hormonal acne? yes, admit it girls.

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texaslemon:  I do have a few skincare recommendations- try using Juice Beauty Cleanser or Angels on Bareskin from Lush.  There’s also a Pore-Medic cleanser from Dr Jart.  They cost a little more, but are totally worth it.


When it comes to oily skin– be careful of what moisturizers you use.  I do not use a liquid foundation ever- I feel like no matter what they don’t let my skin breath and therefore cause it to be more oily.

I use Boscia spf 30 moisturizer and it’s wonderful.

Almost any skin problem can be tackled- you just need the right combo of products/regimen.

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Ime and imo, for hormonal acne, see a derm. i get them and tried doxycycline for a while then changed to spironolactone and there hasnt been ONE zit, pimple, cystic zit etc on my face or body 2 mths after i started it. Saw my derm last month and she was astonished.

There is no topical item/product that will work for hormonal acne. Ive had hormonal acne since i was 15 and ive tried ALMOST everything but accutane.

Here are some things that i think helped but did not eliminate. I have acne-prone/sensitive skin:

NO coconut oil(on my hair or skin. break out city)

No jojoba oil

Using an oil cleanser like clinique cleansing balm or boscia cleansing oil(i use the green one)

Acne doesnt necessarily mean your skin is oily but even if it is, you should always use a moisturizer with spf

Vitamin C serum

Look into retin-a. Yes, its prescription but there are ways to get it without. It didnt work for me but it does for so many people.


For your body, neutrogena body scrub is a classic and helps. Another product that worked when i was purging from the spiro was Murad clarifying body spray. I sprayed on my back, chest and shoulders when the break out was super bad. Im now using a TCA peel to clear the discoloration 🙁 Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different and what worked for someone might not work for you. goodluck!!!


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texaslemon:  The cleansers I mentioned would be great to use on you r back, as well.

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I have two words for you: vitamin D! I went through the EXACT same thing as you – I was on BC for years then went off three years ago. My skin was perfect through my 20s, but for the last three years, my skin has been terrible. Massive painful cysts on my chin and forehead, really oily skin and literally nothing that worked. I tried creams, antibiotics, laser .. everything, and I still had 20-30 very painful zits at a time.

So I had a blood test for something unrelated, and they found I was vitamin D deficient. I looked it up online and found a link between vitamin D deficiency and hormonal acne. My doctor recommended I take between 3000-5000UI of vitamin D3 (it HAS TO BE D3) daily to correct my deficiency, along with a zinc gluconate supplement. Within two weeks of taking D3, my skin is literally flawless. Not a pimple in sight. It’s crazy. It’s relatively cheap, but make sure you check with a doctor first if you’re planning to take much more than the RDI (which I think is around 1000UI/day).

The other thing that I think has helped is this stuff called Botani Acne Rescue Cream – it’s a herbal cream (I think it’s an Australian brand?) that literally shrinks pimples overnight and takes the redness out. It’s also really gentle and doesn’t stain the sheets!

Finally, this might sound odd but have you tried cutting back dairy products? I found that my skin was much, much worse when I was having a lot of skim milk.

Anyway, I really hope that helps! Acne is the worst – especially right before your wedding. Best of luck with it all!

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My conditioner was making my back break out.  Hot shower = open pores, conditioner running down my back and not getting rinsed off properly was making me break out.  Now I put my hair up when the conditioner is in so it’s not sitting on my back, rinse my hair, put my hair back up and wash my back.

I found wearing a long sleeved shirt to bed has helped my chin area too – the way i sleep my chin ends up pressed against my shoulder, long sleeve shirt has minimized my breakouts.

Changing my sheets and pjs more frequently using & sensitive skin detergents has also made a difference.  I never had acne growing up either – it wasn’t until I was in my late 20s and went off HBC that my skin went crazy

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texaslemon:  My hormonal acne responded to nothing over the counter. I went to a dermatologist and I wish I had gone sooner. I take spironolactone, which is an androgen blocker that stops excess testosterone from being absorbed. It has absolutely changed the way my skin is. I used to have huge cystic acne the cropped up right before my period and took two to three weeks to heal – just in time for a new bunch to come up. I highly recommend it. Good luck, I hope you find something that works!

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MrsEME:  Just had to say I looooove Lush!


texaslemon:  OP for me I get hormonal acne around *that time* of the month. Usually on my chin. Coconut oil helps me a lot and I have oily skin. Coconut oil will not make your skin oily because it absorbs differently (or something?). I usually melt the coconut oil and add in some vitamin E oil and put it on my face, don’t wash it off, and go to bed. In the morning I just splash my face with cold water and they are either pretty clear or seriously diminished.

But they don’t usually fully go away until Aunt Flow goes away too.

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texaslemon:  I could have written this! I never had any skin issues growing up at all. Then I went on BC(as an adult) to regulate my periods and all hell broke loose! I literally quit my job and hid in my house for 9 months because I had such extreme cystic acne. I now have tons of scarring but honestly I am just happy its gone. In the last 4 years I have been on accutane, retin-a, doxycycline, dalacin – t and every thing you can think of. I have it under control now but there is no chance I can go out without makeup.

Hopefully this is just a stage. I had to eliminate a bunch of foods from my diet and that seems to help a long with the retin-a which is what I am currently using. Let me know if you have any questions.

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I also recommend a dermatologist. I’ve had hormonal acne since I got my first period. I’ve tried every OTC product out there, from natural to heavily medicated and none of it really worked. I finally went to a dermatologist a couple years ago and was put on spironolactone and it was like magic. I get the occasional pimple, but no more painful cysts. I had avoided going to the dermatologist for so long because I didn’t want to be put on Accutane, and I didnt realize there were other safer treatments. I wish I’d gone sooner.

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texaslemon:  it’s really not scary. Spironolactone is actually a blood pressure medicine, and the adrogen blocking aspect of it is just a side effect. The only side effects I have from it are slightly lower blood pressure. It is nothing like accutane – now that is scary! Just make sure you do your research on what the derm perscribes you so you know what to expect.

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texaslemon:  I went off BC around 3 years ago. I have been struggling with my skin ever since. I highly recommend going to a dermatologist,and going ASAP. The majority of prescription treatments will not clear your skin in a month, but the advantage to getting started and establishing care with a derm is that if you have acne in the few days before your wedding, you can go into the office and get cortisone shots. Its the only thing that makes my acne go away quickly. They can do the shots on your back and face if needed.

Regarding OTC products, I use Glytone exfolating body wash (on my face) and Cerave moisturizer. I have combination skin (dry cheeks and horribly oily, acne-prone t-zone). I also use several Rx products as well. PM me if you need more support – I know what its like to have acne all over your body!

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texaslemon:  About 4 months ago I started taking zinc and vitamin A tablets daily and began using the Murad acne line from Sephora (just the cleanser and toner). I also discovered Raw Active Manuka Honey, which is an absolute MIRACLE!!! I slather on a manuka honey mask a few times a week before bed and also use it as an overnight spot treatment. If I feel a pimple coming on I cover it in honey and put a bandaid on overnight and the next morning it is gone! Try it…worked wonders for me. Get manuka honey with the highest UMF rating you can find.

I have tried every over the counter acne solution product I could get my hands on and this regimen is the only thing that has worked for me. My skin has never looked better as an adult.

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