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@EccentricBee:  I had a room mate who liked to blow dry her hair naked at 6am. Oh and this was a college dorm so she was literally 3 ft from my bed. And her hair was like an inch long.

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I hated living with roommates! I’ve had a total of 5. But I’d say the worst was the girl I lived with my last year of college. I was supposed to live with a friend of mine but at the last minute she bailed and switched schools so I had to find someone ASAP. I used roommatefinder.com or something and found a girl who seemed nice enough– except she was kinda crazy. 

Mostly her issue I think was that she had really low self esteem and was kind of whiny. Like she really wanted/expected (I think) that moving in together meant we would be BFFs-4-eva. And I obviously wanted to be nice and all, but I was going to school full time, working 30 hrs per week, applying to law schools, and had a boyfriend who lived 2 floors up from us. I kind of had a full plate and didn’t have time to hang with her much which she REALLY resented. So then she decided she hated me and was just really inconsiderate. Like she finally got a boyfriend and they would have loud sex at all hours, and when I asked if they could maybe keep it down her bf SCREAMED at me for being a stupid-fucking-bitch-whore. Awesome. And she let it happen. She’d also make a huuuuge mess in the kitchen, spilling into the living room (like, a cutting board with raw chicken in the middle of the living room floor– why?) and then get super pissed off if I stacked all the mess in half the sink and left it for her to clean. If I asked her to actually like… wash those dishes she made? She’d scream at me how “NOT EVERYONE CAN BE SO FUCKING PERFECT LIKE YOU ARE ALL THE TIME.” <– her go-to shriek every time I asked her to pick up her half of the household duties (which was not that often bc I’m not a super neat freak at all). 

Meh. I was so glad to get the f out of there!

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Oh, I’ve got a sweet roomie story for you.

I’m in the NCAA, so I’m away from home traveling all the time. WELL.

I didn’t technically live with this girl, but my first year on the team, I had to room with this girl named…Christine. She was the manager, so she didn’t play.

Now Christine was a very obnoxious girl. Whatever, I kept to myself.  I can handle all types of people. Well the night before my first tournament, I was pretty nervous about how I would perform. So I decided I would turn in early.

Apparently Christine really wanted to talk to her boyfriend.

And when I say “talk,” I mean she wanted to have phone sex 4 feet away from me. I told her I could hear her and I’m trying to get sleep for the tournament, but OH NO, that wasn’t good enough for Christine.

So I’m trying to go to sleep, and I’m hearing the sickest, nastiest things coming from Christine’s mouth regarding her vagina, her bf’s penis, urine, pleather, and something about dressing up as our mascot.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I sat up like I was a corpse going through rigormortis:


She, of course, was mortified, and hung up. After I rolled back over, she turned the TV on. I turned it off. Finally, she seemed to go to sleep. After an hour it seemed went by, she woke up me again by having phone sex with her bf.

Except when I saw her this time, she was naked and humping the pillow.

I rushed out of the room and told coach I would rather be eaten by rabid monkeys and my remains eaten by fire ants than ever room with her again.

Needless to say, I did not, and she was asked to not return for the next season.


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I had a college “roommate” who was actually my roommate’s boyfriend, who didn’t attend the college and basically just lived with us. I liked him and we got along, and it wouldn’t have been so bad if he had, you know, showered once in a while. And not just helped himself to whatever food/booze/clothing/etc we had in the common room. (He was supposedly a vegan, yet apparently made exceptions for purloined Chef Boyardee and MY ramen noodles with chicken stock.)

We tried to address the showering issue once, even offering to buy him vegan, cruelty-free, organic soap to avoid any ethical concerns, but he told us that it was more of a stand against corporate standards of cleanliness and that we were all just falling for corporation’s nefarious efforts to sell more soap.

He was eventually caught by campus police and escorted off-campus. While wearing my favorite pair of boots. I never saw him – or my boots – again.

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I had a roommate once who worked front desk at a hotel and would pick up guys who were checking in to go out drinking.  At least three times a month I would wake up to find strange guys asleep in my living room that weren’t there when I went to bed.  To make matters worse I was about 22 at the time and she was in her late 30’s so I couldn’t even blame it on being young and dumb.

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Ohhh boy. I had a roommate in college who was just awful.

