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Honey bee
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I had a boss who’s breath smelled like sour milk all the time, and he kept sending me down to HR to get written up because he said I wasn’t learning what he told me to learn.  The thing is, when I scheduled time to learn what he wanted me to learn, WITH HIM, he would stand me up every single time.  Soo…. ?


My current boss gets her job done, but she’s on the internet all day looking at wedding websites and reading food blogs.  She makes jewelry while on the company dime and she’s assembling her save the dates as we speak.


…. it’s me.  I’m my boss.  And I love every second.  If you ever get the chance to be your own boss, DO IT.

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Sugar bee

Right now I have 6 bosses. Yes. 6. My professional life is like office space. And if I do anything, go anywhere, miss any day, all 6 need to be informed because none of them communicate with eachother so if I tell one or even 3, he won’t tell the rest, and I’ll get in trouble when I return for not communicating with my supervisors…really? My office is very poorly managed and relies on “game playing” to get things done. To say it’s become exhausting is an understatement.

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Honey bee
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@claireos:  I can absolutely relate to your 6 bosses situation.  That’s how my corporate experience was as well, and it’s infuriating.


I jumped ship and decided to open an additional location of an awesome company we have here in Cbus.  I operate a soy candle shop where you can pick one of our 125 scents off the shelf, or you can make your own candle in an hour.  We do custom home fragrance and offer in-shop parties with food and booze and everything.  As we speak I’m looking out my wall of windows and watching the goings on in the cute boutiquey downtown I’m located in.  And right next door (you don’t have  to go outside, we share a bathroom hallway to pass through) is Jeni’s Ice Cream, the best ice cream in the world.

If you can do this… do it.  I can’t imagine being in corporate at this point.  It’s not without its struggles and risks, but it’s totally worth it.

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This is a great thread! I feel like I can finally vent!!

I work with 20 women and they ALL tattle on each other to the micromanager boss through email (she lives in a different state). I have been tattled on my my office-mate even!! My micromanaging boss lets everyone’s tattling happen and thinks that one persons complaining is what really happened and never asks for the other side of the story.

Yesterday, I was asking for more work because I am severely bored, and my boss emails me saying I am not being a team player because I am not willing to take other work people ask me to do. I had to fight with her through email to figure out that I really did nothing wrong. It bothers me that she couldn’t have asked me about it before instead of reprimanding me through email.

The micromanaging boss encourages people to tattle. She asks everyone in the office, during meetings, to email her or call her if they have an issue. Then takes that information as “The Word” and doesn’t try to get the other side of the story. I really hate it here, but I have to keep the job at least until we get married in March. Only 3 months to go!!!

Also, I had an old boss who used to scream in my face. She was just starting menopause and would yell at me all the time. I am being serious, she would be in my face screaming one minute and crying the next. I HAD to get out!

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I got passed up on a promotion because my SALES ARE TOO GOOD. WTF? I’m too good at the little job that they don’t want me to go into a bigger job. Granted, not many people can do the job as well as I do, but still! I deserve it! The real kicker is, is that my immature bosses couldn’t even tell me the reason why I didn’t get the job!!

Not to mention the fact that they’re obsessed with video games, favor the men in the company and are basically worthless. Oh! And the general manager can’t pay our bills on time. How did they get to be managers??



@KristenGotMarried: My mom is working to start a bakery in the hometown of where I go to school and let me tell you, I can’t wait! Not only would it be wonderful for my moms dreams to FINALLY come true, but we’d be our own bosses!!! And also, cupcakes smell amazing, and I just don’t think you could be in a bad mood working there.

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I also had an office space 6 different bosses situation at my last job. They were constantly competing with each other and refused to communicate anything, so if I had to take a day off or if I did something wrong I had to have 6 different conversations about it. And one of them was a really gross guy who spit into his trashcan, picked his nose and blew snot rockets all while I was in his office for a one-on-one.

At my first job my boss’s boss was horrific. She was a total company woman – she ignored all of our customers and anyone beneath her and spent 100% of her day kissing up to her superiors. I had to get her approval on accounts I worked on and it was like she was mad at me for bothering her. Our department won a countrywide contest and the prize was over $2K in cash that was to be divvied up by the employees – so of course that’s all we could think about since the second the winners were announced. She went ahead and sat on that cash for 6 MONTHS, putting off giving it to us then finally when faced with pressure from her superior she decided to use it to take us to lunch. We were so pissed, the last thing we wanted was to spend any time with her and that was our hard earned money!

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Busy bee
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my old boss was a nightmare. seriously-it was horrible. She did a million horrible things but the two that stick out in my head the most was: she wouldnt let me leave my desk without permission. i had to call her (which she was never at her desk cause she was too busy gossiping about everyone out on the floor) AND leave a note on my computer and check with the other employees to make sure i  could be gone to use the restroom. She wrote me up once for going to the breakroom  to get a glass of water without permission.

The second thing she did was my little brother had cancer (which she told everyone i was lying about) and when i asked for the time off to help take care of him after surgery she denied it ( i had the time and no one else was off-she just did want to give it to me) so i wasnt able to be there for him. Needless to say i called my Union rep after that and they finally gave me a new supervisor. It was funny cause the Union said it wasnt the first time they had dealt with this stuff from her before.

So i ended up getting a new job at a different company- sometimes i see her driving around town and i cant help but to give her the middle finger!

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Helper bee

Where shall I start….

First of all, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. He smokes and then dumps a bottle of cologne on to try cover it up, so he just smells weird all the time. Gross.

I hate his management ‘style.’ He believes that as long as the head manager (him) knows how to do w/e, said task should just be delegated to the assistant manager (me).  Therefore, I do everything.

  • I write the schedule. He has to approve though but then doesn’t until like the day before that week (IE next week’s schedule isn’t officially out yet).
  • I do all the visual updates. If he does ever do them, they’re wrong and/or late.
  • I clean everything. He makes messes.
  • I make our employees follow the (corporate set) dress code. He breaks it.
  • I manage the stockroom and process shipments. Last week he said “I had to stay late to work on the stock room last night so I’m not going to stock anything today.”
  • I make sure time punches are correct so everyone gets paid. This includes fixing his timeclock errors.
  • I stay late if there’s a need. He always wants to leave early, even when we’re really busy.

The only thing that he does that I don’t do is selling assessments. He doesn’t even fill them out correctly though and he turns them in late, if at all.

Shall I go on?

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Busy bee
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UGH!  My old boss was awful.  She talked down to everyone.  Complained about people eating meat and how cool it was to be vegan because she cares so deeply for animals and then wears leather shoes and a leather Louis Vuitton bag. :/ 

Another old boss of mine used to stare down behind our computers to make sure that we were working.  I understand the “making sure everyone is working” part but she made you so nervous. 

My boss/bosses now are great! I love my teaching job because I am, basically, the boss.  I am the boss of my classroom and it runs the way it does because of me.  One of the wonderful perks of teaching.  Plus my actual boss- the principal, is awesome. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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I had a boss that was severly bipolar, one day he would be your best friend and able to handle any little issue that came up.  The next day he would be throwing tires at the guys, no seriously, throwing truck tires.  Not the worst job in the world to get fired from.

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