(Closed) Hospital co-worker said something about being an "Organ Donor" that scared me…

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That couldn’t be more false. Sad that such rumors would deter people from doing such a great thing. 

If anyone REALLY believes this and is scared to be listed as a donor. Just tell your family your wishes and don’t put it on your license.  they can donate your organs without your consent anyways. It’s a morbid thought but good for your loved ones to know your wishes.

Nothing in life of guaranteed. But a lot less people would die on transplant waiting lists if people would donate their organs that they no longer need.

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I’m sad people actually believe this, especially from ‘he-said-she-said’ BS versus their own legitimate research.  Please, please don’t listen to everything you hear :/

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This is 100% false. I don’t even know how rumors this dangerous get started and continue.

I’m a physician that has worked in a transplant center in the past and this is NOT TRUE. There are separate teams for organ donation and as people have pointed out, you need to be fully alive to be considered as a potential donor. No one has that info anyways. Do you think doctors/nurses have time to look thorugh wallets and look for an ID? I was just at a party this weekend with a bunch of people from my old hospital and we were all talking about how we are all organ donors on our licenses. After you’ve seen adorable toddlers die from acute liver failure because there was no organ available, there is nothing that would prevent me from being a donor. 

If you seriously are concerned about this, take the time to educate yourself, call UNOS, the organ allocation network and I’m sure someone will be happy to explain how organ donation works. Please do not propogate misleading info on the internet. 

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I tried to temper my early response because I feel like I’m always arguing on these medical posts, but I’m glad so many people have called out this bullsh*t literal killer of a rumor. I was a little scared to open this post back up but I’m glad I did.

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OMG  how misinformed  the original poster’s coworker is, very scary that she is in the health care field. Thank you to most everybody above who has refuted this ridiculousness. The donor and the recipients are not in the same location, they could be hundreds of miles and states apart.  The doctors trying to save the life of the potential donor are complete separate entities from the procurement teams who arrive by plane or helicopter to harvest the organ, only after after 2 physicians have independently certified brain death.  The doctors involved are not bargaining with each other about who gets the organs;  the UNOS computer has determined the anonymous  recipients using a complicated scoring system.  The recipients  have been extensively evaluated and qualiify  for a transplant according to strict national  standards. Organ donation benefits everybody…desperately ill recipients who are given a new lease on life and the donor’s family who may get a sliver of solace knowing their loved one saved lives with their selfless gift  to a stranger in need.  I am passionate about organ donation due to personal experience.

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I don’t think this is true at all, at least not of the majority of physicians/nurses.  There is pretty much zero incentive for them to not save you because someone else might be saved by your organ (unless it’s their close friend or family member, then there is a more clear incentive).

If it was known to be true, then there would be a heck of a lot less organ donors out there.

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I’m going to jump on the total bullshit and detrimental rumor bandwagon. Organ donors are incredibly important and it sickens me that people might not be donors because of a stupid urban myth like this. In my malevolent moments I think that you should not be able to get a donor organ unless you previously said that you would be an organ donor. What if your kid needed an organ? This rumor could literally cost your kid their life. I’m being melodramatic. But come on people!

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Totally untrue (at least in general).  I’ve heard the same thing, and it kept me from being an organ donor for years. Now my son is an emergency room physician and they treat everyone with the utmost care.  Now I am listed as an organ donor as well as my whole family.  Don’t believe urban legends.

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Uhhhhhrg. …old post but still caused me to roll my eyes.    Such a myth.   


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The controversy is not so much about an “urban legend” that medical providers are looking for parts. It has more to do with what the legal definition of what “brain death” is. This is an argument that goes beyond organ donation, although often organ donation is brought up with these types of cases, which is why it has been tied in with the controversy. Should organ donation be blamed for this issue? No. Unfortunately, because many of these patients are ideal organ donors, organ donation has been blamed as part of the problem.

I had a patient who had strokes in her brain stem from a from a drug overdose. They told her Mother that she was brain dead, and she needed to cut life support. Her Mother refused. When I met this girl, she had short term memory loss that was likely permanent, but was totally independent in every other way.

There are actually a lot of health care workers who aren’t organ donors because of this. When I was in nursing school, one of my instructors told us she was not an organ donor because of  the issue of what is the legal definition of brain death. The Wall Street Journal did an interesting article on this:

 read Teresi’s article

The people in previous posts, who say they have heard from medical providers first hand accounts of things that made them reconsider being an organ donor, are probably talking about the brain death controversy. Like the article says, it isn’t an exact science. Personally, if there is a good chance I’m going to live, but be a vegetable, I say pull the plug on me. Not everyone feels this way though. 


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Organ donation saved my aunt’s life. Please, please, please do your homework. It is a wonderful, honorable thing to be an organ donor and I will be glad to help someone else after I am gone.

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