  • She would bring random guys back to the apartment to have irresponsible sex with (she often texted our other roommate during the act asking him to slip a condom uner her door, and I had to drive her to the pharmacy on more than one occasion to get a morning-after pill).
  • Her crazy-ass mother would come bring her LUNCHABLES (seriously!), read her textbooks to her like they were bedtime stories, and yell at me and our other roommates because our apartment was on the third floor and that was just too many stairs for her precious baby to walk. This roommate also once called her mom to come drive her the 10-minute walk across campus because it was snowing.
  • She and her random guys would eat my food without asking. She also went into my room and used my laptop without asking.
  • I once walked in on her taking a bath… the bathroom door was wide open and our other two roommates were guys.
  • She would often forget her key and leave our front door unlocked so she could get back in.
  • She wanted me to drive her places under the guise of us hanging out when really she was just going to meet up with some guy and using me as a chauffeur.

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@Torrid:  Oh wow! People hump pillows these days? WTF!

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@Eva Peron:  Yeah, she was pretending it was her Boyfriend or Best Friend, and let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight.

All the crazies, they find me.

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OH BOY!!! So years ago my SO and I lived in a house with 5 other people. Well the girl in the room next to ours was the dirtiest person on the face of the earth. The smell that came from her room could knock you on your feet. We always had to keep our door closed since the smell would waft out of hers into the hall.

I would run by with my nose in my shirt and shut the door behind me. Well it ended up getting so bad that we actually had to put saran wrap on the air vent so the smell wouldn’t make its way through the ducts!!

Ok so this takes the cake; she had a few cats. Well she found a kitten and brought it home one day. She went to work didn’t bother getting a kitty sitter or anything. Well we got home and I guess the poor little kitty had died on her bed. Ok that’s sad. But she LEFT THE DEAD KITTENS BODY THERE FOR 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?! OMG! The owner of the house had to tell her to get rid of it!

Also in her attempt to cover up the smell she would spray this lavender stuff. GAG!! I cannot tolerate the lavender smell to this day!. I am soooo glad those days are over.

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I had a roommate that would eat my food…even right in front of me sometimes. Sometimes she would leave money if she knew I was pissed, for example: If she took some cheese, she would put like $0.75 or something on the counter. She would just never ask, so if I went for some food, but found some change, it would still suck because I had no food to eat at that moment in which I was hungry. Oh well.

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My last roommate was a piece of work.  I had lots of issues with her, but one of the main ones were our different tidiness levels.  She was a neat freak.  I am quite messy.  That caused some strain.  However, she took her neat freakiness to unheard of heights.  Two weeks after we moved in, went grocery shopping to stock the pantry, etc., I came home to discover her in the kitchen and the entire contents of our fridge spread out over the counters.  She was defrosting the fridge and cleaning out the entire thing with antiseptic because after two weeks, she said, it really was that dirty.  WTF.  I went into my room and came out again a couple minutes later, and she was holding two pounds of frozen chicken breast over the trash can.  I asked her what she thought she was doing, and she said that the FROZEN chicken was old and she was throwing it out because it was bad.  Despite the fact that it was only two weeks old.  And FROZEN.  She pulled that sort of shit all the time.  She was freakishly paranoid about germs and seemed to have no fucking clue how microbes work.  She was convinced that every single bacterium in the entire world was out to get her, and there was no such thing as good bacteria.


Toward the end, when things were getting REALLY bad, her dad called my mom – yes, you read that right, her dad randomly called my mom – and started screaming at her all the things that her awful bitch of a daughter had done to his poor, innocent baby.  We were twenty-one and twenty-two at that point.  Our parents were giving each of us the money to pay for the place because we were both in college, but otherwise had nothing to do with it.  The lease was in our names.  The parents had met only once, when we were moving in about a year and a half prior.  Anwyay, my mom was trying to get out the door because she had stuff to do, and she said several times, “Hey, you know what, they’re both adults, and this is between them.  I really don’t think you and I need to talk about it,” but he just kept going on and on with awful things about me.  My mom finally just hung up on him.  She told me later that whether the stuff he said was true or not, she didn’t care.  She had zero fucks to give.  It wasn’t her problem, and it wasn’t his, and it boggled her mind that he thought calling her was a good way to help his daughter solve her problems.

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  Thank you for the pervasive nightmares that will forever be with me.


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