(Closed) Hospital Checklists…whats on yours??

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Sugar bee
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With Moose, we had a computer with iTunes on it, my favorite blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, some movies I never watched, and that was it. Granted, you’ll probably want a camera. Obviously, we went bare bones and didn’t have anything for Moose since we were taking Moose home.

This time, we’re packing more stuff, like shampoo, and things for Wombat, clothes and diapers are pretty important, but we’re probably going pretty basic.

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Honey bee
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Been there twice.

Both times I used VERY LITTLE of what I took.  

I had a c-section, so I used the hospital gowns and their heavy-duty pads.  

Here’s what I plan the next time around (whenever that might be)

1) CELL PHONE AND CHARGER!!!!!  this is a must!

2) laptop/netbook and wireless card (for internet and facebook, hehehehehe)

3) books to read

4) take-home clothing set for baby

5) going home clothes for me

6) maybe pajamas

7) contacts case/solution/etc

8) favorite shampoo/body wash/etc (toilitries) 

9) brush!!!!

10) CAMERA!!!!

11) extra cash to sneak off to the cafeteria for some decent food (I hated the meals they provided, ICK!)  You’ll have to check with your doctor before ordering out, so to speak, because I was only allowed certain foods with my first one, but was allowed whatever I wanted with my second.

12) anything else I can think of.


The hospitals typically give you diapers, blankets (recieving blankets, so take heavier ones if it’s in the winter/cooler months), and formula as well as a diaper bag.  

For me, I was in the hospital three days with my son and slept a lot due to the meds.  I was only in there two with my daughter, due to having a previous c-section and the fact she was taken to UVA due to needing to be in a NICU and the hospital I had my daughter at didn’t have one.  

So, I already know what to expect because I’ve been there, done that and know what *I* am likely to do and know what the meds will be like with me.  BUT everyone is different.

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Bee Keeper
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Stuff I took that I used:



Cell Phone & Charger

Camera & Charger (or batteries depending on your camera)


I bought my husband and myself a pre-packed bag with razors, toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrush, mouth wash, deoderant, hair spray (in mine), etc at the drugstore so that we didn’t have to worry about grabbing it all when I was in labor (VERY glad I did this, it was much easier and the stuff I knew I’d want my own for I bought doubles of and pre-packed)

Dry Shampoo (I did shower once while we were there but I was glad I had this too)

Minimal Make up (I had bronzer, lipgloss, mascarra, coverup and a compact and it was plenty)

Hair Brush

Hair clips/ties

Hair Dryer




Nursing nightgown (Mine was a dark gray color) that isn’t too special/pricey

Boy Tank

Fuzzy socks with non skid soles

Going home outfit

Cotton sleep nursing bra


Hot/cold compress (I used one that you can freeze or heat in the microwave)


Uncrustables (haha), trail mix, flavored water

Things I didn’t use:

Books, iPod, games

Bathrobe (I was still glad I had it), regular nursing bras, nursing cami, etc

Flavor Ice (it was provided at the hospital), jello (no time!), etc

Massager, tennis balls, back heat packs, etc


I think most people overpack and I did but I didn’t mind so much because I felt prepared! Also they’ll give you diapers/wipes/ointment/etc for baby so don’t worry about having that (just a few diapers, etc if you want).

And at the end of your stay if there are any opened packs of diapers/wipes/etc TAKE THEM! Same for the stuff they give for you (tucks, mesh undies, creams, sprays, etc).

And don’t forget the babybook for those cute little footprints 🙂





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Busy bee
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I have heard that the Boppy pillow is good to bring for breastfeeding or even to help people hold the baby.  

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Sugar bee
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Also someone told me I may want to bring a pillow from home which I thought was a good idea (obviously if you’re there for a while). I always hate using pillows that aren’t mine – usually they’re too soft or too hard or lumpy or something.

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Sugar bee
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What I used:

Comfy, guest appropriate pajamas/clothes (I wasn’t a fan of staying in the hospital gowns, some people do!)

Comfy slippers with good soles



Pillow from home (use a colored pillowcase so they know it is your pillow, not theirs!)

Basic toiletries (shampoo, razor, minimal makeup, etc)

Camera, videocamera and chargers

Cell phone and charger

Going home outfit (maternity clothes)

For baby: going home outfit, hat, blanket, baby wipes, car seat with snuzzler


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Honey bee
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I know not all mothers agree with this, but I also suggest making use of the nursery.

Enjoy sleeping and not having to wake up because of baby for the one-three days your in the hospital (depends on the hospital and if it’s a c-section or natural birth).  You’ll be getting up PLENTY when baby comes home!!! so why not take advantage of something you’ll end up getting charged for anyway?

Also, sleep is gooooood!  And if you have baby in the room with you while you’re sleeping, they don’t always let people in to see you.  At least, my hospital didn’t…. So that way, anyone who visits can see baby in the nursery while you sleep. 🙂

just a thought, and also something to ask the hospital about!

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