(Closed) Hormonal acne in 20's? Second puberty? Help!

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Helper bee
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Are you on BC pills? If so, it could mask some symptoms of PCOS, as it is a common treatment for PCOS. I also know skinny people that have PCOS.

Even if you don’t have PCOS, BC pills helped my skin, so it might be an option if you are not on them.

Could you be overcleaning your skin? I used to use all those clearasil/neutrogena/etc products and it made everything worse. My skincare routine now is just Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap, and then I moisturize with Eucerin. Make sure everything you do use is fragrance-free – fragrance is an irritant. You may also ask your doctor about a low dose daily antibiotic.

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Sugar bee

@Birdiebaby4:  I don’t if there’s a reason for it or not, but I’m in my mid 30’s and I have more acne now than I did as a teenager. I wash my face twice a day, shower everyday, wash my sheets and towels, keep my hands off my face…I don’t know what else I could do. I have to use ProActiv and even that doesn’t get rid of everything (though it does make it substantially better). I cannot use anything with salicylic acid, that makes everything wayyyy worse. I have to use benzoyl peroxide.

Also, my mother didn’t stop getting acne until she hit menopause.

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@Birdiebaby4:  I have cystic acne as well, mostly on my chin. Unfortunately, the only thing that has worked for me is what my dermatologist started me on for my wedding so my skin was pretty good.

1) Tea tree oil body bar
2) Clindamycin foam
3) Finacea Gel (I also have pretty bad rosacea)
4) Solodyn (Minocycline) it is an oral antibiotic.

That combination worked. I started out with only topicals and saw 0 improvement until I started the Solodyn. It may not work for you the same but I recommend seeing a dermatologist.

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Have you seen a dermatologist?  They can prescribe you with something that can help.

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Did you switch birth control in the last little while? Mirena didn’t agree with me but it took about 5 months before I saw any negative effects when I went back to the Nuva Ring, things went back to my normal clear skin. 

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I’m using glycolic acid and clindamycin right now.. so far it’s worked the best for me. Cliniques’ acne care works well too. I’m also in my late 20’s having this issue. I tried the BCP again but I had too many other side effects

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Bumble bee
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it’s perfectly normal to have hormonal acne as an adult. it runs in my family. my mom had it until she hit menopause. she even did an extra long bout of accutante and it didn’t work for her. my sister has it too.

for me, whenever I’m on something that evens out hormone fluctuactions (as in hormonal birth control), my acne stays under control. birth control pills are definitely known to work for this, but I’m guessing the nuva ring could also work too. I’ve been on mirena for 8 years and my acne is uner control. mirena is not known for this but I figured that since it put my hormones on an even schedule, it inadverntly helped my acne.  (I’m not a doctor so I’m self analyzing here. it’s just that it seems like an awfully big coincidence that my acne went away and stayed away when I went on mirena.) I can tell the acne is still lurking though, and I’m very sure that it will come back with a vengeance when I go off BC. 

I’ve read that zinc supplements can also help smooth out hormones and therefore help with hormonal acne. check out this WB thread on the topic: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/i-cured-my-acne-with-10#axzz2naWjXzMj)

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I had absolutely NO acne in my teenage years, but after going off birth control around age 23 (like you), I started getting acne around my mouth and chin. I started birth control again (a different kind–orth tri), and now I rarely get pimples—maybe once every month or two. My skin is clear, but I’m worried that once I eventually go off birth control for whatever reason, it’ll get worse again  :/

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@Birdiebaby4:  glycolic acid is basically in the category of skin proucts that exfoliate chemically. other products include alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids. 

I used to use a product with alpha hydroxy acid and it helped me a little (neutrogena healthy skin face lotion), plus I would use a scrub to exfoliate once a week. basically, anything that kept my skin soft, moisturized, and exfoliated worked well for me.  

on the other hand, anything that dried my skin made it worse, such as over cleansing it or using drying product like benzoyl peroxide. hormonal acne is weird that way.

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Buzzing bee

@Birdiebaby4:  My skin just recently balanced out. What I’m using:

Nortel birth control pills- made my acne worse at first, now I don’t break out before my period.

Aveno Complexion Cleansing bar (salicylic acid)

Clean and Clear moisturizer with salicylic acid

I also take vitamins and drink tons of water. I’ve read that Cod liver oil and Zinc help with acne, so I take both of those, plus a multi vitamin. 

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@HappySky7:  +1 for the clindamycin. I swear I didn’t have a single pimple until I hit my early 20’s and I had it pretty bad for about a year or so… the clindamycin was really gentle and didn’t make me all red and irritated like the usual OTC acne products.

What also helped was zinc supplements (do NOT overdo it though!)

The most important factor however was getting the hormonal stuff back under control. My acne actually first started when I switched from Ortho Tri to a generic brand to save money… well after my skin decided to go crazy I switched right back. It was worth it to me!

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@Birdiebaby4:  Go to a dermatologist at least 5 months before your wedding.  They can prescribe stuff that will help.

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