(Closed) Hospital Vs. Home Birth Vs. Birth Center

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Westwood:  +1.


afenimore11:  You can always sign a waiver if you don’t feel comfortable in following a recommended procedure for hospital births. Also helps to have your DH/birth partner being the go-to person for questions — that way it gives you time to relax and settle down between contractions/birthing waves to decide. There is sufficient science & evidence behind home births and/or birth centre births. Each option has got different benefits and risks.


Good luck! 🙂 If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.

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serendipityz:  thanks for posting this! Makes me so happy to know home births are a safe option here in Canada 🙂 I was thinking I want one but Fiance is supper nervous at the tough so maybe i would do a hospital birth but still with midwife 🙂 we’ll see

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Almost 6 weeks and we will be doing hospital with a midwife. Home birth was a no for us. LOL i want the drugs (I have no problem admiting it), and my husband has issues with certain health/sanitary issues. We live about 25-30 minutes away from the hospital, so home birth with complications could be fatal for us.

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Equine_Breeder:  Cynderbug:  I’m interested to hear how both of your birth experiences go!  Good luck with everything!

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afenimore11:  I honestly think for every horror story you hear, there are probably a ton of births that went totally fine that you just don’t hear about. It’s kind of like reviews on amazon lol, you’re much more likely to go complain if you’re not happy with the outcome.

In my experience, when I requested the epidural the anesthesiologist was there within 10 minutes. I was told every single thing that was being done or given to me. Never once did I feel pressured to “hurry up” during labor, in fact my OB told me it was better to progress slowly as it reduces the chance of the baby going into distress during an induction. Heck my OB wasn’t even on call that day and still came to see me multiple times lol. And I actually ended up staying an extra day because I had some excessive bleeding, but again that was my choice. They said I could go home if I felt comfortable doing so.

Do your research ahead of time, be comfortable with your choice of doctor and I think you will be fine either way.

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I’m choosing a hospital with a NICU and a midwife  for delivery. I feel like its the best of everything. If something does go wrong there is medical staff to handle any situation. I have heard good things about birthing centers, however if there is a complication you’d be sent by ambulance to the nearest hospital, same with a home birth. So if going with one of those opetions I’d want a hospital near by. Good luck on your journey 🙂 

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I’m currently 8 weeks, and I’ll give birth in a hospital.

After finding out, I spent time researching between the two hospitals we have in town as my GP wouldn’t be able to be my OB during this time. My GP recommended the one (A) over the other (B), mainly because she used to be associated with it and preferred their NICU over the other one in town. However, hospital B just redid their birthing center, so it’s just as good. PLUS, at hospital B… all the OBs are on site. Whereas, I’d go to a clinic for my appointments for hospital A and get whoever was on call at the actual hospital whenever I went into labor. At least at hospital B, they’re always there since that is the onl place they’d be.

I think hospital B will be a perfect fit, and friends who have delivered at both prefer B over A.


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I had both my babies in the hospital and wouldn’t have had it any other way. My husband’s coworker and his wife have had 2 kids at home without any issues. 

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Our plan was for DS to be born in a birthing centre that was attached to a hospital in case of emergency. It was in the UK so I had a midwife team throughout my preganacy and labour/delivery and they were amazing.  We both liked the idea of a water birth and I was fit and healthy, no complication with me or baby throughout the pregnancy. Then, one day past due date. My waters broke without me being in labour. It did get going a few hours later but 18 hours later,  I still hadn’t opened more than 1cm so due to potential infection risk to DS, they started me on antibiotics and sent me stright to the hospital delivery ward.  

We kind of didn’t have a choice but to start induction drugs and for me to have an epidural even though this was the absolute last thing I wanted…

All in all, I was in labour for 36 hours, I had to have an emergency forceps delivery when my epidural had worn off because DS went ihnto distress from the cord being around his neck, and I hemmoraged badly. It was horrible and I was traumatized for a long time afterwards. They tried to get the epidural in 3 times before they got it right on the 4th try and I had numbness in my back and leg for 3 months afterwards… The forceps messed up my pelvis pretty bad and the pain has only gone a few weeks ago and my son is now 15 months…

After this whole ordeal I have thought A LOT about what I would want IF i have another child (still deciding on that one). I would want to try to go natural route of a midwife again for sure but would want to be in a hospital in case things went wrong again as obviously I am terrified of reliving that experience.

I don’t mean to scare off any mothers to be, but you need to be aware of the risks and know that things can go from being fine to being critical in seconds. For most, this is not the case but the risk is definitely there….


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BlueEyes222:  thank you! I definitely plan on posting my birth story so I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

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I had a hospital birth with an OB.  Things can go bad quickly so I would prefer to be around the necessary resources.  Honestly, I hate people making a mess in my house (and get a little anxiety when people bring over lots of stuff) so the last thing I want is a baby being born there and all that goes along with it.  Hell no.  Just a big no way for me.  I would also consider a birth center attached to a hospital.

I was induced which I really disliked but I ended up getting an epidural (very early- 2cm) which was heavenly (and sped up my labor).  Best thing ever.  Plus I really liked having the nurses around the first 2 days so I could ask for help at all hours.  And my OB is awesome.

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Whether at home or in free standing birthing center one consideration is how long will it really take to transfer to a hospital if needed.  The car/ambulance ride may only 5 minutes. 

Consider, though, how long will it take a laboring woman who is still contracting and needing to breath through contractions for 90 seconds every 3-4 minutes to the hospital.  There are many steps:  Decision to go, helping mother get out of bed/tub, walking to car(or waiting for ambulance), getting out of the car, into a wheelchair/bed, through the ER, (maybe waiting for an elevator), into L/D, quick assessment starting an IV, (if necessary) to emergent c section.  I can’t imagine any screnario where that is less than 30 minutes, honestly probably more like 45 – 60 minutes.   

For some rare, but devistating, OB emergencies, that’s a lot of time.  Even with drills, and lots of nurses to help move heavy beds around corners and down hallways, and lots of people to lift a pt onto the OR table, it can take awhile.   A very well drilled OR can sometimes get a pt to the OR within 15 minutes with critical events (30 minutes is more standard) and that is with the patient just down the hall. 

Everyone gets to make their own choices, and thankfully, the vast majority of home/freestanding births go without a hitch.  But “we live 5 minutes from the hospital” does not mean that we’re only 5 minutes away from help. 

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Sometimes you don’t have much of a choice if you get your heart set on an OB. My OB only delivers at one particular hospital with no other options, but I was okay with that.

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fascinated:  <— this!

My viewpoint is obviously influenced by the fact that I have several physicians in my family and my boyfriend is an emergency physician himself.  My preference would be to give birth in a hospital…  Maybe a birthing center attached to a hospital, but only with a master’s prepared nurse midwife that works in conjunction with an OB.

My boyfriend delivered a baby in the back of an ambulance a few months ago…a home birth gone wrong.  Thank goodness the mom and baby were OK (but the mom had to stay hospitalized several days for blood loss). He has also seen women with life threatening issues like preeclampsia not treated properly by lay midwives.  My sister is a pediatrician and has patients with brain damage and medical issues as a result of home births gone wrong (in once case it was not realized until it was too late that the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and in another case it wasn’t discovered until a few days later the baby had life threatening sepsis).  There is no such thing as a “routine” delivery as well as many of the health professionals here have attested to.

So hospital (one with a high level NICU) all the way for me.  Why take a chance when you don’t have to is how I feel about it.

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