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I have arthritis in my neck that causes migraines. A few things I’ve found help and it varies which one works what day. I lay across my bed with my head hanging down over the edge and slowly turn my head back and forth plus slowly lifting my head. Sometimes gentle pressure on my forehead or chin pressing to the floor while doing that too. (these were things my chiropractor told me about to do at home) My neck cracks like crazy but soon after my headache subsides. Sometimes a massager,  a heavy duty one, placed on the base of the skull works along with Aleve and rotating hot and cold packs. 

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@AlmostMrsShield:  A friend of mine’s mother experienced the same thing.  It was enough to cause her problems at work but not enough to be labeled as a disability.  She continues to have issues and has not found any treatment or medication that works; they come and go without explanation.

I myself used to have them as a child but over time my mother and I discovered they were related to stress.  As a result I try to limit the stress in my lifestyle.  (I had a chiropractor tell me the same thing about my neck and then a orthopedic specialist told me it was crap.)  Since actively limiting my stress levels, I have severely cut down on the number of headaches.  The main cause of my current headaches is typically a combination of dehydration and stress but they are not as severe as they used to be and I only get a true migraine/cluster once or twice a year for 3-5 days.

Have you seen a licensed psychologist to determine if there are any psychosomtic factors that contribute to your stress levels and increase your susceptability to headaches?  I would try there if you’ve already seen a general practitioner and a chiropractor.

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My neck muscles are in near constant spasm and cause my cervical spine to be less curved.  I have done a few rounds of PT and see a chiropractor once or twice a month. I take a daily preventative but was still getting migraines at least twice a week.  

I finally got Botox done for them today. (My migraines also have a neuro component in addition to the physical issues) I’m hoping it will make a difference. I tried nerve blocks but they stopped working after about 9 months. 

I highly recommend seeing a neurologist who specializes in headaches. I had no idea about some of the different treatments before seeing her. Perhaps you can get a referral for PT. Or a surgical consult if the compression is really bad. My husband had a decompression surgery (along with some other procedures) done on his lower back. He’s not cured but he has a lot less pain day to day than he used to. 

So sorry you have such a hard time. Chronic headaches (chronic pain of any kind really) absolutely suck.  



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@AlmostMrsShield:  I’m a regular migraine sufferer myself. You won’t be able to get a definitive answer until you see a neurologist.Try not to let what you google and what you see on TV freak you out in the mean time!

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@AlmostMrsShield:  I have cluster headaches and they are… really bad. I’m sorry to hear that you suffer from them as well. It took me nearly a decade to get diagnosed correctly.

What have you tried? Have you seen a headache specialist? Have you done a Prednisone taper at the start of a cycle? Oxygen? Cluster-specific prophylactics? Nasal injected medicines? Occipital nerve blockers?

There are cluster headache forums out there with lots of DIY remedies as well.

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I have some pretty horrible headaches as well.  The headaches are more like migraines but do not respond to migraine medication.  I believe it is because of some head trama and concussions I experienced in high school.  The first time they flared up was when I was in high school.  I ended up having an experimental nerve blocks that stopped them for about 10 years.  They started to come back a couple months ago and I have not found anything to fully stop them.  I see a headache specialist and I have tried nerve blocks again and I am now on gabapentin preventatively but it doesn’t stop them 100% and makes me very tired.  I understand how horrible they can be!

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@AlmostMrsShield:  I get something similar and it’s due to my sinuses.

If I don’t take my allergy meds, I’ll get a killer headache that WILL turn into a migrane if I don’t take some pain meds and sleep it off.

It sounds like we don’t have the same problem, but I do feel (some of) your pain!

Good luck finding something that works!

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Have you tried an inversion table? My Fiance loves them and they help his back a lot… just a shot in the dark for you…

Also, try cutting out unhealthy/processed foods… sounds unrelated at first, but I get killer migraines from MSG, and MSG is hiding in a lot of food that doesn’t explicitly list it on the label (it’s under other names). So just in case there are other factors that may be making your headaches worse, try to eat really well and take care of yourselff (lower stress) and see if that helps at all. It might not cure it outright but it might help!

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@AlmostMrsShield:  I am not sure if my suggestion will help, but I am a long time suffer of migraines.  about 10 years ago I was prescribed a waffer migraine medication – it apparently hits your blood stream quicker.  It was god sent.  

I have recommended it to others… They have talked to their doctor and given it a shot.  I literally have one coworker in the past continuously thank me for the recommendation. 

You way want to talk to your doctor about it..l I did the waffer and the higher dosage.  A bit on the pricer end as well but worth it.


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@Kazza:  Also, try cutting out unhealthy/processed foods… sounds unrelated at first, but I get killer migraines from MSG, and MSG is hiding in a lot of food that doesn’t explicitly list it on the label (it’s under other names). So just in case there are other factors that may be making your headaches worse, try to eat really well and take care of yourselff (lower stress) and see if that helps at all. It might not cure it outright but it might help!

This was it for me, food related.  I would get headaches now and then (maybe between 3 a year and once every two years) where light and sound hurt and I would just lay in bed and will it to end (the headaches).  I never saw a doc about it and pretty much thought it was normal.

Then I started dating Darling Husband and he likes putting all manner of spices (lots of those combo spice mixes) and variety of pepper and peppers in his food, otherwise it’s all made from scratch.  And I’d get about a headache a week.  Then I remembered my mom said she would feel ill from MSG.  So I quit eating his food and only ate food he made without all that stuff in it.  Haven’t had a headache in over two years.
Looking back I realized my mom never used pepper either and salt was only used for a pinch when cooking or on french fries.  I’ve always liked spicy or spices in food when out or at someones house (but not food being spicy hot just for the sake of it being hot).  And I’ve always loathed almost anything pepper related.  I’ve never owned a pepper shaker or bought pepper, the taste is just gross and unappetizing to me.  When I was a kid the smell when my mom made stuffed green peppers made me feel sick to my stomach upstairs in my bedroom.  But I like a bit of salsa or cheese dip with a little jalapeño or even those fried cheesy jalapeño popper things, but that’s about it and only in small doses.
So I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I’m guessing a combination of pepper rated and some “MSG” type chemical.


Darling Husband teases me I’m picky… I respond with “I can just cook food and eat it, you have to add all this stuff to it like it… who’s picky?”.  I swear his taste buds are handicapped and can’t taste much besides peppery flavors.




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Sorry about the weird spacing in my last post… I went in to fix it and it looked even worse but I tried to fix it and it showed up like that again. :/  oh well.

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@AlmostMrsShield:  Hunny I hope these get better. I have the same issue except there is no insight to any possible reason why I get mine. I get concerned becouse my dad passed away with brain cancer (tumor) and no Doctors think it’s concerning enough to get any head scan..it’s annoying. I hope your have better news then I do. 

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