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@echolove:  Holy crap. I don’t know why your boss puts up with that.

I have a supervisor at my part time job that is awful. She picks favorites and they get away with everything and those of us that actually do our jobs are constantly getting in trouble. She calls of all the time and is more or less a giant pain in the ass.

I have another supervisor in a different department at my part time job who is also terrible. I get one weeks worth of hours of vacation there. So, SO and I have been planning our summer vacation and I went to request my time off. I said to her “Hey, supervisor, I have some days off this summer I am going to need off for vacation.” She looked at me and said “you just had a vacation.” I didn’t know a long weekend to go visit my parents who I see once a year is a vacation. Mind you, she has already taken 2.5 weeks off and she has 2 more weeks scheduled so far this year, and that doesn’t include any weekend trips she may take.

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Yikes!  Sorry you have to put up with that guy!  At least you only have to put up with it for a little longer.


We had a really awful coworker a few years ago.  We had a small local office but she worked from home every day (she was within a 20 minute commute) and took advantage of it. It was impossible to get ahold of her and she never took direction from our manager because she figured he wasn’t physically there to enforce it.  Her father passed away towards the end of her position and she took over a month off of bereavement leave (company normally gives 2 weeks).  Before you flame me, I know there are cases where someone may need 1 month or more for leave, but we soon discovered this was not one of them.  During that time, I had to work her later shift, but I had already scheduled meetings during my early shift, which resulted in a lot of 14 hour workdays.  The nail in the coffin was when we discovered she was giving confidential financial information about the company to customers, which jeopardized some of our accounts.  I was so unbelieveably happy when she was fired.  It was around noon when it happened and I just went to the grocery store, bought a 6 pack of beer, and drank in the office with another coworker who also loathed her.

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Will post when they aren’t so close by

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I was the new gal on the block at a very prestigeous firm once, where I quickly figured out that one of the owners was having a LONG TERM Affair * with a secretary in the office. 

She was about 20+ years his junior.  And somehow linked to their family back ground… probaby not related, but from the same childhood area where he grew up.  He probably knew her father, and so his family gave her the job.

She “could have been” a competent Secretary… she was smart & knowledgeable.  But she was having this affair with one of the Partners.  (Secretary to one, sleeping with another)

Her affair caused havoc in this office in that the work needed to be done by her… wasn’t.  We alll had to pick up the slack (just because of circumstance… to meet our own requirements) or it ended up being shoved our way purposely.

She and the partner carried on daily.  There was lots of flirting (we worked in an open concept office… all the Admins in an area without cubicles).  And they went out together for lunch regularly… long lunches.  They said it was to go to meet clients, she coming along to take notes (remember here she was the Secretary to the other Partner)

The guy went out of town regularly for business too.  And I am fairly certain at least some of those trips were with her

* It also seemed to me based on tid-bits that I heard here and there, that the Secretary had an apartment that the Partner was paying for.  And he was giving her expensive gifts compared to the rest of us (certainly saw a few… Christmas, Secretary’s Day, etc).  I also got the feeling that there was a lot more financial perks as well… vacations, airfare, clothing, jewellery etc.  Stuff way beyond what a Secretary / Personal Assistant would have been getting back in the early 80s.

The whole thing made me sick (I was a young married woman with a new baby at home… I had no space in my life / respect for cheaters).

It was really bad because this Secretary as a family friend had a lot of interaction with the family too.  She would organize things for the family… wife & kids regularly dropping by to see “Dear Old Dad” and go over their schedules etc.  And she was friends with the kids (they weren’t far off from their ages… some in HS, and a few in college).  The Wife seemed clueless… I think she was blinded to the fact that this girl was a family friend and young (Mom would have been in her 50s, kids 16 to 24 or so… and Sex-retary closing in on 30)

In the end I got sick of the whole scenario.  How there was a ton of work to do, few rewards (not a lot of money… it was a job where I was thinking the prestige would be beneficial to me… and it was in that I certainly “rubbed shoulders” with a lot of movers & shakers, and it looked good on my resume), but all this crap going on around me was too much.

I left.

I often wonder what happened to all these “players” in this drama.  As far as I know the Partner maintained his high profile business role in the community.  His wealth continued.  Based on his Obit that I saw decades later, it looks like his wife stayed with him thru life… no mention of “the other woman” (there wouldn’t be)… but I wondered if she was still in his life… and to what extent.  Very strange this man leaving a double-life.  And those around him who in their own ways were also playing to a double-life.


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Ugh! I can relate. I also work with animals, and one of my coworkers has explicitly said they don’t care about the job. It’s not just things like forgetting to refill a dish of food, sometimes the food and/or water dish will be completely missing altogether. This poor cat, one morning I came in and found an empty litterbox that the cat had been using (as in the litter had been dumped and the box put back without being refilled). Who knows how long it had been sitting in the same cage as a REEKING litterbox, unable to cover up its scent?

I would think that these things were grounds for instant termination, but apparently not. Said coworker was very nearly let go, but the higher-ups decided to give out a second chance. You would think nearly being fired would kick your ass into gear, but nope. The same old crap is still happening, attitude and all.

My job description states I have to take care of the animals, it did not include babysitting my coworkers. And yet, that is all I do when we work the same shift. It’s constantly: “What next? What do I do now?” Has anyone ever played The Sims? It’s like when you turn Free Will off and your sim just stands there until you tell it what to do next. I’ll then dole out tasks, and get nothing but smack talk and attitude back. So then don’t ask me what to do, you’ve been here long enough to do your job, go do it!

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