t want a lot of extra to move.  People think it is agreat idea.  I have only heardpositive comments.  We have a month until our wedding and we already have half of our honeymoon payed for. There are a lot of web sites but some charge yoU, so look around. We found a simple one that is free and the money comes to usthorough PayPal.  

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I don’t know if we’ll be doing this, but someone I know did. I think it was HoneyFund? If you do this, be sure to keep it to honeymoon items. She put on there all sorts of baby items, so it looked like a baby registry.

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We used Wanderable.com and loved it. I come from an old school, Old South family, and was sure people would look askance at a honeymoon registry (and we had a traditional registry as well, so we figured anyone who found a honeymoon registry offensive could just go to the other one). But it was a wild success. EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON OUR HONEYMOON REGISTRY WAS BOUGHT BEFORE A SINGLE ITEM FROM THE OTHER REGISTRY. We coudldn’t believe it. People loved the idea of giving us something romantic that we’d always remember. I was told this very day: We were glad to get you the freezer chest you’d registered for, but we were sad that all the honeymoon items were taken. I’d rather have been able to give you the private carriage ride for your trip!

I was a skeptic, and now I’m a total convert. I recommend Wanderable because it’s extremely easy to set up, and does not charge a fee (the service is part of a larger website, so they’re not dependent on the registry to make money). The only fee is the PayPal transaction fee. Our guests found it easy to use. 

Good luck!

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I am very against so take this information with that in mind

1.  You are not actually registering for a honeymoon.  You are registering for cash money.  Cash doesn’t ever need to be registered for.  EVERYONE likes/wants/needs cash.

2. Service charges.  If I as a guest want to give you $100, I will.  I’d rather not give you $92.50 through a website. 

3. Many guests don’t actually realize that when I give you SCUBA lessons you don’t actually get SCUBA lessons. I see this as deceitful (lying by omission).  If you register for a toaster, you get a toaster.  You register for couples massages, you get cash.

4. People who have a small registry or no registry tend to get cash gifts anyway, and it’s easier for guests to just give you a cash envelope, or a cheque then to go through a website.

5.  You still have to be able to pay for your honeymoon.  It could turn out that no one purchases from it, and you can’t really be relying on it to fund it.

6.  It is not polite to discuss cash or finances.  This and the “deception” factor are what make it not etiquettely approved.

7. You aren’t actually registering for a honeymoon.  You are just registering for cash.  (Oh right I already mentioned this one.  Can you see that this part really chaps my heiney?)

These are my main arguments against it.  I would highly suggest just not registering, and spreading by word of mouth that you are saving for your honeymoon.  You will get exactly the same results (without loosing out on a service fee), and risk no offense to anyone.

I can tell you that neither myself, nor anyone I know would contribute to one.  But we would give you cash.


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What happens if you don’t get enough money for the honeymoon?

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@Miss Wrangler:  We got our money almost instantly. We had set up a new PayPal account for it, and that took a couple of days to process the first payment before we could transfer them to our bank account, but then it was all available right away. Some of the honeymoon registries transfer the money in stages, but with Wanderable it’s ready immediately. And they notify you when you’ve gotten something, in an email that has a note from the giver. 

And we registered ONLY for extras. We are covering the hotel (and it’s driving distance, so we didn’t need plane tickets or anything). What we registered for were all things we would like but could do without if we didn’t get them: a private carriage ride, a pass that gives you entry to all the historic sites, dinner out at a nice restaurant, etc. 

Our friends had no problem with the fact that they’re basically giving us money, but then, they know we’ll spend it on what we say we will spend it on. They liked giving us something romantic, and something more specific than just a check.

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I think we will be doing a honeymoon registry along with a traditional registry. As for what a PP said about it just being cash so that is deceitful, I can’t say I totally agree. I think if you are putting what it is for, and then using it for that, it is nicer in some people’s eyes than just handing cash. Also, there are places like the Disney honeymoon registry where you go through and you can purchase the couple different experiences and I do not believe the couple just gets the monetary value, they get the actual experience you purchased. Not 100% sure, as I haven’t actually used it yet.


Just my two cents; I know everyone has a different opinion on the matter 🙂 

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I’m on the fence….we are registered at Home Outfitters (mainly did this so people could opt to buy us a pair of oven mitts and not feel obligated to give us a crazy amount of money if they can’t afford it….)

My Future Sister-In-Law wants to throw us a honeymoon shower…my plan is to MAYBE register with flight center (it’s a canadian company) …they seem the best and the money goes directly to the honeymoon since it IS the travel agency…..SEARS also does this…

I also will add “honeymoon” items (bathrobes, massagers, luggage, beauty items, slippers) to home outfitters if they have them, if not open another registry for these items if people want to buy them…..

I really don’t expect people to fund our honeymoon….so I’m kind of uncomfortable with the idea of a “honeymoon shower”……right now i won’t register for it, since the wedding is so far away there’s not many options to book for (we want to cruise to alaska…I have a sun allergy so laying on the beach doesn’t really work)

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We are doing a honeyfund, and we’re using Honeyfund to do it. They don’t charge any service fees and although people give you the cash directly, it’s earmarked for your various travel needs. 

The thing is, we have been living together for 4 years and I don’t need any more ice cream makers. *shrug*

100% of our guests who have asked about it so far have been excited/supportive of the idea – no pompous etiquette dictators in our crowd, thank god. 


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I have to chime in and confirm that, not registering and expecting people to ‘catch on’, doesn’t always work. We didn’t register for gifts, and we didn’t write anything about gifts on our evening invites in the hope people would catch on and give us money. As such, 3 separate guests are getting us the gift of a charitable goat – a lovely, lovely idea but not the direction we were hoping to go in. So i have to say that some guests, unless you point out what you want, may get you something you don’t want / need.

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If one of my friends/family members had a honeymoon registry, I’d probably give them cash so they could have the full amount without a service charge.


@ticatica I’m sure your guests were trying to do something thoughtful and charitable in your name. They probably thought you’d appreciate it. They don’t owe you cash.


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