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Helper bee
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I never bought any maternity underwear. Just wore my own and used a pad from the hospital but I did use the sexy mesh hospital undies for about 4 days. I also wore stretchy yoga like pants as opposed to a gown just to keep everything up and held in after. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with baby! Let us know if you need any other tips

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Honey bee
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I did the same as PP. Wore the mesh panties from the hospital, a few days of depends with a pad (more from paranoia than real need) then big pads and my normal underwear. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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I LOVED the mesh underwear from the hospital. I think I wore them for a month or two after having my baby. I also just used the pads the hospital provided. Here’s what I would bring:

– Toiletries

– Brush/hair ties

– Phone/charger

– Robe/Button down PJs that you don’t care about ruining. I’m pretty sure I just stayed in the hospital gown for most of my stay because it was just easier.

– Yoga pants and a loose top for coming home

– Towel for showering

– Shower flip flops

– Clothes for Darling Husband

– Pillow with non-white case for myself and dh

– LOTS of snacks

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Helper bee
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thinking back to my stay which has been 8 months ago today, I would also add that I probably didn’t use majority of the stuff I packed but that’s because my son was a NICU baby which we didn’t expect. So my boppy was very helpful when I had to go nurse him in the nursery and I echo PP about bringing YOUR pillow! Having my own pillow was so nice. We brought a big blanket for Darling Husband to use since the hospital one was so crappy. Snacks will save you in the middle of the night and bring a baggie of quaters for the vending machine. Phone charger for sure. On the toiletries front, I only took the little mini ones from like a hotel or the travel aisle from Target. No need to take up all that room in your bag with a big shampoo and stuff. Nursing cover if you plan on nursing. Makeup just to make yourself feel more normal. Putting on a little makeup made me feel less crappy and not like I would scare everyone who came to see us.

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Sugar bee
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My feet were always cold, so I will add several pairs of cheap socks and a pair of rubber soled slippers.  I also second the snacks.  hospital food is yucky.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Karie:  I loved the big, sexy mesh undies that the hospital gave. For me, larger underwear were a saving grace because I bled for quite a few weeks, although it was only heavy for a little while.

I would suggest bringing a robe that you maybe don’t mind ruining and nix a fancy outfit for delivery and after. I recommend just wearing the hospital gown because it can get messy. A good rule of thumb on coming-home clothes is clothes that you fit into when you were about 15 weeks pregnant. I brought a maternity top and sweat pants.

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Bumble bee
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I went into labour quite suddenly and didn’t have a hospital bag packed. After delivery, Darling Husband went home to grab a few things. I delivered and spent quite a bit if time in hospital gowns because it was easier and I didn’t worry about mess. The hospital didn’t have mesh panties but ginormous pads so I used my big, ugly, ‘period underwear’ with them and it was fine. 

Some things I was grateful he packed:  socks!! gum, extra pillow/blanket for him, eye mask for taking power naps at any time of day

Some things I never needed/used: makeup, lots of outfits (I stayed in the hospital gown with my black pj pants/nursing bra underneath if visitors came), going home outfit (I ended up wearing the maternity jeans/tank I arrived in)

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Karie:  I bought a cheap pack of boy short underwear and they didn’t get ruined at all so I still wear them. I also liked the overnight always infinity pads. Other postpartum things you’ll want if your hospital doesn’t provide: tucks pads, dermablast spray, nipple cream, breast pads.

All I really used in hospital was a going home outfit for baby and me, toiletries and my phone and camera. They provided me with everything else I needed. I would have brought snacks to sneak in, but I wasn’t expecting to go into labor early! 

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Sugar bee
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I bought cheap granny panties but didn’t use them until I got home. I was rocking those mesh panties the whole time I was in the hosptial which was 5 days because I was induced an had a c-section.

Once your home always overnight pads are the best because they have wings so it’s much better than the hospital pads IMO.

One thing I deff can say came in handy, was the robe I packed. I got a 20 dollar robe from target and rocked it the rest of my time in the hospital because I didn’t want the world seeing my butt. The robe was comfortable for me and easy for the doctors to access

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Sugar bee
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I just bought some cheap granny panties for the post-partum time. I would check to see what the hospital provides to you as well. I know mine provides pads, mesh panties, etc for me and a bunch of stuff for baby as well.

I packed my bag at 32ish weeks (because I am a worrier, lol) and here’s what I have included (I tend to over-pack, so there are a few things that aren’t necessities, but having been in the hospital for 6 days with my first pregnancy, I wanted to make sure I had lots this time too!):

 photo hopsbag_zpsc537b43b.jpg

 For me: 2 nightgowns + shorts for underneath, couple pair of socks, pj pants, 2 shirts, slippers, panties, extra pads, nursing bras, breast pads, nipple cream, elastics, chapstick, makeup, shampoo & conditioner, body wash, lotion, tooth brush/paste, hairbrush, phone charger & camera.<br />For baby: 2 coming home outfits (we don’t know the sex, so I have got one for each and will donate the other outfit to the hosptial), recieving blankets, hats.

If you live a long distance from the hospital, you may want to pack a couple extra things or changes of clothes just in case you have a prolonged stay for whatever reason, or even one pair of light clothes/warmer clothes. My first time around, I found that I was SUPER hot afterwards and the cushy pj pants that I brought were NOT a good choice. lol


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Blushing bee

I just had a baby so this is very fresh in my mind.

1. Two good size towels, if you are going to be there two days. Most hospitals have small rough towels. You will be bleeding so you’ll want a fresh one for the next day.

2. Flip flops

3. Smartwater/Powerade/gatorade. I know this sounds weird but you’ll want to make your first poop as easy as possible and if you’re dehydrated it will not be pleasant. All these have electrolytes and will make for a “smooth” transaction haha.

4. Phone & camera charger

5. Pillow for your SO if he’s going to sleep there.

6. Toiletries, it’s nice to take a shower after everything and have some nice body wash and lotion.

7. Button down shirt or nursing tanks etc.

8. Some pants that are loose around the bum area. I brought leggings, big mistake. You basically end up wearing the equivalent of a diaper, so leggings just let everyone who comes to visit know this.

If I think of anything esle I’ll ad don later ๐Ÿ™‚

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Honey bee
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The hospital should give you mesh underwear after you deliver, into which they stick huge pads. I took a bunch of those (underwear + pads) and wore them for weeks after giving birth (sexy, I know), or I just put the pads in my normal underwear. I never bought maternity underwear either.

Anyway, here’s what I brought to the hospital that I used:

toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, face wash 

nursing bra

lansinoh/nipple cream for nursing

my maternity leave forms for work

car seat (actually my husband brought this later)

phone (for taking pictures)


here’s what I brought but did not use: 

outfit for baby (she just wore the hospital outfit that they gave her)

I did not bring a change of clothes for myself. I know that’s weird, but I am a very light packer. ๐Ÿ™‚ As soon as you’re admitted, you change into a hospital gown, and then you stay in that for the duration of your stay, so my clothes were pretty clean. And, as everyone says… your tummy is still pretty big when you leave, so having maternity pants was nice. 

ETA: Reading other people’s comments made me realize — of course not everyone stays in the hospital gown for their entire hospital stay. I just did because a) I am lazy, b) I was bleeding like crazy and didn’t want to mess up my own clothes, c) the loose, light gown was actually very comfortable, and d) I just had a baby! I’ll wear whatever I feel like, damn it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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