(Closed) Hospital and MIL picture taking???

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Don’t tell anyone you are in labor until everything is said and done, in fact don’t say anything until your home….

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Tell her to drop her phone in the basket before entering or she can’t come in.

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Do not allow her into the room until you have the baby. Tell your husband to ask his mother to keep the phone away. Make sure you do have a camera out to snap photos, which you’ll tell her you’ll post or make available when you’re ready. If she can’t keep the phone away, alert your husband or another family member to tackle it away. She needs to respect your privacy or not be allowed into your new family’s life.

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You can leave her name and photo at the nurses desk to not allow her on the baby floor (most require family members get buzzed onto the floor and sign in.)  The have husband meet her at the door and confiscate her cell phone.  If she refuses, she doesn’t get access to the baby.

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We aren’t telling anyone about labor and going to the hospital until we are ready for visitors at the hospital.  There will be absolutely no pictures except with our point and shoot camera. 

I do not want any pictures going on facebook or being emailed around until I have had the opportunity to introduce the baby via facetime to my father.  I would be heart broken if the first time he saw his grandchild it was via some other person’s FB post.

You are in control.  You are not being mean or weird or crazy.  This is YOUR news to share with whom you want when you want.  Don’t let anyone take that from you.

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@figgnewton:  Great idea!

I agree thaat she shouldn’t be allowed in the room with her phone, but by your description of her I bet she’s going to make a scene and upset you guys. Maybe just avoid visits in the hospital altogether with her.

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You could avoid giving her the news until you’re at home. Some hospitals don’t allow photography, so you could make your nurses be the bad guys. Or have your Darling Husband talk to her and tell her no pics. We aren’t posting our baby on Facebook at all due to my husband’s job and my ILs were pissed off, but oh well! Our baby, our rules. Same with you. Your baby, your rules 🙂

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Oh I feel for you Girlfriend.

Birthing Babies can be like Weddings… it can bring out the worst in people sometimes.

Especially so for the FIRST BABY (First Grandchild)

Everyone feeling they need to have a say.

(Or be there)

I had my babes back in the 1980s… we avoided ALL the family drama, by only telling the “reasonable” thinking people what was happening (so my Hubby called my Parents when we were at the Hospital, and I was actually in labour)

He told them he’d keep them posted (now my situation might have been a tad easier, in that they lived out of the city we were in… about 1 Hour away)

He called them after the Baby came.  Gave them the details.  They visited me the next Evening when I could have visitors (I had a C-Section).  His Mom came for a visit too… he had called her that morning.

We didn’t want a big to-do… I cringe when I think about Waiting Rooms filled with many family members.

And I freak out when I hear about stories where immediate family (be that Moms, Dads, or the Inlaws) want to be in the room when the Baby is born.

Great IF that is your thing… not so great if you are a more private person (don’t want anyone seeing my lady bits) and there is a camera invovled !!

I’d push privacy due to the fact that you are of “a certain age” so a higher risk pregnancy…

You need to be calm etc when the baby is born.

Have your Man make phone calls when the time seems right for both of you…

And plan the visits accordinly as well… be that at the Hospital after the fact, or when you are all back home.

(( HUGS )) to you

And oh ya… CONGRATULATIONS on your Miracle Baby… that is one sweet thing

PS… The whole “cufuffle” seems to surround first babies… it definitely dissipates for additional babies (just incase any other Moms-2B are reading this)… Lol by the time # 3 rolls around one’s Parents could very well be sitting in a Bar watching the Hockey Game and saying “Oh ya, our Daughter had another Baby earlier today… we are gonna go see them tomorrow”

😉 *wink*



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I figure I am going to have to beat family members off with a stick.  Thankfully they all live at least an hour away but we are both only children so the grandmas are definitely interested in their first grandbaby (and we aren’t even pregnant or even TTC yet.)  I am okay with the grandmas being in the room if they want but everyone else can keep out.  We will probably only invite the grandparents to visit while we are in the hospital; everyone else will have to wait until we go home and get settled in.

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I agree with PP and also wanted to mention that you can absolutely tell the hospital staff what you want and what visitors (if any) are allowed. I find L&D nurses and staff to be particularly empathetic and defensive when it comes to the new parents and their babies so I’m sure they would be fine with barring visitors from visiting and coming in when necessary. For example, our hospital requires that all guests be buzzed in and out and they have to check-in with the staff before being allowed on our floor.

Honestly, if she is that toxic, I wouldn’t want her there at all. I don’t think it’s enough banning her from taking pictures; I wouldn’t want her terrible energy around this magical moment.

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Don’t tell her you’re in labor, and just call her to come up after the baby is born. Your Mother-In-Law sounds like mine, and this is exactly what we’re planning to do.

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I think you can solve this by not saying anything until you are home from the hospital. If that’s not an option, you could blame it on the hospital and say that the cell phone interferes with the monitoring equipment or something. 😉

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